The Nihon Revue, Episode Three

Today we have for you the third episode of our seasonal podcast, The Nihon Revue. kadian1364 and myself have taken a look at five titles that have just finished airing, and shared and discuss our thoughts while they’re still fairly raw. This is the line up for this episode (minor spoiler warning for all segments):

Kuragehime: 0:55

Shiki: 3:54

Squid Girl: 8:27

Amagami SS: 12:12

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai: 16:04

Interview with kadian1364: 21:57

This time round the total runtime is 25:04. You can listen by clicking the links below.

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And here’s the download link as well.

8 Responses to “The Nihon Revue, Episode Three”

  1. I’ll be the first to admit my sound quality wasn’t the greatest, and you can even hear me fumbling with the keyboard. It was my first outing, so please be gentle!

  2. The problem with Kirino is not that she’s an egocentric brat, but that she never gets her comeuppance, especially at times when the show goes out of its way to avoid it (episode 3, 5, and 8 anyone?). Compound that with the fact that her bratty behavior is considered a moe trait, and you get a character I simply can’t fathom. As I’ve said before, at least Asakura Miu is supposed to be unlikable. Kirino is paraded around as being the exact opposite while never getting her just desserts.

    That aside, hurrah for us first staff contest contenders, only I didn’t win the first time around :(. Also reminds me how I sat on my blank Dennou Coil review at a loss for two weeks before beginning to write. To summarize some tips that kadian1364 already touched upon for all of those interested:
    1. Start early. You don’t have to start writing the day the contest starts, but you probably do want to choose what to write early on and organize your thoughts.
    2. Pick something you’re passionate about and already have an opinion on. It shows your skill and personality a lot better.
    3. Relax. Don’t obsess over getting it perfect. After all, we do this for fun, and it’s easy to burn out if you’re always worrying.

  3. I liked most of Kuragehime aside from the end. The lack of romantic development is forgivable to me even if there isn’t a second season, but the terrible way the building storyline is resolved is a much bigger sin. Way to waste a whole season.

    Shiki is awesome, my favorite series of the year, even though the beginning is super duper slow. I disagree a bit with Sorrow-kun regarding the ending, though; there is meaning — it’s just REALLY pessimistic meaning. It’s a great horror ending, I think. Horror should leave you with some emptiness and sense of loss. That’s what makes it frightening.

    Squid Girl is a solid comedy. Doesn’t really try to stretch beyond that, but what’s there is fine enough. I could have done without the grab for drama at the end, though. Anime comedies so rarely do that well, and while it isn’t bad here, it’s not really better than the comedy either.

    Amagami was just there. Some of the positive reaction to the final arc truly baffled me. That thing was a gigantic mess outside of the first episode. Why I watched this whole thing, I don’t know.

    I’ve mentioned this in other places, but Kirino amused me by the end of the series because her depiction is so insanely bitchy, annoying and over the top that I couldn’t help but laugh. And the way the show goes out of its way to make her perfect is doubly hilarious. It was much more enjoyable to just laugh and laugh than to waste time hating her.

  4. Gee, nice “interview.” I wonder what your ads are like.

    Squid Girl was the only show I watched during the season (aside from YOU ARE UMASOU). Yes, it was well-executed, but I’d also say the material for the first half of the series was above average. The second half was pretty standard. Also, I appear to be the only one in the universe who thought the mini-squid segment was lame.

    Kuragehime and Shiki were the next two shows I’m planning to watch. You have lowered my expectations, in a good way.

    Why did you watch Ore no Imouto? Why did so many people, especially the elitists? Did you really expect it to be good?

  5. @Elineas


    *erm, not again*

    But yeah, she just is. I’d just like to think that she’s completely irrational (TIF’s right), and that any comeuppance coming at her is akin to School Day’s Makoto getting stabbed to death: it’s sweet vindication. Rather than seeing her getting slapped silly, it would’ve been a lot better (or more tolerable) if we see her character change. And no, the last scene in episode 2 isn’t character change; that’s just gratitude that Kyousuke deserves.


    The whole episode is a cop-out to me. It could’ve used like 2-3 more episodes to properly wrap things up rather than chopping the end off right there. I’m also peeved that the show didn’t end off as good as I wanted it to. Megumi didn’t meet Natsuno face-to-face, Natsuno-Tatsumi fight came to a standstill, Seishin and Ozaki didn’t meet face-to-face, etc. The show didn’t take even one of them into consideration, and instead took the wimpy exit. Great show with terrible ending, just like Kuragehime.

  6. @Elineas
    The reason I asked about Kirino’s character is because I think a lot of people are overblowing her unlikableness. Yes, she has problems, but in the context of some of the other examples I brought up, I think it can be argued that her unsympathetic nature makes sense… to a certain extent. (Also, that’s good advice.)

    As far as Amagami goes, when you get that far into a mediocre anime, you take any positives you can find. The Tsukasa arc has some rather questionable writing, but I preferred it to pretty much every other arc except the Rihiko one. It actually tried to do something past random kiss-spot moments.

    We don’t advertise on The Nihon Review. Have a look around. You won’t find any ads. 😛 Ore no Imouto started a lot stronger than it ended. As I mentioned in the podcast, I really enjoyed eps 1-7. After that, however, it went downhill and never found its way again. Was it worth watching? I’ll answer that with an unenthusiastic “yes”. Was it as good as it could have been? No way.

    One of the big issues with the ending of Shiki was the role Natsuno played. He saved Akira and Kaori, got back into Sotoba, fought off Tatsumi and (apparently, so goes the popular theory) found the time to

    Show »

    burn Sotoba to the ground.

    I’ve read adaywithoutme’s final thoughts on Shiki, so I can see now that it is possible, though difficult, to find meaning in the finale of Shiki. But, watching it at the time, it was anything but obvious to see.

  7. you should do a talk show already. I like your opinions :D.

    Concerning Ore no Imouto I find it strange that people either rate it horribly or thought it was the best show in 2010. Im somewhere in between but there are stark contrasts between the watchers.

    Shiki and Kuragehime are from noitaminA block which usually have great shows.

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