Anime Power Rankings: Sayonara Summer (Week 13)

After a long 3 month hiatus, Anime Power Rankings is officially back. And with its return, APR says goodbye to the Summer anime season. But since the previous APR Summer ranking was so long ago, it’s like a new, one-off season on its own! Without further ado, the Top 5:

Rank Title Studio Episode Change
1 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (10) Dogakobo 12
2 Hunter x Hunter 2011 (11) Madhouse 148
3 Aldnoah.Zero (6) A-1 Pictures 12
4 Barakamon (4) Kinema Citrus 12
5 (tie) Sabagebu! (5) Pierrot+ 12
5 (tie) Terror in Resonance (3) MAPPA 11

On the cusp: Tokyo Ghoul (2), Space Dandy (4), Haikyuu!! (4), Hanayamata (5)

Number of voters: 64
Number of full ballots (ranked 5): 38

Last time on APR
About the Anime Power Rankings

Nozaki-kun was a monster in the battle royal of all the season finales, grabbing more points than the next two best-placing shows combined. I was most interested in seeing how HxH would do after a long absence off the ballot. Evidently enough voters stuck it out all the way through to be able to push it all the way into the #2 spot!

Onto some voter comments:

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is comedy we need and deserve. Hilarious and engaging from start to finish, there wasn’t a single episode that failed to deliver quality laughters.

ImperialX (Blickwinkel)

To think three years have finally come to an end. It feels strange to not have a new episode of Hunter x Hunter to look forward to next week. This is not only a great adaptation of one of my favorite manga, but it’s also the longest running anime I’ve seen so far on a weekly basis. You could say it’s become part of me. And now it’s time to let it go.

Marow (Anime Viking)

Chimera arc comes to mind as being one of the best offerings to the shounen genre with complex twists and turns along with a range of highly developed likeable/hatable characters. To me those shogi matches would always be dear to my heart.

Kyokai (Metanorn)

While I would give Nozaki-kun my AOTS pick and finished with a funny, heartfelt ending, I had to give my 1st place to Sabagebu’s ridiculously entertaining final episode, encapsulating everything great about the show with action movie cliches and hilarious jokes

Reevothemusefan (Reevothemusefan)

hahahahahaha good one slaine

R042 (Ideas Without End)

So long Summer, we barely knew ye.

Nozaki Farewell

My own most anticipated shows next season are all sequels and the other Noitamina title. Am I losing my anime hipster edge? Regardless, I believe everyone is excited to see the host of Fall season premieres next week.

autumn sucks, bring on winter

processr (Shinjuku Morning)


At least everyone is excited for APR, right?

Awesome to have APR back! You da best, Kadian.

Frog-kun (Fantastic Memes)

I know, I am the best.

The Return of Anime Power Rankings

Rank Title Studio Episode Change
1 Bringing back APR? Oh that’s cute. 4 down-1
2 What’s an APR? Is it tasty? 18 down-2
3 Only a Fascist would force their opinions on others in a ranked tabulated format. 9 down+3
4 let’s see how long this new sucker lasts lol 3 down+15
5 Denny, what kind of money?? What kind of drugs?! 11 down+4

Last time on APR

Do you, you impassioned, enlightened, cultured anime aficionado of eclectic yet discriminating taste, ever think to yourself,

“How do I hoist my sophisticated expert cartoon opinions onto the layman public at large?”

“How can I make a lasting impression on the anime community at large from the comfort of my couch?”

“What is the meaning of life if not codifying one’s tastes and experiences into easily-consumable single digits and ranked charts?”

Well there’s big news if the title or chart didn’t already tip you off: With former column writers Kevo’s and Lerxst’s blessings, we’re reviving Anime Power Rankings (APR) and bringing the weekly anime ranking survey series to its new home here on Behind the Nihon Review!

For those unfamiliar with the column, check out our essential info page or read Kevo’s original FAQ.

Essentially, Anime Power Rankings polls a group of volunteer anime writers and bloggers every week about the best new episodes they watched. Each voter ranks up to five episodes, and the top five voted shows from that week are posted and highlighted. Past voters have included writers from Metanorn, THAT Anime Blog, Anime Instrumentality, The Cart Driver, Mecha Guignol, Sea Slugs, Altair & VegaAnime Maru, Wrong Every Time, We Remember Love, The Nihon Review, and many more. Maybe even your favorite aniblogger has participated in APR.

