10 Things I Hate About You (Idiot Fans) Part A

Getting Shit Done

It's time to get some shit done...

I have been a fan a very long time. I have seen the best of times and the worst of times when it comes to the anime phenomenon in America. I have seen new generations of fans spring up every few years, bolstered by the explosion of anime available on television, for retail purchase, in movie theaters, and over the internet. I am now 32 years old, an “oldfag” to most of you whipper-snappers, and I like to think that as I have matured, so have my tastes in anime and in anime fandom. In the beginning I was much like the rest of you. I watched everything, even the shit, proclaiming it was better than anything the West had ever produced. I collected wall scrolls, and figurines, and whatever anime related materials I could. I went to conventions and cosplayed and sat in on panels and sang karaoke and did all kinds of other fun stuff. Generally, I acted like what I have observed most young fans act like. These days are a little different. I still go to conventions and I still watch tons of new material, but now I write about it and have wonderful intellectual discussions about it. I know a few people in the industry who have remained friends over the years. I enjoy anime fandom on a different level than I did before.

But you know what hasn’t changed? Idiot fans and the shit they do that pisses me off. In my 20 years of fandom, I have seen it all. I became so jaded and cynical towards fans that I created this monicker, the Typical Idiot Fan, to express my displeasure. I have had this name now for a very long time, and I will continue to have it so long as anime fans continue to be really fucking stupid. But my silent disapproval of everything Western otaku wasn’t doing much good, so I decided to try out this blogging thing and kick some folks in the balls. At the beginning of this year, every anime blog did a “Decade List” of some sort to commemorate the beginning of 2010. As my belated contribution to the Decade List craze, split into two parts, I will go over with you the top 10 things about anime fans that just pisses me the fuck off. I’m sure most of you will know about each and every one of these items. Hopefully, some of you will take this to heart and realize that maybe there’s something you can do to help change it, even if the change is just yourself. But since I know how fans are, especially you faggot internet fans, I expect shitstorm. Oh well, either way it should be a lot of fun!

10. Spoiled Rotten Brats – Back in the old days, back before this whole internet thing took off, we were lucky to get a third generation VHS copy from a scratched-up-to-all-hell laserdisc. Didn’t like the quality? Too fucking bad. You got what you got. Didn’t like the fansubs? Too fucking bad. You got what you got. You have a Betamax player instead? Get the fuck out.

But you little annoying bitches have quality coming out your assholes. HD-DVD recorded shows are just a click of a button away, played on monstrously powerful computers and displayed on flat-screen plasma or LCD monitors that make the highest quality tube televisions look like shit. Speed-sub groups can deliver an .ass file or a softsub in a matter of hours, while others can acquire some top professional looking works with the patience to way a day or so. Didn’t want that in AVI format? Even if one group wont deliver the MKV you’re frothing for, another will.

The question is why? It is because you faggots have come to expect it. Fansub Group A doesn’t use the file format that I want for MY anime? FLAME THOSE FAGGOTS! How dare they not provide both h264 AND XviD files! Is this a mistranslation 3 minutes and 42 seconds into the show?! GG / CoalGuys is using troll subs again!! No karaoke WITH kanji / hiragana / katakana characters? Translators notes?! It has taken TWO WHOLE DAYS for fansubs to come out for the latest episode of some obscure title that nobody likes but me? RAGE!

Get the fuck over yourselves. You have become a pack of rabid, annoying, entitlement whores. The people who provide you with your daily fix don’t owe you shit. It is not as if they’re making any damned money doing this. Yet, for some reason, you all feel that you have the right to be… I don’t know… CONSUMERS about this. Knock it the fuck off, jackasses. Feel happy for what you got, enjoy the show, and shut the fuck up.

Oh, and by the way:

9. Pussy Whipped Fansub Groups – Quit kowtowing to every demand that the above group of faggots can come up with. You didn’t do a MKV file and someone is demanding it? Tell them to go fuck themselves. Don’t want to do karaoke? Don’t! Forget what the translation is for sagashite? Well, you suck, but you still don’t have to answer to me or any of the millions of jackass fanboys and fangirls that have no idea what it means either. Oh, and GG / CoalGuys? Knock off the fucking troll subs. Seriously, all the love in the world and thanks for the shit you deliver, but you fucking suck.

