AnimeSuki 2008 Choice Awards: Picking Winners


I’ll admit it, I do have more than just a passing interest in these types of awards. Obviously one affords as much credibility to a set of awards like these as one agrees with the results, and it always surprises me just how much people RAGE when they don’t, c.f. SaiMoe and its multiple incarnations. Then again, there’s more emotions involved in SaiMoe than there are in these.

This year’s list of nominations is a little more “credible” than last year’s, where, for whatever reason, titles like 5cm/s and Baccano! were snubbed in categories that they could have possibly won had they made it past the nomination round. There are a few titles here and there that I would have liked to have seen given nods, but for the most part they’ve captured the likely winners, which isn’t an all-too-easy thing to do in something that’s determined by an open popular vote. Anyway, this post is an attempt to predict the winners, which is much more challenging than just telling you who I think should win (but I’ll tell you that too ;)). Particularly with the AnimeSuki Forums, which is a real mix of varying tastes. I haven’t done any counting of the current votes, but I have flipped through the thread, so I have a (highly) vague idea of what people have been voting for at this stage.

Category {A} Action/Fighting
Nominees: Blassreiter, Ga-Rei -Zero-, Kure-nai, Kurozuka
Anime I’ve seen: 2
Who I think will win: Kure-nai
Who I think deserves to win: Kure-nai
Kure-nai is the best anime in this category, but it’s not the best action anime in this category, since the action arm was its weakest component. Which is why I don’t put much weight on this prediction. This is probably wide open, and it’ll really depend on how people vote.


Category {B} Adventure/Fantasy
Nominees: Allison & Lillia, Natsume Yuujinchou, Nijuu-Mensou no Musume, Spice and Wolf
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Spice and Wolf
Who I think deserves to win: Natsume Yuujinchou
I can assure you that I don’t believe Allison & Lillia deserves to win. Out of the other three, I guess I’m comfortable with any of them (even if Nijuu-Mensou did get pretty weak in the latter episodes), and I do think it’ll end up being a two horse race between Spice and Wolf and Natsume Yuujinchou. Either is deserving.

Category {C} Mecha/SciFi
Nominees: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Kaiba, Macross Frontier
Anime I’ve seen: 2
Who I think will win: Macross Frontier
Who I think deserves to win: Kaiba
Well, this is far and away the most contentious category this year, and it’s obviously going to be a three way race between Code Geass R2, Gundam 00 and Macross Frontier. My pick is Kaiba (which I just saw over the weekend) but it just doesn’t have the popular appeal to even compete with the juggernaut fanbases of the other three titles. Common sense would dictate that Code Geass R2 will win, since it’s the most popular, but I’m going to err on overestimating the influence that all the controversy and drama it was at the center of will play on the voting. That leaves Macross F and Gundam 00, and the former probably has the wider appeal across different genre fans.

Category {D} Mystery/Horror
Nominees: Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners, Mouryou no Hako, Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~, xxxHolic: Kei
Anime I’ve seen: 3
Who I think will win: Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners
Who I think deserves to win: Mouryou no Hako
Lack of fansub love has buried any chances of Mouryou no Hako winning here, and xxxHolic: Kei comes from an established franchise which doesn’t have the biggest of audiences. That leaves Kara no Kyoukai or Shigofumi, the latter of which had moments of brilliance, but a lot of questionable writing to go along with it. The question is whether the medium sized audience that saw Shigofumi is forgiving enough, or whether people will take to the extremely well made ufotable series of films that’s still ongoing.


Category {E} Comedy
Nominees: Detroit Metal City, Hayate no Gotoku, Kannagi, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Kannagi
Who I think deserves to win: Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
When I say “all of them”, I’m currently in the middle of watching DMC. This one’s wide open, all the anime involved have a fairly even chance of winning so this prediction is as good as a guess. And, you know what, I’d have no problem with any of these titles winning. These are all very funny anime. Now that I really think about it, as disappointing as 2008 was, if there was a genre that was particularly strong last year, it was this one. Anime comedy has received a bit of a resurgence in the last couple of years, with a growing emphasis on self-aware satire and derision of otaku culture, which all of these titles do well (except for DMC, which successfully derides metal culture).

