Three (FIVE?!) Way Action: THE (NON-SOBER) NEW YEARS’ SPECIAL (Episode 3)

I call not Mami.

Surprise, bitches— I’m back. (Not really. Just for right now.) After a night of revelry and watching the fireworks at Darling Harbour, Sorrow-Kun and I ran back to my friend’s house to record this very special hour-long (LIVE!!) New Year’s Extravaganza. We patched in Kylaran, delirious from Comiket 81, and also had two special guests— Furinkan and AstCd2, both of fame (infamy?). We talk about life, love and everything in between Guilty Crown, Haganai and The iDOLM@STER. Enjoy, and Happy New Year.

0:25 Comiket 81
2:55 Anime of the year: Penguindrum v Steins;Gate?
9:37 Guilty Crown – Too many cooks spoil the broth?
17:14 Was Haganai deliberately bad?
26:18 The politics/religion of The Idolm@ster
37:40 Favourite characters of 2011
49:35 Hopes and predictions for 2012

Total length: 59:23. You can listen to it here:

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Or download it from here.

10 Responses to “Three (FIVE?!) Way Action: THE (NON-SOBER) NEW YEARS’ SPECIAL (Episode 3)”

  1. Wow, you guys covered quite a bit this time. Personally, my anime of the year is a flip between Steins;Gate and Madoka. If you put a gun to my head, then I would ultimately pick Madoka because its directing was damn near perfect. Aside from giving Shinbo more money, there was no better way to execute the narrative than the way it was presented. The directing in Steins; Gate was also fantastic, but it was nowhere near the level of perfection Madoka reached. As for Penguindrum, it was a very good show that didn’t have the same impact on me as the other two shows, but I’m sure I’ll get more out of it when I revisit it.

    My hope for 2012 is that it’s as good as 2011. Last year was quite a good haul for anime as there were a number of genuinely great titles. I was not racking my brain for anime of the year in the same way I was when I chose Code Geass R2 and Gundam Unicorn. With the second season of Fate/Zero on the way, I’d say 2012 is already a fifth of the way there.

  2. Why should the anime of Steins;Gate add anything to the story of the game? If the story is really good, why change it? I preferred it to Penguindrum, but this is obvious by now.

    I don’t really know what my favourite anime this year is. Steins;Gate and Madoka were shows I liked, but I didn’t really love them, Steins;Gate because of the attractor field business (also I didn’t fully relate with the characters), and Madoka because the characters were also relatively weak (this was even mentioned in the review that gave it 9) and the iffy conclusion. Working’!! was great but somewhat disappointing in terms of it’s conclusion.

    Usagi Drop was an anime I rated higher than all those I’ve already mentioned, and I liked Nichijou a lot as well. Tiger and Bunny also turned out pretty good in the end, as did Un-Go.

    If Working’!! has a next season that resolves everything excellently and I am happy with it’s conclusion, then I will remember this season as being the best of the year, if not, I will remember the best anime of the year as Madoka. Frankly I’m very disappointed that I can’t include Last Exile as a contender, I was really hoping I would be able to at the start.

    As for favourite character, Hiroomi Souma and Yamada from Working’!! are high up there. Working’!! has the best cast I might add. I don’t like Madoka’s characters that much (Sayaka was my favourite, but I couldn’t relate with her near the end). Just because a character suffers tragedy doesn’t make them good. Anyone can just shove a character into dire circumstances, that’s why Homura is someone I don’t care for. I could relate to Okabe thorugh his trials, so I like him a lot more. Sakamoto (from Nichijou) was funny, and I loved his voice. Subaru Konoe from Mayo Chiki! was great for break the mould of romance anime in that she was a really forward girl. Overall my favourite is Souma.

    Long post I know, I was writing as I was listening. I liked the podcast, look forward to future posts. Have no hopes for 2012, because that will lead to disappointment.

  3. I won’t say which is my favorite anime of the year; the YIR article will be out very soon, and everyone will find out what it is. All I can say is, it’s not Madoka or Steins;Gate so perhaps that makes me a deviant from the majority, I guess.

    Favorite character, uhh… to be honest, not many characters really stood out for me. Right off the bat, a few I can name are Ohana (Hanasaku), Yuko (Nichijou), Okabe (Steins;Gate), Natsume (Penguindrum) and Sena (Haganai). If I have to pick one among them, I guess it would have to be Okabe. Reason being, I got to relate to him as a character who can’t be taken quite seriously from the onset, but towards the end he becomes this man who’s dead serious in saving everyone around him. It’s like seeing a boy who’s on a power trip for being the king of his playground, and then gets surrounded by the CIA and thus needing to do whatever it takes to avert getting the worst possible outcome. So in a way, his characterization also comes at the expense of a good story.

    Okay, I have to ask this question since it’s basically on everyone’s lips: SHOULD I WATCH IDOLMASTER? I’ve heard horror stories coming out of it, for comical reasons or not.

  4. I should probably mention that we made a minimal number of cuts to this, which is why it sounds kinda “raw”. I was hoping we’d be able to really capture the essence of us just sitting around and talking crap. I’m not sure if we were successful in doing that, since I think we became a little stilted when a recording mic was put in front of us, but it came out OK in the end. Ast has a lot of really interesting ideas.

  5. Enjoyed the discussion, although the cast lacks necessary balance in personalities.

    One complaint: there are quite significant noise on occasions. Was someone eating? A podcast needs very little production, but background noise like that really hurts your professionalism.

  6. @Primadog

    First of all, our cast is different each time, so we don’t bother going for balance. The goal is to take NHRV members and have them shoot the shit with other bloggers. Three Way Action is essentially different from our Nihon Revue podcast, the former of which is meant to have more people and a bit less formal of a discussion. Also, I think the goal of this podcast was to be as minimally professional as possible. If we wanted to do a perfect podcast it wouldn’t have been on New Years Eve after we all had quite a few drinks.

    However, I was probably one person causing some sound because of the way I was sitting and had my laptop positioned, so I will apologize for that.

  7. Could’ve sworn that I heard a car or a motorbike pulling over in the background…

  8. @AC: Yeah, that definitely happened. It’s Sydney on New Year’s. Duh?

  9. All your thoughts on Guilty Crown! Sooooo true…that was advertised so hardcore…and I fell for that damn trailer and the music by Supercell that said I still enjoy watching the series even thou it seems to have mixed feelings all over mostly 50/50 on love and hate. Shu is a terrible name! And I don’t like him at all…and Inori god…I really find her so boring and dull versus the other girls like Tsugumi and Ayase.

    Haganai what a fun series I was going to pass after seeing it was going to be another harem series, but yeah the anime had lots of comical laughs thanks to characters like Sena, Yozora and Rika! I died every time Rika had her random out bursts of EXCALABUR! and UNIVERSE! LOL the camera angles xD

    My favorite character this year is a tough one…I am stuck between Rika from Haganai and Hakase from Nichijou! I guess this year was all about science themed characters for me, or I would go with Ayase from Guilty Crown only based on her using a wheelchair like me irl but! Yeah easily Rika/Hakase for me.

    In 2012 I am really looking forward to more Kore wa zombie desu ka? and Yuru yuri! For pure random laughs and jokes, so more comedy themed anime or better mecha anime! So many terrible ones lately…

    Great podcast guys it was a great read.

  10. Great stuff, guys.

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