To-LOVE-Ru Episode 7 Chihiro Subs

Yes, Chihiro really did this.

8. People STILL Doing the Dub vs. Sub Debate – DVDs were supposed to be the greatest thing ever invented for anime fans. They can provide image and sound quality recordings that blew the competition away. They could hold gigabytes and gigabytes of information. They could transfer information faster than any previous recordable media. And they allowed for multiple language encoding so that we could all have our Japanese language and English language formats on the same disc. That way, everybody could be happy. The purist fags could have their glorious Japanese language dubs while the English speakers could enjoy anime in a more familiar tongue. And we would never have to speak of this again!

So why the fuck are we still speaking of this? Was it not enough that we all got to have our ways? Do we still have to involve ourselves in whatever someone else is doing? Does it really bother the purist fags… still… that someone would choose to watch anime in a language other than Japanese? Do you feel the sting of a hot poker riding up your rectum as Steve Blum delivers another one of Spike Spiegel’s lines from Cowboy Bebop? Is this just a hangover effect from the years of unfair treatment by US distribution companies who used to charge more money for original language VHS tapes than the English dubbed VHS tapes?

Whatever I am doing has no direct effect on you, so piss off. I watch a mix of language formats, a lot of the time just for my own entertainment, and sometimes just because I prefer one over the other. Don’t like it? Too damn bad. I don’t want to hear you whine that I am not doing what you prefer to do. This argument no longer has any relevance whatsoever except for certain people on either side to be elitists or trolls or both.

7. Holier Than Thou Fandom – You are not a better fan than me. I am not a better fan than you. The sooner we all learn and understand this, the less annoying the fan base will be. I don’t care if you can tell me every single anime Wakamato Norio has been in. It doesn’t mean you’re a better fan than I am because you can. It just means you know more useless information than I do. You know what I do? If I don’t know, I go look it up on the internet. There’s a reason why we have databases. You are not supposed to be one.

Me not caring for the heavy and deep nuances of Arjuna while you do does not make you a better fan than me. It just means you’re more susceptible to directorial manipulation. Yes, Kwamori Shoji has a lean towards environmentalism; thanks for the info. Like all the faggots who got suckered into the world of Pandora and the plight of the Na’vi by James Cameron, you have been led around by the master of the Three Ringed Leftist Circus. I, on the other hand, don’t give a shit.

6. Narutards / Bleachfags / One-Piece… uh.. Whatevers – This may come as a bit of a shock to the Big Three fans, but there’s more anime out there besides the most popular shounen fighting shit that has gathered 250+ episodes of mostly filler. Some of it is pretty good! If you’d like a place where you can easily find reviews on some other shows, I can recommend a good place to start!

So pack away the Sasuke costume, the Ichigo costume, and the… whatever costume from One Piece people wear. I guarantee that there will still be a huge representation of these characters at your next anime convention. Your own personal unique touch on it will not be missed.

Part B to come.

*  *  *  *  *

I can be reached via e-mail at t@nihonreview.com, comment below, or if you’re feeling froggy, come onto the forum for The Nihon Review and talk about it. No Twitter. Twitter is the stupidest fucking idea I’ve ever seen the internet come up with.

34 Responses to “10 Things I Hate About You (Idiot Fans) Part A”

  1. I can’t say much for the Quality issue, I usually just stream Anime unless I’m going to watch a series that has already been fully released. As long as I can read the Subtitles and make out which voice belongs to which character, I’m dandy.

    Also, I’m not particularly loyal to any Fansub group. Although, I guess I have taken a liking to Mazui for my torrents, since ‘Welcome to the NHK’ was nicely done. I guess it would be annoying though to see people Bitch at a Fansub group with rather vane requests. Though, I wouldn’t get annoyed at a group for Taking up a request. It’s the groups time and prerogative what they wish to do with that time. If they want to Make an MKV file cause some guy/gal demands it, then so be it. Doesn’t change anything for me to be honest. I guess we can just disagree on that point.