Category {F} Romance
Nominees: Clannad, ef – a tale of melodies, Itazura na Kiss, Nodame Cantabile ~Paris Chapter~, True Tears
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: True Tears
Who I think deserves to win: Clannad
I think this is a bit of an indictment on how the romance genre has slipped last year. None of these titles are worthy of better than a “Good” rating, IMO. Maybe you could substitute one of these titles for Kimikiss ~Pure Rogue~, but it’s the same story: this year’s crop of romance anime doesn’t stack up against last year’s crop. True Tears will win, I think, because it has a massive fanbase that can be mobilized pretty readily (the AnimeSuki Forums was one of the hotspots for TT shipping wars), but I’m voting for Clannad. Itazura na Kiss is a good anime, but it’s a sad year for romance when it’s considered in the top tier of its genre.


Category {G} Slice of Life
Nominees: ARIA The Origination, Hidamari Sketch x365, Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora, Natsume Yuujinchou
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: ARIA The Origination
Who I think deserves to win: ARIA The Origination
This is one of the few categories where the winner is so obvious in my mind. I’d be very disappointed if ARIA The Origination didn’t take out this category; the alternatives are good anime in their own right, but there’s no comparison as far as technical prowess and emotional impact is concerned. ARIA The Origination isn’t just one of the best slice of life anime since Honey and Clover II, it’s one of the best anime of the year. It truly deserves to win, IMO.

Category {H} Fanservice
Nominees: Kanakon, Strike Witches, To Love-Ru, Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo
Anime I’ve seen: 2
Who I think will win: Strike Witches
Who I think deserves to win: Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo
There’s a load of crap in this category. I counted To Love-Ru as an “anime I’ve seen”, even though I ended up dropping it after twelve eps, but I didn’t count Kanakon, even though I dropped it after two. I guess there could be worse winners than Strike Witches, but how do Kanakon and To Love-Ru get nominated and Rosario + Vampire gets snubbed? I mean, it may be crap, but it’s still way more entertaining and titillating than either of those two, which were torturous at times. I’m voting for Princess no Rondo, but had Rosario + Vampire been nominated, I’d have voted for that. I at least had fun watching that, which is more than I can say for the other nominees.

Hmm… looking back at last year’s threads and thinking about it myself, there’s also They Are My Noble Masters, which I’d have been happy to vote for since it was surprisingly deep for a fanservice anime. Some people have also mentioned Sekirei, which I didn’t see. That’s at least three worthy nominees that have missed out. I get the feeling people didn’t take this category all too seriously during the nomination round, which is why we’ve now got crap nominees.

Category {I} Sports/Game
Nominees: Bamboo Blade, Eyeshield 21, Kaiji, Shion no Ou
Anime I’ve seen: 1
Who I think will win: Kaiji
Who I think deserves to win: Kaiji
Not a genre I’m familiar with, but both Bamboo Blade and Shion no Ou have received fairly positive reviews around these parts. I’m confident with my vote for Kaiji, though, it was definitely right up there in the top four or five anime of the year, IMO. Hell, I think it should have been nominated for the next category as well.


Category {J} Storyline
Nominees: Clannad, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, ef – a tale of melodies, Kaiba, Kure-nai, Spice and Wolf
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Who I think deserves to win: Kaiba
As I hinted at above, in all honesty I think Kaiji deserves to win this category, but it wasn’t even nominated. But I’m going to hedge my bets and say that Code Geass R2 will win for the exact reasons why I just said it wouldn’t win the mecha category. Out of all the nominees, though, I think it’s fair to say that it easily has the most questionable script. Clannad, ef – melodies and Kure-nai aren’t exactly superb scripts either (ef – memories had a great script, but that’s the first season we’re talking about, and Kure-nai‘s script took a bit of a nose dive in the final few episodes). That pretty much leaves Kaiba and Spice and Wolf, and definitely Kaiba‘s is the stronger script, IMO. No nomination for Gundam 00? I was under the impression that had a pretty good script.