Wobbuffet Approved

So why bring APR back now? Why bring it back at all? I acquired the APR resources, email account, and voter list over a month ago, but decided to let the rest of the Summer season pass and start fresh this coming Fall. The break in APR would let people miss it (I certainly have) and allow us to build new excitement for its return.

Speaking honestly for a minute, I believe APR is a unique and valuable column for a couple reasons. It involves a large breadth of usually disparate and individualistic anime writers and opinion makers in an easily parsable format that no other regular online feature that I know of can boast. Also, in an era with exploding numbers of new anime TV series airing each season, no one person can reasonably evaluate and recommend the watchability of them all, but APR taps the wisdom of the crowd, the anime blogging and writing crowd, to identify the winners, the disappointments, and the hidden gems through consensus. Finally, APR in a way quantifies and records our voices, tracking the rollercoaster of feelings a whole community experiences throughout a season of brand-spanking new anime.

Veterans may wonder, what will change about APR? Initially, nothing. I believe the core format is great as it is. Email ballots will continue to be sent out every Friday, and votes tabulated and the column published every Sunday. What I want to do initially is rebuild interest after an uncertain year and restock the roster of voters. In the future I will also occasionally add bonus survey questions and toy with other new ideas as they come.

So here’s where you come in, you erudite, refined, perceptive, sage, etc. anime blog reader.

We Want You

Do you watch the newest episodes of a few currently airing anime?

Do you write a blog, podcast, or review column that covers anime or manga topics? Have you regularly published posts for a meaningful length of time?

Do you mind receiving weekly emails and ranking those new anime episodes you’ve watched?

If you answered yes to these questions, you too can be an APR voter. Send an email to animepowerrankings[at]gmail[dot]com including your name (or online handle) and publishing outlet. Current voters should be contacted very soon.

Voter or not, I hope you look forward to the new Anime Power Rankings every week. See you again next Sunday, when APR restarts in earnest.

Anime Power Rankings: Essential Information

What is Anime Power Rankings?
Anime Power Rankings (APR) is a weekly article showcasing the voting results of a collection of anime writers, bloggers, and podcasters from across the web ranking anime series of the current season. The most recent episodes of every airing show (under 50 episodes) are eligible, and the top 5 are posted and commented on. The idea is to rank the best episodes for that week.

Where did the idea come from?
Kevo, formerly of Desu ex Machina, started APR in the Fall of 2011 to imitate college football rankings. He began with only a dozen writers voting, but APR’s popularity caught on and it grew to include over 100 participants with over 60 regularly voting every week at its peak. After two-and-a-half years, Kevo retired from APR to begin a new blogging project at Anime Maru. Lerxst of The Anime Kid took on the column at his blog and continued APR for a few months in 2014. Unfortunately, real life complications and writing burn out combined to cause him to drop the project. I stepped in to revive Anime Power Rankings and host it here on Behind the Nihon Review.
Kevo’s original FAQ is here.

How are series/episodes ranked?
Voters get a ballot email on Fridays listing the past week’s most recent episodes. Voters rank up to 5 of their favorite episodes that week and send in their ballots by Sunday evening to be tallied. Points are counted in this manner:
1st place: 5 points
2nd place: 4 points
3rd place: 3 points
4th place: 2 points
5th place: 1 point
The 5 titles with the most total points feature in the APR column. Additionally, some titles close to the Top 5 in points may also be listed as “On the Cusp”.

Who votes for Anime Power Rankings?
As I mentioned earlier, a group of volunteer writers from various established online publications and blogs receive the weekly voter’s email. Some don’t watch 5 episodes per week, and some don’t vote every week. The full list of voters is published periodically, but since APR is based on no-obligation voluntary participation, the number of active voters waxes and wanes per week. APR will not divulge the voting record of any member, but he or she is free to share their votes of their own volition.

There are only 3 essential requirements to participating in APR:

1) You currently (or recently) write or have contributed to anime/manga articles on a publishing outlet (blog, review site, podcast) regularly for a “meaningful” length of time. Your writing must be more substantial than a Twitter account or picture Tumblr.
2) You keep up with the latest weekly episodes of at least a few anime series. APR is all about gauging impressions about the freshest weekly episodes, so you have to watch at least a few of them! 2 or 3 series is enough, but viewing more is certainly welcome.
3) You are willing to rank episodes each week.

That’s it. If you are interested, contact APR via animepowerrankings[at]gmail[dot]com.

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