    If I may point out, your points # 7 and 6 somewhat contradict each other. 😉

    I really have no problem if a person only watches one [or more] of the big 3 Animes. I don’t even mind if they are Fanboy/girl for it. However, it does bother me when they proclaim them to be the greatest shows ever. At the same time, it bothers me when people who dislike the big 3 Animes, decide to tirade upon those who do like the major Shounen as not being “true” Anime fans. Am I not a baseball fan if I only root for 1 team?

    Anime is entertainment. You watch what entertains You. If they feel like going past the scope of the major three, props to them. If they don’t, then I don’t see why it should bother me.

    Dub vs Sub debate, I cannot agree more. Just watch what you like. You’re wasting valuable Anime watching time arguing over something so pointless!

  2. One-Piece… uh.. Whatevers

    Know why there isn’t an equivalent term to Bleachfags or Narutards for One Piece fans?


  3. Dub vs sub debate exists now because of sub-only dvds where people used to love watching dubs. It became the reason they bought the dvd in the first place because they’d already seen the subs. The discussion is now relevant again because there is actually something to discuss.

  4. someone is very angry ^_^

  5. Dub vs sub debate exists now because of sub-only dvds where people used to love watching dubs. It became the reason they bought the dvd in the first place because they’d already seen the subs.

    Does that constitute a debate though? A group would like to get DVD’s of a series dubbed. It’s not a debate, it’s a request/demand. Getting into any form of debate over it[in terms of Sub > Dub or Dub > Sub] is stupid.

  6. Your point #7 would be nice if it wasn’t coming from the mouth of someone intentionally acting like he knows more than/is better than the rest of us.
    Unless being older somehow makes you an exception to your own rules. :3?

    Otherwise, eh, I probably shouldn’t say anything, since I’m just a little “newfag” who hasn’t had to experience the hardships of VHS tapes being hard to get or whatever (oh, boohoo, you had to do more work than me? I shed tears in your general direction). But other than your own foolish remarks in some places, this is a nice enough list. Really just a bunch of hate, buuuut whatever. Will be interesting to see part two as well.

  7. Nice list. That GAR thing with Chihiro’s TLR was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in a sub.


    I think there’s a subtle, unwritten difference between 7 and 6 that may free it up from being contradictory. First, if you look at the examples provided, I think TIF is talking more about fans that have already crossed the threshold of Narutard-ness and into the “Damn, I was so much anime I should touch myself everytime I know something someone doesn’t.”

    The way I see it, he’s hating on two extremes of the same spectrum: on the one end, you have people that only watch 1, 2, 3 series and make their claims with an extremely narrow experience of anime as a whole, while on the other you have people who sit around all day and jerk to their own self knowledge.

    To put it another way, it is arguable that people who are fans of just Naruto and Bleach are really not fans of anime. Just like how people who love one song from a band are rarely considered even fans of that band whatsoever. Thus, you can argue that all fans are equal once they’ve reached a certain level of anime watching (for example, a certain number of series/number of hours, just to be objective), but until then they can’t be considered one.

    Of course, this interpretation runs into its own pitfalls (Who’s to say someone is a fan or isn’t?), but it is one way of analyzing away the contradiction in 7/6.

  8. Thank you! I found this entertaining to read. As a more casual anime viewer, I find many on your list to be common characteristics. This is why I never went back to anime club that one time …. :)

  9. Man, I loooooooooooove #8

    Also, I totally saw a fansub of one of the first episodes of Tatami Galaxy where it said at the bottom something like “There are way too many signs here to translate. If you give enough of a shit about this, go to our website for what they all say.”

  10. Thanks for saying it. That is all.

    OK, maybe a little more..

    Remember: modern newfags tend to have zero empathy, so don’t expect them to care. Us oldfags do actually know better, 9 times out of 10, but they’d never admit that things like “age” and “experience” matter. Most of them are really into this for the circlejerk, not the anime itself. Nothing wrong with that, in and of itself.

    It’s when kids don’t realize they’re really in it for the fandom, not the anime, that I get uppity. If you can’t be bothered to watch older anime, then don’t take it personally when someone tells you that you’re favorite-driven show has been done before and done better.. it probably has. Maybe you could watch the older show long enough to realize that, if you weren’t whining about it not being HD.

    I shudder to think of what could be accomplished if these kids tried doing stuff instead of just collectively whining about it.