Category {K} Visual/Animation
Nominees: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, ef – a tale of melodies, Kaiba, Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners, Macross Frontier
Anime I’ve seen: 4
Who I think will win: Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners
Who I think deserves to win: Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners
This one’s almost a no-brainer, ufotable‘s series of films are glorious to watch, vibrant, detailed, pulsating and absorbing. It has the obvious advantage of the production values of a movie, but it’s still extremely well made. I think almost everyone who’s seen it will vote for it in this category, the only question I have is if enough people have seen it.

Category {L} Soundtrack
Nominees: ARIA The Origination, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners, Macross Frontier
Soundtracks I’ve heard: 3
Who I think will win: Macross Frontier
Who I think deserves to win: ARIA The Origination
This is pretty much a guess, since taste in music is even harder to peg than taste in anime, but Kanno Yoko and Sakamoto Maaya‘s involvement probably gives Macross Frontier an edge. My choice for best soundtrack, Natsume Yuujinchou, wasn’t nominated, and of the nominated ones that I’ve heard, ARIA The Origination is my favourite, so I’m voting for that. Kara no Kyoukai also has a great soundtrack, but it is a bit of “more of the same” from Kajiura Yuki.


Category {M} Movie
Nominees: Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) Alone, Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners, Sword of the Stranger
Anime I’ve seen: 1
Who I think will win: Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners
Who I think deserves to win: Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners
If Kara no Kyoukai does as well as I’m predicting it to, it’ll clean up, which is interesting since I don’t think it’s that good. Sword of the Stranger got big wraps from AC, but I don’t think it’s been widely enough seen to win, and Kara no Kyoukai has, from what I can tell, just been better received than Evangelion 1.0.

Category {N} OVA
Nominees: Detroit Metal City, Lucky Star OVA, Mnemosyne, Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: Tokyo Revelations
Anime I’ve seen: 3
Who I think will win: Lucky Star OVA
Who I think deserves to win: Detroit Metal City
I haven’t seen Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, but I’m pretty sure it won’t win since it doesn’t have a wide enough audience. I have seen Mnemosyne, but I think the same applies here; not enough people have seen it for it to win. I predict it’ll be out of Lucky Star OVA and DMC, and I’m going to lean towards Lucky Star OVA, which has the popular appeal. But I do think DMC will do well, since it took people by surprise.

Category {O} Male Character
Nominees: Souichi “Johannes Krauser II” Negishi (Detroit Metal City), Kurenai Shinkurou (Kure-nai), Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2), Lockon Stratos (Mobile Suit Gundam 00), Okazaki Tomoya (Clannad)
Anime I’ve seen: 4
Who I think will win: Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2)
Who I’m voting for: Kurenai Shinkurou (Kure-nai)
This is where any semblance of objectivity goes out the window. Characters are all about favourites, so it’s pointless to try to judge them by any standard yardstick as one would (attempt to) with animation or storyline. Lelouch has massive advantages in this category, the obvious one being the main character in the year’s most popular series. But he was a very well developed character, one of the strong points in Code Geass R2. I’m voting for Kurenai Shinkurou, but not for any particularly deep reasons. I could almost flip a coin between Shinkurou and Lelouch but Shinkurou gets the nod because I liked the series he was from better.


Category {P} Female Character
Nominees: C.C (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2), Horo (Spice and Wolf), Isurugi Noe (True Tears), Noda Megumi (Nodame Cantabile ~Paris Chapter~), Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)
Anime I’ve seen: 4
Who I think will win: C.C. (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2)
Who I’m voting for: Horo (Spice and Wolf)
This is a much tougher category to pick, since C.C., Noe and Sheryl all make reasonable claims at this title. But, what I think will ruin Noe and Sheryl’s chances are the fact that they were both at the center of some pretty fierce shipping wars. Yes, C.C. was as well, but I think most people have accepted that she probably had the most legitimate claim for Lelouch by the end of the series. That, and the love triangle wasn’t the point of Code Geass R2 like it was for the other two series. My choice is Horo, but I may as well have flipped a coin between her and Nodame. I wanted Mizunashi Akari from ARIA The Origination to be nominated; her character development in the final series was probably the most profound of any female character in anime this year.

