Mirai no Neiro Panel Part 2

The producers themselves at the panel.

Part 1 of covering this panel took so long that I decided to make this into a two part post. Please forgive for the massive Youtube video dumping! I’ve added the producers’ Twitter and Website links, so don’t hesitate to show them your support, even if you don’t know any Japanese.

Introducing Producers

すんzりヴぇrP (SunzriverP)   Twitter  Website

Extremely excited about his first time in America, I had a lovely time talking with him and Mirai no Neiro staff Kawasaki Tetsuya at the Nihongo de, Okay? meeting on Day 1 of Anime Expo 2011. He’s got quite a few well-known Vocaloid songs, and for the panel he brought over the world premier of “Boring Bowling”. With the visuals by an artist named tom, the song is catchy and has a pop-feel to it. Although it hasn’t been officially released yet, but I’ll update this page in the future. However, you can enjoy one of his earlier songs:

“Sakasama Rainbow”

思春期P (ShishunkiP) of PENGUINS PROJECT   Twitter  Website

According to Nico Nico Encyclopedia, ShishunkiP made a name for himself with his fifth song, “Chocolate Train,” and soon became known for his lyricism and focus on multiple layers of meanings in his lyrics. At Anime Expo, he revealed for the first time his new song “Galapagos,” a Japanese word loaned from the famous Galapagos Islands. However, in Japanese ‘galapagos’ is a term used to refer to isolation; for example, it’s common to call the technologically advanced Japanese cell phones that can only be used in Japan as “gara-kei” or “Galapagos-type,” referring to the fact that the phones can only be used in Japan. This song is a play on that term, and may speak even loudly to Japan and its relationship with the world.

“Chocolate Train”

ざにおP (ZanioP)  aka パイパンP (PaipanP) of ZANEEDS   Twitter Website

A creative team combined from PaipanP and CHANxCO(Chanko), this duo has translated their site into English in order to promote Vocaloid abroad. The panel showcased Zanio’s newest work, entitled “Shakaishugi★Darling” (Socialist Darling), which attempts to imagine what would have happened if Rin had read Marx’s “Das Kapital.” Since this was not a world premier, the song can be found on Youtube.

Note: The comments on Youtube say that it saw its “world premier at Anime Expo 2011” but I have confirmation from Mirai no Neiro and Nico Nico that it in fact had been uploaded prior to AX2011.

“Socialist Darling”

Music: Zanio

Illustration: CHANxCO


As I mentioned, she drew the opening theme song for the panel. During Anime Expo, she had a booth in the Artist’s Alley to showcase her work. Here is a PV she drew for Dark Woods Circus.

“Dark Woods Circus”

Music: MaruchigeriitaP

Illustration: YuukiP

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