  11. Everything in this article is absolutely true, and I thought it was a good article, but two things slightly annoy me about it. One, this site usually, at least from what I’ve seen, doesn’t have the type of idiots that you are talking about. So none of them are actually going to read this article, and instead you end up preaching to the proverbial choir. Second, this article does not support the idea that you are not elitist, as the articles about the aniblog tourney tried to claim. Instead, it actually sounds more elitist than the usual posts on here. So yeah, the article was great, but it is in the wrong place. Put it in a forum of idiots, and then you would get the effect you want.

  12. This blog is so Elitist™, with their Elitist Editorials®!

    I think TIF is just angry. And he just wants to get something off his chest. And get some attention. Though #6 does make him seem Elitist™.

    What I don’t get is why people have to care about elitism or “Narutards”. People like what they like, they can do what they want. If they’re “(insert label)”, so? I don’t see what proclamations of “I don’t like you” does for a community. Maybe your article wanted to proclaim “There is a problem” instead, which would help a community by shaking it up, initiating a self-consciousness. Akin to the environmental movement. But that’s not how this article comes off as, at least to me and how I read it. And is there a problem to start with? A problem that is rooted in the fan’s selfishness and hurts many people, or the community at large? Maybe there is a problem, but maybe it only affects the fan herself, and no one else. How can one determine what is harmful for an individual? How can we gauge how much this “problem” extends beyond the individual?

    Sometimes, you’ve just had enough. You’ve just gotta yell. I understand that. Maybe part 2 can say more than just yelling.

  13. Wow. Where to start?

    @CoaeSystems – Streaming? I wont say I’ve never watched a streamed anime before, and I am not one of those people who gives Churchyroll a hard time (the hell is wrong with you, Horriblesubs?), but there is a clear cut quality diminish in watching it that way. To each their own, but these formats we can get now are just as awesome as high definition television. It’s really worth downloading sometimes.

    The point about fansub groups kowtowing to a rabid fanbase wasn’t whether they’d take requests; if they want to do that, by all means. The problem is that we’ve ended up with about a thousand other morons who DON’T make requests and just expect every fansub group to produce a media format that they want. Perhaps because you stream more you don’t notice these things, but going over to certain torrent sites you can see fansub groups routinely put out .AVI and .MKV files for most of their releases. They do this on their own accord in order to spread their work to as many people as possible. But there are many groups who don’t, or lag behind a day or two on the other formats, and it causes certain fans to just go ballistic. What do these fansub groups owe those kinds of fans? The answer is nothing. Fansub groups do this stuff for their own reasons, not to appease a mass of jackasses.

    6 and 7 don’t contradict at all, actually. 6 is about Elitism while 7 is about expansion of the horizons. Kylaran explained this a little better than I did, except I’m not saying that a Bleach / Naruto / One Piece fan isn’t a fan of anime. The real impetus behind this gripe is the conventions. Some people are very clever at finding obscure costumes that very few people get, while everybody else is dressed up as Naruto. I don’t really understand the lack of a broad appeal, especially to convention goers. Did they think they were only going to a Naruto-con? If nothing else, expand your horizons and diversify the fucking costumes.

    @Omisyth – Nobody gives a shit about One Piece fans, that’s why we haven’t come up with a derogatory name for y’all yet. =D

    @Scamp – That’s a relatively new problem and I noticed it only with the release of Clannad by Sentai Filmworks. I imagine that since they’re involved in the ADV Films reconstruction into Section23 Films, that the problem with releasing a dub at the time was simply due to the chaos. We are now getting dubs of Clannad in DVD format, so perhaps this problem will go away.

    There may be others, but for now, if there’s a sub only distribution, nobody can bitch. There may be valid reasons that there’s a sub-only release, especially at this time. But I don’t really trust fans to be rational.

    @kluxorious – Been on my mind for years, and the problems have only grown. The anonymity that the internet allows for people has made some folks extremely irritating. At the cons, they’re just rabid consumer whores (which is fine), but on the internet, they’re all trolling, raging, trash talking, faggots.

    @mefloraine – I may know more than the rest of you, but I’m not a better fan than you. And hypocrisy is known to run amongst us older folks.

    @kylaran – Thanks for the assist! But Akira’s right, your choice in anime females is crap.