Category {Q} Villain
Nominees: Ali Al-Saachez (Mobile Suit Gundam 00), Amamiya Akira (ef – a tale of melodies), Grace O’Connor (Macross Frontier), Zero (Code Geass R2)
Anime I’ve seen: 2
Who I think will win: Ali Al-Saachez (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)
Who I’m voting for: Amamiya Akira (ef – a tale of melodies)
This is another example where there’s been a noticeable fall off compared with 2007. That year we had some brilliant bad guys, like

Show »

Takano Miyo

from Higurashi Kai or old man Kogan from Shigurui (or, hell, half the cast of Baccano!). My guess is basically blind, and I’m voting for Amamiya Akira basically out of default. I don’t think Zero will win, because he wasn’t really an outright “bad guy”.

Category {R} Worst Character
Nominees: Kazuki Tachibana (Dragonaut), Kururugi Suzaku (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2), Nozomu Ezomori (Kanokon), Oyamada Kouta (Kanokon), Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)
Anime I’ve seen: 1
Who I think will win: Kururugi Suzaku (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2)
Who I’m voting for: Oyamada Kouta (Kanokon)
Ranka Lee? I thought she was pretty popular. If there’s a category I’m contemplating abstaining from, it’s this one, since I’m fairly indifferent to most of these characters, and I did think Suzaku ended up getting a reasonable justification for his actions. But I think he’ll win, again because he has the “advantage” of being from the year’s most popular series, and anyone who actually cares will probably vote for him. I don’t, this is one of those categories which I wouldn’t mind seeing go in the bin, especially in favour of a category like “Best Overall Anime”.

So, who do you think will win? Also, if there were a “Best Overall Anime” category, who would you vote for? You can vote in the Awards here, provided you’ve been a member since before December 08.

23 Responses to “AnimeSuki 2008 Choice Awards: Picking Winners”

  1. And so, Kaiba sits on my computer, taunting me with its quality and telling me to watch, but I’ve been struggling to find time as of late to get around to it (I’m prioritizing Sketchbook at this point), so the lack of Kaiba taints my votes somewhat.

    As for everything else, I’m right with you. Macross Frontier’s OST is good, but nowhere nearly as consistent as ARIA’s (May’n kinda puts a damper on things). And DMC definitely deserves to win best OVA since its consistency beats out Lucky Star’s by a long shot.

  2. Booo not enough love for Kaiba. Kaiba deserves best scifi, romance, storyline, visuals, soundtrack AND best anime overall (dead serious). Don’t really care who wins what this award, all I know is that the only opinion that matters is mine.

    Voted Suzaku because it’s fun to see Kaoishin yet again complain about the woeful state of anime fandom.

  3. I can’t comment some the categories because those categories mainly contain titles I haven’t or don’t feel like watching. So my comments go for only some of them:

    For the Fantasy Category, it’ll apparently be either Natsume Yuujinchou or Spice and Wolf. I’m leaning towards Natsume because Spice and Wolf has its dry moments despite great characters IMO. The same situation goes for the comedy category, with ZSZS and Kannagi vying for the title. Though I sincerely believe ZSZS deserves to win, I think Kannagi’s sheer popularity will triumph eventually. The sci-fi category is the so-called Group of Death in soccer terms, and I can’t even tell how this will go. I’m just saying it’ll be Code Geass R2.

    In fact, I think Code Geass R2 will sweep the storyline and male character categories too, although I won’t agree to them. Macross Frontier will most definitely win the best soundtrack category, while the best villain will very likely go to Zero. Oh, and not forgetting that Suzaku IS the worst character IMO.

    Yeah gaguri, where’s the love for Kaiba? Here’s an anime that has the balls to be different and don’t get enough kudos for it.

  4. I reckon. Nominated only for 3 categories? This is a joke.

  5. […] someone else do this, thought it was a good idea. […]

  6. I don’t follow AnimeSuki anywhere closely enough to predict who will win, but I can cast my own votes anyhow. I know I would definitely choose ef for visuals 😛

  7. Most of these nominations and potential winners makes sense, except for Ranka Lee being nominated for worst female character. There are parts of the anime fandom I avoid, so there might be something I’m missing, but, what do people hate about her?

