SCOTIF: Fandom v. Winter ’10-’11 Season

Justice may be blind, but it is also a typical idiot.

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!

All persons having business before the Honorable, the Supreme Court of the Typical Idiot Fans, are admonished to draw near and give their attention, for the Court is now sitting.  God save Anime and this Honorable Court!

The Court shall now hear arguments on docket entry number zero-zero-one; the case of Fandom v. Winter ’10-’11 Season.  But first, an explanation of the processes of this Honorable Court.

For this case, the Winter ’10-’11 Season, henceforth referred to herein as the “defendant”, shall be weighed on the merits of the animated programs offered to the viewing public.  These animated programs shall be individually judged, by using subjective and objective criteria, to be either of the qualification of “Shit” or “Not Shit”.  The final decision on the defendant shall be based upon the number of animated programs that are qualified into either of these categories, with the majority of judgments equaling the ruling.  As this Honorable Court has but one sitting Justice, the ruling shall be a per curiam opinion.  The Honorable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Typical Idiot Fans reserves the right of passing judgment on said animated programs on the basis of he has watched a goodly number of them and thinks he has acquired a large enough sample in this area.  Those animated programs that were not viewed by the Honorable Chief Justice will not be mentioned nor factored into the final decision.

Those who wish to submit a motion of amicus curiae may do so below in the comments section.  This can include the opinions of those who have seen animated programs that were not considered into the decision.  Please remember to give a proper ruling on each program.  The Court may or may not take these opinions into account on appeal.  The Court will listen to all voices whose statements begin with “If it pleases the Court”.  Any and all comments given that do not contain these words at the beginning will be unheeded on the basis that if you can’t even follow a simple fucking rule, your opinion does not matter and so why should the Court listen to your dumb ass?

Be seated.  We shall now begin making rulings on the individual animated programs organized starting with the first program shown or available by date and alphabetical order second in the event of a tie.


Using alligator eggs for roulette is gambling with your life!

  • Kure-nai (OAD) – Ruling:  Not Shit. Though it would be easy to judge Kure-nai as “Shit” simply based on the animation quality, it’s still Kure-nai.  The characters, dialogue, and situations are entertaining, even if there is confusion caused by time skipping from the TV series.
  • Mirai Nikki (OAD) – Ruling:  Not Shit. Yes, it was too short in a maddening and frustrating cock tease kind of way, but it looks neat.
  • Angel Beats (OAD) – Ruling:  Shit. I wasn’t much of a fan of the Angel Beats experiment to begin with.  Bringing out a random filler episode did not tickle my balls any more favorably.
  • Issho ni Training 026: Ofuro (OVA) – Ruling:  Shit. As much as we all adore Hinako, there is no justification for the existence of this series of OAVs.
  • Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season – Ruling:  Not Shit. Frustration over two retarded main characters having a problem getting over themselves was overshadowed by awesome side characters and hypnotic sparkly hexagons.
  • Rio:  Rainbow Gate – Ruling:  Not Shit. Go ahead and try as hard as you can to hate this show.  You can’t.

When the characters are embarrassed to be in the show, it is Grade A Shit.

  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Ruling:  Not Shit. Even if you’re pissed about the broadcast situation of the final episodes, you cannot deny the popularity of this show.  It’s also pretty good.
  • IS:  Infinite Stratos – Ruling:  Shit. The word “asinine” was made for a show like this.  I have sent criminals to the gas chamber for lesser crimes against humanity than this.
  • Yumekui Merry – Ruling:  Not Shit. The Court remains on the fence with this one but believes that, overall, it was a fun enough romp.
  • GOSICK – Ruling:  Shit. Though the Court appreciates (and has developed moe feelings for) a friend of justice such as Victorique, the Court cannot ignore the lackluster attempt at making a good detective story.  Encyclopedia Brown was not this retarded.
  • Freezing – Ruling:  Not Shit. The copious amounts of fanservice do hinder defending this show.  However, the effort of the story to make a tense situation were believable and should be applauded.  Also, nice tits.
  • Mitsudomoe:  Zouryouchuu – Ruling:  Not Shit. The levels of inappropriate humor rival that of your tamest South Park and Simpsons episodes, as such, don’t have a cow, man.  Borderline pedolicious, which turns the Court’s nose, but thankfully does not push it too far like… oh… say…
An Idiot and a Prince

The story of the greatest troll in the universe. And his pet human.