    @Belle – You’ll have to tell us all about it; the anime club I mean. I love a good shit story.

    @jpmeyer – You’re welcome.

    @deaky – Wasn’t really supposed to be an “oldfags” vs. “newfags” debate, just a general gripe about Western fandom using my experience as a reference. Remember, the newfags are going to be the oldfags when us oldfags finally put away our “cartoons” for golf and shuffleboard, or at least their video game equivalents.

    Do they even have a shuffleboard video game?

    @Random Guy – Hi geass.

    1. Several of my fellow BtNHRV and NHRV writers were with me back when I was doing the same stuff on Anime Academy’s forums. I was banned, but they brought me here to continue my… what’s the word?… “direct” way of voicing things. I don’t represent anybody but myself and Sorrow-Kun will publicly disavow ever giving me the keys to the back door and allowing me to post this.

    2. I am an elitist and I fully admit that. However, the point behind this work wasn’t just to be an elitist jackass lording over everybody else, it was to actually make a point. The stuff I mention isn’t about elitism, it’s about irrationality and stupidity. It is irrational for fans to demand things from fansub groups who receive NOTHING in return. It is irrational for fansub groups to cower in fear of those fans just because they might not get exposed. It is irrational to continue this long dead debate on dubs vs. subs. It is irrational to act high and mighty over someone else and proclaim you’re a better “fan” then they are when all you are is a bigger know-it-all (the difference between me and someone like this is I wont ever tell you I’m a better fan or that you’re a worse one than I am. We’re all fans, even if you’re a moron.). And it is irrational to not expand your horizons beyond a singular choice super-anime and to do so does no service to you or the medium.

    Hope that helps.

    Part B coming later today.

  14. I agree with all your points so far… Fandom can be pretty nasty sometimes, so I don’t bother getting into the bad side of the fandom nor I participate in Anime Conventions not because I have no means of going, but I don’t want to deal with the bad side of the fandom. I want to enjoy what I watch regardless what format (DVD vs Blu-Ray/Dub vs Sub )as long the subs aren’t troll subs, the content is what matters the most. :p

  15. @Tamashii – Of course this stuff makes me angry and the problem, as I stated above, is irrationality. Again, no where have I said that Narutards, etc are not fans. They’re just not helping themselves or the fanbase by sticking to and overly-hyping that particular piece of what I, and many others, think is crap. I mean, let’s face it, it’s crap. Complete crap. In the 90’s, I knew profession non-anime fans who have heard of DBZ. Do we really want THAT to be the representation of anime? The modern equivalents in Naruto and Bleach are the driving force these days, though thankfully it seems that most people outside of the otaku community have been exposed to something other than those two particular shows (mostly thanks to Adult Swim).

    And yes, I just wanted attention. Like Grandpa Simpson yelling about the Krusty the Klown doll being evil.

  16. @chikorita157 – I wasn’t trying to scare anybody away from cons. They’re actually fine and quite fun, even if the younger ones tend to be a bit excitable and irritating. What’s really fun, tho, is if you can find a few fans after hours in the local bars (in full costume, no less) and sit down for some drinks and conversation. Otaku are typically humorous drunks.

  17. First off, thank you for the good response. If I had posted elsewhere, I probably would have been flamed. So thanks.

    I agree with everything you responded to in my post, however I did see one thing I want to comment on. That is, that Naruto, Bleach and One Piece suck. Honestly I disagree but for a different reason than you might be thinking. To be straightfoward, of course you think it’s crap. You are not the target audience. The thing that all of these shows have in common are that they are stories about these kids that are either completely normal in Bleach’s case, or made fun of in Naruto’s case, that magically have these amazing powers. What audience does this appeal to? Kids and teenagers. Why? Because they relate to the stories in some way shape or form. The shows are made to be simple and entertaining so that the target audience can enjoy it, and for the most part, they are completely successful. (If you don’t believe me, just look at the popularity of these shows.) So I don’t think they are crap, just as I don’t think Dora the Explorer is crap because it caters to toddlers.