  8. For the Mecha category, I have no idea why Kaiba is nominated. Is there really mecha in there somewhere? I have no idea whatsoever. In any case, CG R2 was a complete joke, and IMO Gundam 00 wasn’t that much better, so my vote went for Macross Frontier.

    I’m ambivalent about the dominant trend in the Romance category. On the one hand, it appalls me that people would consider the plotquaked True Tears as being a better portrayal of romance than the amazing Tomoya-Nagisa relationship. On the other, the latter has yet to run its course, and barring something major coming within the year, After Story is most likely to sweep the 2009 Romance category anyway.

    I have no idea how a trainwreck like CG R2 could possibly be considered any good in the Storyline category.

    I’m all for Macross Frontier for Soundtrack. It’s got the most blood-pumping OST of the year IMO.

    Ali Al-Saachez over Grace O’Connor for Villain? I guess most people don’t really understand EXCELLENT EVIL, huh.

    And the inner Trollscaloth is one of those who voted for Suzaku as Worst Character. :p

  9. Common sense says anything with complete hype behind it will automatically win over everything else, no matter how crappy the winner realy is by comparison. The action/fighting category is disgusting since all of the shows are awful. For the Mecha/Sci-fi category, I would say Code Geass since it had more popularity/hype then Macross Frontier. Even though Macross Frontier was clearly the best Mecha-wise. I have not seen Kaiba, so I will reserve my judgment on that one until I have time to see it.

    Mouryo no Hako and Natsume Yuujinchou not even close to winning anything is not surprising, despite how wrong it is. Then again, they didn’t have the most hype/popularity behind them. For the rest of the awards, I could care less really. Movie-wise I have only seen Sword of the Stranger and I thought that was a good movie. I guess, I will have to see Kara no Kyoukai to see if it really is something amazing.

  10. I largely agree with Sorrow-kun with a few diverges.

    Out of the candidates, Kurozuka deserves the Action Category since the show consistently excels at action (and absolutely nothing else). However, I believe that Soul Eater is more worthy than any of the listed shows.

    No romance anime deserves to be recognized (though I’m leaning towards Clannad).

    For the Storyline category, I’m going with Code Geass R2 simply because it is the most ambitious and the most original main story of any of anime I’ve seen in a long time (the numerous side-stories can go crawl in a corner and die). Kaiba did have some good stories, but I found that the strength of the show lied in how the stories were presented rather than the actual sequence of events.

    Xam’d (and virtually everything else Bones produces) should be on the list rating visuals, but I’ll tip my hat to Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners… Though one must question how fair this is since this is a movie and everything else is from television.

    I have not seen Sword of the Stranger and Evangelion 1.0 is essentially a copy paste of the first 8 episodes so I’ll give the best movie title to Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners despite the fact that the thing has a tendency to become extremely boring.

    Ali Al-Saachez > Grace O’Connor

    Grace O’ Connor kills people in order to complete her objectives. Ali Al-Saachez kills people because he likes killing people. I believe that characters who kill people for the sole sake of the enjoyment derived from killing people are for deserving of the best villain title than a character who kills people for a rational but selfish objective.

  11. Meh, Grace O’ Connor’s villain archetype is becoming too common. Ali Al-Saachez is TDK’s The Joker; spontaneous and unpredictable.

  12. @Ascolath
    The mecha/scifi was supposed to merge those two categories together as people didn’t want too many categories to vote for. I’m assuming this, since it seems like the only plausible rationale.

  13. @Flash Sword Irene,

    In a way, it’s kind of sad, isn’t it? We all want to believe that these awards actually are an objective comparison of merit in our hearts, when we all know that’s far from being the case in our heads.


    Eh….CG R2 deserves the award purely because of the scope of its ambition? I wish I could think that way, although I really can’t look away from how it fell flat on its face with that ambition. Can’t say GN-Charles wasn’t still amusing, though. 😉

    @SM & AC,

    Haha, Ali Al-Saachez vs Grace O’Connor is somewhat like The Joker vs. Yagami Light, in a way. I much prefer the rational/intellectual approach of the latter myself, but that’s just me.