  • Oniichan no Koto (rest omitted) – Ruling:  Shit. The Court did not have to watch the entire season of this pile of whale barf to know it was shit.  It was obvious from the intro.  The Court would like to provide “props” to one fansub group that at least tried to make the intro and exit interesting.
  • Kore wa Zombie desu ka? – Ruling:  Not Shit. The Court hated the ending, but generally approved of this rambunctious farce and the levels of absurd it was willing to go to for “ha has”.
  • Level E – Ruling:  Not Shit. This was a highly enjoyable yarn that had the Court in stitches so much that they gave birth.  The Court would like to remind the audience that the Honorable Chief Justice is quite male.
  • Dragon Crisis – Ruling:  Shit. Unfortunately, this is the worst ruling we can give this program.  The Court has already sent out warrants for the arrest of the people responsible and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Fractale – Ruling:  Not Shit. Those of you who are bugging over this ruling have your thumbs up your collective asses.  Fractale may not have blown the socks off the Honorable Chief Justice either, but he still thinks it was a fun ride.
  • Hourou Musuko – Ruling:  Not Shit. Like “The King’s Speech”, the Court is bound by law to recognize that this show is great simply based on the popularity amongst the elitists.  This despite the Court not particularly enjoying it much.

The programs have been judged.  The rulings are tallied.  The final verdict is in.  We, the Honorable Supreme Court of the Typical Idiot Fans do hereby declare that the defendant is:

Not Shit, by virtue of 12 decisions of Not Shit to 6 decisions of Shit.

The per curiam decision is that while there was certainly some seriously horrible anime during this last season, the vast majority of it was either watchable, good, or awesome enough to not be a loser of a season.  Though this is the first of these kinds of posts, if I would have done a ruling on the 2010 season you would have seen an awful lot of “Shit” up there.  I am rather pleased to see this season buck that slump, because I was becoming a bit jaded and cynical about things.  Well, more jaded and cynical than I usually am, anyway.  With the new season now upon us, let us not forget that while Winter ’10-’11 wasn’t a Screaming Orgasm of Awesome, it still was quite good and had far more winners than losers.  Rejoice my fellow typical idiot fans, and be entertained.

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  1. I’m shocked. Hasn’t the SCOTIF historically denied cert. to cases arising from solstice seasons?

  2. “God save anime,” indeed.

    If it pleases the court – what precedents have been set by this ruling?

  3. There are too many conservative justices serving in the SCOTIF. When is the President going to appoint a justice with a liberal bent?

    With that said, this was a good, common sense ruling, so I’ll put politics aside and applaud the SCOTIF for that.

  4. This post?


  5. If it pleases the court – what precedents have been set by this ruling?

    The Court has decided to use the Bush v. Gore clause and declare that the ruling in this case applies only to this case and may not be used in any other cases forthwith.

  6. I’ve been thinking about my 5/10 grading for Fractale; maybe I was pissed at the final episode, hence my low grading. If I were to be more rational, I would give it a 6/10 instead. Not a 7/10 for sure; it’s still a major disappointment.

  7. For anyone who’s butt hurt about Madoka’s delay: don’t be. From what I understand, the last two episodes were going to be utter shit if they were aired on time, so the delay is doing nothing but good things. It’s nice to see a company do this, rather than just forcing it out on time.

  8. @The Big Guy

    And where did you get info from? Sounds more like a fan rumor to me…

  9. Update 2: Madoka Magica series script supervisor Gen Urobuchi apologized to everyone waiting to see the anime, but said that he is relieved for the delay. He explained that the anime studio SHAFT would work to the last minute on the last few episodes — just hours before the first airing of each episode on Thursday evening (early Friday morning) in the Kansai area on MBS. The creation of drawings for episodes 11 and 12 has been difficult, and Urobuchi thinks that airing episode 11 in the form that it is now would be “disappointing.” Urobuchi and producer Atsuhiro Iwakami agree that the extra time will allow the staff to do their best.


    Seems legitimate to me. I haven’t seen any problem with thus far.

  10. I miss Madoka.

  11. Geez, I’ve got to be the only person who was geeky enough as a kid to actually like “Encyclopedia Brown.”

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