  18. I feel like my internal rants have been channeled through an outside source.

    Entitlement is a major issue for me with fandom, which I feel most (if not all) of these first points fit into. In my book, no one owes us anything as fans. Fansub groups don’t owe me shit, Western distributors don’t, and the Japanese side certainly doesn’t. Which is why I cringe whenever I hear fans talking about how they are entitled to various things, such as timely releases or free content. We’re not. If I had wanted a quality, timely, release of Bible Black New Testament I would have done it myself, I did not expect it to be delivered to me on a silver platter (which I how I feel a lot of anime fans feel anime should be delivered to them).

    I guess I shouldn’t confine entitlement to a major issue only in anime fandom, it is pretty much the plague upon recent generations.

  19. Alright, as your proverbial left testicle, I have a few things to say:

    1. Personally, I enjoy reading (and sometimes watching) One Piece. I hate Bleach, I hate Naruto, but One Piece really does seem to be the best out of the long-running shounen shows.

    2. Fansub groups kowtowing to everyone’s demands represents an attempt to massively expand fansubbers’ e-peen. The mentality would be: “If we appease fans, they’ll stop flaming us and we’ll be more popular!” FOOLISH MORTALS

    3. Hey, guess who was at Chihiro and then left? Yeah, that’s right. Kylaran AND yours truly. Those faggots. They really don’t know what they’re doing at all. It’s probably because Chihiro and CoalGuys are always beefing all day, and forget that, OH WAIT, SUBS NEED QUALITY

  20. I actually didn’t mind GG (past tense, since they’re dead). I respected them (especially koda, who isn’t afraid of calling it as it is). They offered something slightly different to the standard fansub by highly localizing their translation. Whatever they did, the intent of a scene or line was still captured, and the liberties they took were generally in good humour. Sure, some of their translations were mild trolling, but when they did it, the shows they were subbing usually deserved it anyway. Coalguys, on the other hand, don’t for a second hide the fact that they’re trolls, and they can go jump off cliffs as far as I’m concerned.

  21. @Akira

    Why did you have to bring up the past? Sigh. Good thing I quit before fall quarter started last year at school — Haruhi 2nd season was driving me nuts.

    On that note, TIF, I was the “translator” (I’m not even fluent in Japanese LOL GG) for Chihiro starting with episode 14 of To Love-Ru. If I remember correctly, that GAR episode was like 9 or 10 or somewhere around there. You probably never ended up watching my stuff if you quit downloading from Chihiro after that fiasco.


    The fagmo leader of CoalGuys is also the same mastermind behind Chihiro’s releases prior to summer of 2008. Basically, he was the one that came up with the GAR episode.

  22. Bleach and Naruto were not necessarily so bad in the beginning as the material was actually enjoyable enough to read. As more arcs and main turning points occured, the material for both series degenerated into the god awful horse shit we know and bemoan today. I never gave a rat’s ass about One Piece, so yeah.

    But, that was an awesome article and it made me laugh a bit since this crap is pretty much as spot on as you can get with some entertaining commentary. Although, that second paragraph of number seven reminds me of one of Akira’s posts in the past concerning people who do this, yet get their material and sources wrong. (Even if this has no relation of any sort, it does remind me in a way for some reason).

    Number 10 is like a reminder of the hardcore viewers who can for whatever reason discern how one pixel makes a huge difference between Blu-Ray and DVD while others like myself can’t see it nor give a shit. (Yeah, people actually find time to get riled up about this alongside the audiophiles). In fact this actually ties into points seven and eight in an eerie kind of way too. Also, after looking up “Wakamori Norio” I am astonished at how people can remember all of that. I mean, seriously? I can’t even remember half the shit I did last week, let alone a history test of this guy’s credentials. =/

  23. @@Kylaran and Akira – Akira, If you’re the left, and I’m the right, who’s our penis?

    Please don’t ever actually answer that question.

    You two were with Chihiro? I did not know that. Yes, that screen shot is from episode 7 and yes I did keep watching To-LOVE-Ru all the way to the end… for some fucking reason. And for the same fucking reason I’m watching the OAVs too. I took those screen grabs because that was the first time I really started noticing Chihiro’s profound stupidity. That was just “it” for me, so I made several screen shots and posted them on 4chan for the rage lulz. It worked. I still use the picture of Lala saying “I can’t call a girl GAR!” whenever someone tries to proclaim females as GAR. I took a few more of other episodes after that, but stopped after a while. Likely I ran out of things to bitch about because someone else was doing the translations.