    Ah, I see how that might work…..wait, Kaiba is Sci-fi? X_X

    ….I’m surprised that Kaioshin hasn’t been here to give two out of his abundant supply of cents, yet. >_>

  14. @Asc: Well, there is a bit of contention about whether Kaiba is sci-fi or fantasy, but if I were forced to make a call, I’d call it sci-fi. Really, really abstract sci-fi, but sci-fi in the same sense that 2001: A Space Odyssey is sci-fi.

    @Flash Sword Irene: It’s a popularity contest, so one doesn’t set expectations too high, but I think the nominations are reasonable enough without being perfect. There’ll inevitably be a lot of controversy about what eventually wins, but it’s natural that the popular titles are always going to have the advantage, even if they are aspects about them which are questionable (ie, Code Geass R2 in the storyline category). I wouldn’t say Kara no Kyoukai is a brilliant anime (on what I’ve seen so far, I’d call it “good”), but on the technical side of things it’s outstanding, which is why it’s been nominated for so many categories.

  15. @Asc,

    I don’t see how the comparison of Grace O’ Connor to Yagami Light is a fair assessment. Light Yagami is – like The Joker would put it – someone with a ‘misplaced sense of self-righteousness’ while Grace O’ Connor is simply a mad scientist. I think this is why Light has a vast fandom compared to O’Connor. And perhaps comparing Al-Saachez to The Joker is an overstatement on my part: Al-Saachez doesn’t mess with people’s minds like The Joker does.

    Kaiba is more sci-fi than mecha to me. The whole technology of swapping and manipulating memories by physical means is a science fiction already.

  16. @AC,

    The comparison might not be perfect, but in any case you missed the main gist behind my comparing Grace to Light; for that matter, the girl is NOT JUST “a mad scientist”, she had wheels within wheels going in the background, an entire conspiracy in her head, plans brewing under the surface for the epic reveal, very much a Magnificent Bitch just as Light was a Magnificent Bastard. Contrast that to the likes of Ali and the Joker, who pretty much do things, as I see it, for the LULZ.

    Epic Ambition (Grace, Light) versus Batshit Insane (Ali, Joker)? The latter may be perfectly entertaining in its own right, but I know which I’d pick for EXCELLENT EVIL status any day.

  17. Ali may not be at the same caliber as The Joker, but he still messes be people’s minds, granted not by playing games with them. The whole thing that makes Setsuna compelling is Ali and what he did to him. Not to mention, his villainy was epitomized in the episode where he was with Saji’s sister. The guy knows how much of a monster he is, and loves it all the way.

    Also, after Code Geass, ambitious characters with a god complex are a little old now. Until I finish the entirety of LoGH, I’d be okay not seeing another one for a long time.

    CG will probably win for best storyline, and despite it’s occasionally falling into retardation (no offense to the retarded) it never stopped being compelling or show signs of absolute genius. As for 00 not being nominated. It is very well written, but its dry atmosphere requires more patience than most action junkeys can deal with. Though it is insanely popular with non mecha fans, but that’s a different story.

    Still, why so much hate for Ranka that she would be nominated?

  18. I am not sure if I would ever acknowledge Setsuna F Seiei as a compelling character, since I have seen better. But, I don’t think that Ali as the “Asshole getting hard ons from killing and obviously loving it” bit is enough for me. Not to mention, being in a crappier anime (imo) does not help his case exactly either. Maybe, I have seen this type of anime character far too much to love Ali even if he may actually deserve the nomination.

    Grace on the other hand was far more compelling since there was an actual air of mystery to her. The fact that she plotted meticulously in nearly every step of the way made her more compelling to me. This was a character who was in the background for so long, then suddenly pulled a surprise on us all as this psychotic nympho who likes to use her brain. I mean, I got chills just from watching her grope herself in enjoyment at carnage and destruction resulting her planning. (As strange as it was to view since, yeah…)

    Personally, Ranka Lee was a fine character for me and I have no idea why people hate her over Sheryl. Granted, I don’t hate Sheryl nor mind her myself. The hate on Ranka has to be horribly unjustified since I have seen much worse cases.

