Mirai no Neiro Panel Part 1

Vocaloids at the panel.

Although I enjoyed last year’s panel, this year’s Mirai no Neiro was an entirely different beast. Three hours long, the entire presentation was divided into roughly two halves: the first introduced never before seen promotion videos and messages from their creators, and the second involved presentations by creators who had come from Japan and Kenmochi Hideki of Yamaha. I’ve already discussed Kenmochi’s part of the panel, so I’ll focus on the rest of it in this post.

The Nihon Review is proud to bring you what is most likely the most extensive list of the PVs presented at Anime Expo 2011’s Mirai no Neiro panel, reconstructed from video, notes, and other sources. If anyone missed out on the names of the songs, here’s your chance to listen to them again. Also, I know for a fact I’m missing at least one video, so if anyone knows them contact me and I’ll put them in. Thanks!

Introducing Promotion Videos

The panel itself began with an enjoyable little video drawn by Yuuki, who appeared partway through the second half of the panel in a fox mask. Soon after the video ends, onto the stage walk the panelists themselves, including three girls cosplaying as Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin and Ren. For the majority of the first half of the panel, the Vocaloids took center stage and introduced video after video to the crowd. Each video was introduced by first playing the song and its respective PV, before a message from the song creator and/or artist would be shown.

Here are the songs they showcased that I recall. Please tell me if you remember any of the songs that were showcased, and I will try to find them and link them on this page. Also, I wasn’t able to get down the content of most of the messages from the authors.

Opening theme song for the panel was drawn by YuukiP, music by Treow (GyakushoudouP). She recently just uploaded the video to Nico Nico, but there’s no Youtube version at the moment. I’ll see if I can work on it.

“Honey and Clover Club –rearrange-“

Music: baker (rearrange) Yuuyu (original)

Movie: Nagimiso

“Aku no Musume” and “Aku no Meshitsukai”

Music: Aku no P

Movie Character Design and Animation: Najo

Producer and Background Design: Naze Kore wo P

Photo Director and Animation Color Design: Yuuki

These two songs saw their informal promotion video world premier at the panel. From what information I have gleamed off Twitter, the official PV trailer will be released in a day or so. At the moment, I can only link the songs off of Youtube. Warning: The links below do have some video, but they are different from the PV shown at the actual panel.



Music: Treow (remix), AVTechNO! (original)

Movie: Heki and kawauso

Director: Kitajima Shizuka


Music and Video: daniwellP

Ever wonder where Nyan Cat came from? Well this is the original. The audio for the cat pooping rainbows is actually a cover done by Momone Momo.

“Kanou Sekai no Rondo”

Music: millstones / Aki

Movie: masatakaP

“Strobe Last”

Music: PowaPowaP

Movie: MasatakaP

“Sweet Devil”

Music: 8#Prince (HachiojiP)

Lyrics: q*Left

Movie Direction: WakamuraP

“Electric Love”

Music and Lyrics: 8#Prince (HachiojiP)

Movie Direction: WakamuraP


Music and Video: SmileR

Unfortunately, the PV has not been released yet, so please enjoy the original for now!

“Innocent Girl”

Music: KagomeP

Illustration and Movie: rlldi

At the panel, they said the version they had was a special one being shown for the same time, but from what I remember the music video is really similar to the one below.


Music: HitoshizukuP

Illustration: Rinnosuke

Mix: YamaΔ (Unfortunately, I’m not how you read the delta in his name)

A message from the song creator talked about using Vocaloid for creating a more traditional, Japanese style of Voicaloid music. The video itself is about oiran, while the video is drawn in ink and watercolor washes, reminiscent of traditional Asian art.

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