  24. 10) I still watch the .avi versions of all the anime I watch. Sure, the .mkv files offer better quality but I’m just in it for the anime itself. I have a friend who says that he has to watch only high quality files because of his large monitor size. Anything lower than 720p would be “eye cancer” to him. Frankly, I think he’s somewhat spoilt and his monitor to be blamed for being his sunk cost. I do enjoy some high quality


    gg reminds me a lot of Shinsen-subs, because at one point they seemed to be subbing almost everything an anime season had to offer. When subbers undertake more projects than they can handle, I feel that they will drop their quality for rapid distribution. It happened to Shinsen-subs and right now, its name is hardly mentioned nowadays. gg seems to be going that way, although I don’t necessarily. They did quite well subbing Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, a series with background texts subbers would be horrified at. Personally, I like ureshii (or frostii these days?) because they do quality subbing. The only thing about them is that they don’t distribute as rapidly as other subbers. That doesn’t necessarily make them bad subbers though; they’re kinda like BtNHRW in a way.

    Basically, I just watch what’s out there. If a subber doesn’t distribute an episode for a considerably long time, I’d just look elsewhere. Why would I bother ranting, anyway?

    9) Chihiro was trying to be funny there, but I won’t say that that’s the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. Remember Ayako’s work on Minami-ke, particularly with the episode prologues? It even actually went on for a few episodes. That’s an example of subbers trying to be funny fags.

    8) I don’t understand this, either. I personally like anime in its original language only, because of reasons everyone would already know. If other people like watching it in dubbed version, so be it. It doesn’t bother me at all because eventually, to each his own. Probably, people who debate in this are purists of their own side. Frankly, I don’t give a damn so I’m with you here too, TIF.

    7) Haha, Wakamoto Norio?? I particularly remember him for Mechazawa for Cromartie High School. But seriously, I think this is simply about elitism. When people become very opinionated about their anime, they tend to contend with each other about their “know-it-all-ism”.

    6) Okay, I admit: I kinda like One Piece myself, one being out of sentimental reasons. I’ve been following the show since it came out in 1999 (though I began watching it in 2000) and I’m still keeping a close eye on it. Currently it’s on a wane (even the animation is lacking originality and flair), and it’s ironic when the current saga is supposedly the grandest of all One Piece sagas. Possibly, many of the BLEACH/Naruto/One Piece fans are victims of the anime popularity scheme. I was a victim of something like this before; I used to think that Saiyuki was one of the best anime out there!

  25. Actually, I’m 17, and I agree with what you say, even though I’m pretty new to anime myself. The only thing I disagree with is the language. Flaming others only gets them irritated and does nothing whatsoever to help them see things your way.

  26. “Back in the old days, back before this whole internet thing took off, we were lucky to get a third generation VHS copy from a scratched-up-to-all-hell laserdisc. Didn’t like the quality? Too fucking bad.”


    Sometimes I catch myself doing shit like complaining that a manga is $11.99 instead of $9.99 or that the boxset I want is too expensive … and have to mentally slap myself. I remember buying the Cowboy Bebop VHS tapes with two episodes dubbed, and I remember paying MSRP for them. I still have them!
    I realize it’s snobbish, since the youngsters haven’t known any different, but for us older fans it can be really obnoxious.

  27. Oh boy. Where do I start?

    Though I did harbor the same sentiments you had just expressed in this post (well, maybe with the exception of #10–I never was quite old enough to experience anime via VHS), but I soon got over it. Very quickly, in fact; I just could never hold so much anger. XD

    If I may dish out a few criticisms, some of which are hopefully constructive:

    1) Your seventh point (#7) seems to be undermined by the whole post–most notably by the next point, #6. If you are not a better fan than they are, why do you criticize them for falling in love with one anime and just that? (I believe that mefloraine, Tamashii, and Random Guy have all said this before.) Taking the Moral Relativism point of view and applying it to the fandom, if no fan is better than another fan, then why do you vehemently state two times (once with the Arjuna comment, another with the sixth point) that you know more than they do? Moreover, when responding to comments–more specifically, Random Guy’s first comment–you state the following, and I quote:

    I am an elitist and I fully admit that.

