The Nihon Revue, Episode Six

Here it is again, our once a season opportunity to get together and rant about the series we’ve just finished. Akira joins me today, and we’ve taken a look at some of the more popular and well received anime from both Spring and Summer. Akira also makes a very important announcement. Here’s the line-up of the shows we had a chat about:

0:46 Usagi Drop

4:41 Steins;Gate

11:09 Hanasaku Iroha

14:49 Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

19:36 Nichijou

22:50 Akira’s announcement

The total runtime is 28:04. Take the time to listen:

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And if you want to add the podcast to your collection, download it here.

Be sure to check out and subscribe to Akira’s kickass new blog as well, akira/scuro. Also, I’ll post credits for the little “parody” we did in the comments later.

7 Responses to “The Nihon Revue, Episode Six”

  1. Another great show! I really wish BtNR Podcasts were more frequent.

    On Twitter, you mentioned leaving one of your rants on the cutting-room floor. Any chance it we will hear it?

    Good luck on your new blog.

  2. What did I just listen in the last three minutes…?

    Anyways, thanks for another episode, but

    No signs of Mayuri Brainswashing at any point of the podcast? I’m disappointed, S-K.

    Thanks for all the reviews you’ve wrote for NHRV, and hope all goes well for your new blog. Too bad I subscribed

    So, if I heard correctly, the next Three Way Action is:
    >Drunk & blackout
    >On New Years Eve
    I’m completely okay with this.

  3. The music for the Dos Equis parody came from here. It just occurred to me as well that not everyone’s seen the original ads, so you can check them out here. (Don’t take this as an endorsement, I usually abhor advertising… unless they’re well made like these ones. :P)

    We had two shots at it as well, for those who are wondering. I played my part to Akira and recorded his reaction (which is what you hear straight after it) and then we re-recorded it with his line at the end (ie, the “I don’t always read anime blogs, etc” line).

    I doubt it. Maybe if we do an outtakes show, but even then, I think we have more interesting outtakes. The thing about these shows is that we usually record upwards of 40 minutes of material, so a lot has to be cut to squeeze it down to ~25 minutes (which is our nominal target). Think of it this way: what you guys get to hear is the gold stuff. 😉

    I had a scene with Mayushii, isn’t that enough? I can’t be HNNGGGHHH`ing my way through the entire show.

  4. Aha, no wonder why the music sounded so familiar. Speaking of which, I’d like a piece of Akira’s collection of Touhou doujins…

  5. Sad to see him leave, I rather agreed with his opinions in this podcast. Everyone seemed to love Hanairo, but really there was so much stupidity, and I didn’t like any of the other characters.

    Also I am a bit disappointed you didn’t talk aboot Mayo Chiki and Rokyubu, two of my favorites this summer. Everybody else trashed them but you said some nice things about them mid-season.

  6. Usagi Drop: I agree with what has been said.

    Steins;Gate: I agree more with what sorrow-kun said actually, the attractor field (i.e. fate) was introduced without me realizing, and I just didn’t like the idea to be honest. I’m with sorrow-kun, fate and time-travel son’t mix (in my mind). I gave it an 8 though.

    Hanasaku Iroha – What I got annoyed at was the fact that they left Minko and Tohru’s relationship unresolved. I hate stuff that is left unresolved. I said I’d give it an 8, but it’s dropped down to a 7 after a while. The characters apart from Ohana and her mum weren’t great…. though I liked Minko, if only for her voice acting.

    Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – Why isn’t this memorable? Because absolutely nothing happens. Progress is suggested, but then nothing much actually happens. I quite liked the characters, but nothing happened.

    Nichijou – I found it quite funny, I didn’t really think to much about the amazing animation. I will agree with one thing, they dragged out the jokes far too long on occasion. Oh, and it was oh so very cute, and I also like the fact they used a newbie cast for the Seiyuu (excluding the bits at the end). I really like Sakamoto’s (The Cat’s) voice a lot. That aside, I had a lot of love for the anime, I don’t know why, but I became happy just by seeing the opening.

    I’ll get reading Akira’s new blog, hope it goes well, since on first looks it seems pretty interesting.

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