    Hmm…for best OST of the year, I would still vote Macross Frontier despite the incapabilities of May’n. At least Megumi Nakajima was there to pick up the slack, despite the fact that she is not the most talented singer herself. And, Lion is the most memorable anime song of 2008 as it is one of the best. So, that alone would put it at the top for me.

    Well, you are right since these things are usually a lot more about fun and acknowledge entertainment more then anything else. I guess in the context of things, the selections are reasonable enough for their own purposes. Thanks for the heads-up on Kara since I will at least consider checking it out someday for myself.

    Yeah, it is sad for the most part these days since that is how it will be. Then again, at least we can take solace in the fact that at least Macross Frontier got acknowledged for something deservedly so. But, I would rather Macross Frontier replace Code Geass in the storyline category, despite the ending. (Which I still like personally.)

  19. Setsuna F. Seiei is IMHO hardly compelling; to me, he’s little more than a poor copy of Wing’s Heero Yuy, and at least the latter was more badass and less emo, which is saying a lot. Heck, his character archetype isn’t even that original; the guy is basically a Sunrise attempt at a carbon copy of FMP’s Sagara Sousuke, but ended up being a pale shadow of the latter instead for being too bishounen-emo, prone to utter idiocy, lacking in professionalism, and not having a strong female foil for his character development to boot. Granted, he gets a BIT better in S2, but since we’re talking about the S1 version here….

    ….I wonder how much more I can push this bait until Kaioshin comes to take it. <_<

  20. I think the term emo is thrown around a little too much these days. If someone who was manipulated into killing innocents including his parents, and is now scarred for life is emo, then by that logic, victims of war, physical abuse, and rape are also emo if they show conceited emotions while holding deep inner pain. Not saying Setsuna is a great character, and granted I still need to see TSR, but I would never compare him to Heero Yuy.

    On the note of the actual subject, how much does it really take to be the best fanservice anime?

  21. For fanservice anime, the real issue will apparently be the fanservice’s quality (crappy per se) versus quantity. Speaking of which, why isn’t Rosario + Vampire Capu2 nominated? It’s bullcrap but it’s the most fun series I’ve ever watched and dissected.

  22. […] there were two others doing it and it seemed like a pretty cool […]

  23. I can’t actually vote, but to just make some random comments.

    Ga-Rei -Zero- had some good fights, all in all, and I haven’t see any of the other nominees yet. Fantasy…It’s either abstaining or Spice and Wolf, which didn’t actually do much for me, but once again I didn’t watch any of the others (notice a trend here?).

    I would say Macross Frontier or Gundam 00 were the best Mecha/Sci-fi, though that last one is hard to fully judge before it ends. I need to see Kaiba at some point, apparently, but hopefully the hype isn’t going to ruin it for me. Comedy…I would have voted for ZSZS, but don’t mind if DMC gets it. Kannagi? What’s that? Itazura na Kiss or Clannad for Romance.

    The nine episodes of Kaiji I’ve seen would convince to go with that for the Game category. No Kaiba vote for story because, again, I would just be basing it on reputation alone and that’s not exactly a good way to judge its storyline. None of the other nominees are convincing. 00 has a fairly decent script, so the first season is alright, but the rest of the show needs to end first. As for all the “R2 doesn’t belong in the story category”…meh, probably not, yet I believe the story received a pretty good conclusion in terms of Lelouch’s tale (and he’s probably the show’s best character too), which was the entire point all along (as opposed to the mistreated subplots), and how the knee-jerk “trainwreck” screaming utterly fails to recognize this will never sit well with me. In short, R2 doesn’t deserve to win but I can see how some people would find valid reasons to appreciate the central story.

    Kara no Kyoukai had the most impressive visuals, outside of Xam’d perhaps, although Macross Frontier had some nice CG action.

    Ali Al-Saachez is probably the “best” villain, just because the competition doesn’t seem that impressive. Finally, all the Suzaku bashing is just because many find him annoying, as opposed to actually being the “worst” character in terms of development or anything else. Subtle difference, I think, but oh well.

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