    How can the previous statement and point #7 coexist? Unless you consider yourself a typical idiot fan (no pun intended) and have major self-hatred problems, I believe my rhetorical question has expressed my point clearly enough.

    2) Point #6 is a commonly shared view in the anime community (especially the aniblogging world), but I really don’t see what’s wrong with it. I mean, sure, if you’re good friends with someone and casually recommend an anime show to them, I’m all for it. But can’t people just like one anime and be done with that? Must we continue to shove our views of expanding people’s anime repertoire? It’s almost like my reaction to those Jehovah’s Witness missionaries: all I want to do is just be left alone.

    3) Although your effusive passion on the subject of the anime fan community is, in some cases, admirable, you might want to skimp a bit on those cuss words. I can certainly sense your intense desire to blog and emphasize your points, but I think that the swearing went overboard and weakened your argument. When you start to insert “fuck” every other word, such usage tends to be less emphasized and more petulant than anything else.

    I look forward to reading the next part. Thanks for the post. =)

  28. @Caddy C – Amazing isn’t it? I should look upon the relative spoiled nature of modern fans as a GREAT thing seeing as how we all now have so much shit available to us, and at reasonable prices (or free if you’re downloading). But I’m not. Damned kids and your internets!

    @Hellomoto – I tried to explain most of those in a previous comment post above. Hopefully that’ll help explain some things. My elitism doesn’t allow me to state that soandso isn’t a fan or as good a fan as I am. Likewise, they might be smarter people being able to memorize trivia, but that doesn’t mean they’re better fans than I am. I’m also not saying that Bleach / Naruto / One Piece fans are not fans of anime. They’re just fans of crap.

    About the cursing, I realize that people find cursing to be “lowbrow” and that doing so shows an unintellectual approach by the speaker / writer, but I also find cursing to be the shortest route to most people’s brains. It’s one thing to kindly and respectfully tell someone that they may go engage in carnal relations with their female parental unit and it’s another to tell them to go fuck their mother. It’s a shortcut, if you will.

    Truthfully, I’m big on intellectualism (I’m an elitist, right?), however when it comes to the audience that this article is geared towards, there’s no real need to avoid being crass. Nobody is allowed to portray a moral outrage when they’re all saying much worse stuff regularly. And, like any good speech writer will tell you, grabbing the attention of the audience is important. 70 percent how you look, 20 percent how you sound, only 10 percent what you actually say, and all that.

  29. “One-Piece… uh.. Whatevers”


    “Know why there isn’t an equivalent term to Bleachfags or Narutards for One Piece fans?



    One Piece sells a million more copies then other manga, it beat Dragon Ball for most manga ever sold. http://mangajet.com/2010/06/japanese-manga-ranking-the-first-half-of-the-2010/

    And the anime is ranked 2nd! http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-06-12/japan-animation-tv-ranking-may-24-30

    One Piece is UNDERRATED in the west. Most people don’t like it.

    Also, Cosplay is fun hence the term Costume Play. Don’t be elitist just because some 12 year old wants to dress up like Naruto. They aren’t dressing up for you.

  30. […] staff since 2006.  TypicalIdiotFan has always been opinionated, as was on show during his recent 10 Things I Hate About You (Idiot Fans) articles. But his constant criticisms of anime and its fans has never once concealed an unkillable […]

  31. @ TiffTaro
    oddly enough im making a statement far from the original date in which this is posted, but your arguement has got to be the most stupidiest load of crap that i’ve ever heard. I hate to be mean, but just because it’s popular doesn’t mean that its the best. In a sense you’re also saying that books like twilight and harry potter are the best pieces of literature, simply because they sell the most. Using the tv rankings is also extremely stupid, consideing that you are only noting one week rather than a review of several years, along with the fact that you haven’t considered that every ranked televisionn show is a mass moneymaker. If you actually seached up the stats on the same website for the show, you would find that the opinions would rank it #607, #655, and #440. Lastly, why the hell do you even dictate that it is ranked second based solely on its popularity or worth, in a sense you would also be saying Bill Gates is # 1 in the world due to how rich he is. As Antonie Dodson would say “you are really really dumb”

  32. You’re not OTAKU bitch!

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