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Hate list of 2011

What do they all have in common? I hate them.

As the anime community welcomes the Winter 2012 anime season, most would look back at 2011 and recall what made the year. It may be seen as one with a fair share of great anime, especially when it witnessed convention-breaking titles such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Mawaru Penguindrum. It’s common to see people name their favorite anime of the year, and on top of that, reminisce of all their favorite characters which graced each and every season.

However, I want to do something a little different this time round as I look back at the year: instead of discussing my favorite characters as most would like an excited fanboy, I’ll be doing just the opposite and talk about characters who ticked me off, like an enraged fanboy instead. I believe that in writing this article, it would help to vent my frustrations and release all the negative energy within me so that I can start with a clean slate for the new year… and have room for more new negative energy along the way.

So without further ado, I present to you my top 4 hated characters of 2011, arranged according to order of their season debut.

DISCLAIMER: The following content may contain some spoilers. You have been warned :U

Winter: Kuronuma Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke S2)

Kuronuma Sawako

Maybe it's all those soap bubbles that are blocking her from seeing the most obvious of things.

We started off the year with the Winter season, and one of the titles that stood out was Kimi ni Todoke S2, a high school romance between two naive adolescents Kuronuma and Kazehaya. The previous season did well in decently narrating a romantic story in a rather hackneyed setting; however, the second season is nothing more than sheer romantic constipation. Every romantic development is stagnated by unnecessary misunderstandings and foolish assumptions, and most of them – I must say – are because of Sawako’s pure density. Here’s a character who can’t even compute the most obvious of things, which lets matters get worse both for Kuronuma and herself.

Her actions can be summed up with an adage that is also one of my favorites of all time: “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. She means well; she’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the room, but she never had ill intentions towards anyone. But it grated on my nerves to see how problems could’ve been solved so easily if she had stopped beating around the bush and just spit it out. But NO, she just had to give the most ambiguous of responses and let everything around her crumble. gg Kuronuma, for complicating everything. Maybe the title should’ve been “Kimi ni Todokenai”; that would’ve been more appropriate.

Spring: Tsurugi Minko (Hanasaku Iroha)

Tsurugi Minko

Here's a cute girl with an uncute personality. Man, what a waste.

I love Hanasaku Iroha, I really do. Although the first half was a little clunky with the episodic stories and execution, it gradually got better in the second and I found myself being able to relate to all the characters in this series… well, almost. The one character which I couldn’t relate to, and probably it’s not just me, is Tsurugi Minko, the apprentice chef of Kissuiso. Minko is perhaps the epitome of the term “teenage angst”: terrible PR skills and calling her colleague a name for an exotic delicacy are just not the way to earn points with viewers such as myself.

Perhaps what compounds my hate towards her is the voicework of Omigawa Chiaki, whom I’ve never been a fan of since her debut role as Maka Albarn in Soul Eater (I think). Her shaky, coarse and juvenile pitch is something I’ve never really come to terms with, and to see her voice someone as unpleasant as Minko results in a character that I hate a lot. Omigawa’s role as Arashiyama Hotori in SoreMachi was an exception, but for that case I would give credit more to Shinbo instead for choosing the right seiyuu for the female lead. For Hanasaku Iroha’s case however, it just isn’t the same. But enough about the seiyuu; I just hate pissy angtsy kids.

Funny how she keeps calling Ohana “balut”, when to me the real balut is herself because of her stinking personality. She should real go to charm school and learn a thing or two from people like, say, Yuina. Now there’s a girl I would vouch for.

Summer: Igarashi Ganta (Deadman Wonderland)

Igarashi Ganta

Oh, why are sissies often the ones with the cool powers? It's sacrilegious, I tell you.

Okay, I think I need to give female characters a break after choosing two as the most hated for the first two seasons of the year. No worries; the title for “Most Feel Like Punching His Face” character for Summer 2011 goes to Igarashi Ganta of Deadman Wonderland fame (or infamy, if I may). Deadman Wonderland (or Dumbman Wonderland, if I may again) is like the WWE of anime: sexualized and stylized sequences, off-the-roof cheesiness levels, tacky and brainless action, and most of all, bloody gratifying violence which is spoiled by black censor spots. Actually, I don’t hate how it aimed to be that kind of show; it seemed fun and even a complementary show for a stress release and detox session. The problem is the male lead who, as Shadowmage once put it, is like a boxer who runs to his corner and cries like a girl whenever he gets jabbed.

A show like this should never have a sissy as a male lead, simply because it’s annoying. The combination would work only if the show intends to be serious in the first place and the male lead would serve as a beacon for some realistic ground, but Dumbman Wonderland isn’t one such case. This is a show where there’s a killer robot in prison named Necro Macro that shoots acid and a guy who got an Eye-Scream Sundae Special treatment just for the sake of it. In this case, I just want a dude who kicks everyone’s ass, not a pussy with a white-haired cat as a sidekick.

Imagine what it’s like to watch a UFC match featuring Bart Simpson’s friend Milhouse Vanhouten in the Octagon.

Fall: Amano Yukiteru (Mirai Nikki)

Amano Yukiteru

Now there's a mugshot I can pin up on a punching bag. It's stress release at its best.

For Fall 2011, I was in a bit of a bind because I could only give the title to one dude, and there are two who deserve it: Ouma Shu from Guilty Crown, and Amano Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki. The former is viable because he’s a pussy with a powerful ability (just like Ganta) who mopes whenever someone hurts his feelings, and would only cheer up after getting a pep talk from a certain flower pot by the name of Inori. Dude, I thought that for the latter, it’s supposed to be the other way round; it’s just the manly and proper thing to happen.

Despite that, I award the title to Amano instead, because that guy is practically created to be hated. There’s just nothing redeemable about him as a character, let alone a protagonist: he’s nothing more than a wimp who relies on Yuno’s psychotic yandere tendencies to survive a deadly cat-and-mouse game. It’s like watching Death Note, except that the male lead is a scaredy cat with no backbone. It’s vexing to see how he never takes the initiative to save himself, letting Yuno bail him out every time any impending trouble is around the corner. What is perhaps most pathetic about him is that he doesn’t even feel inferior about himself for being useless, and relegates to the fact that he needs Yuno to save his ass all the time.

I almost forgot the other thing that pisses me off: his perception towards Yuno. Yuno is basically your lunatic, so there’s nothing surprising about what she can do since she’s crazy. Amano however, is an incomprehensible specimen: at one time, he’s scared shitless at Yuno’s antics but in the next, he’s attracted to her. It’s as if he constantly forgets what she is (i.e. severe short-term memory), or he’s completely oblivious to how he finds her ways a turn-on. Frankly, if the latter is the case, then he scares me way more than Yuno.

Or maybe he’s just dumb.

So there you have it: 4 people which made me want to flip the table in every anime season. Each of them is annoying or obnoxious in his/her own way, but perhaps the only consolation I get from them is that at least they’re not boring to the point that they don’t even get my attention. But I won’t deny that I tried really hard not to lose my nut and hit the monitor, because that would be tragic on my end.

Do you have a character in 2011 that you just wanna choke the air out of him/her? If you do, please let me hear it; don’t keep the frustration to yourself, let it all out. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards, I assure you.

18 Responses to “4 People 1 Raeg”

  1. Ganta was so stupid that at one memorable point he made me doubt my own common sense (Where Shiro threw the USB thing into a room and it EXPLODED, and he didn’t think it was odd). He really gets a second vote from me. One problem, he was actually in the spring season.

    I liked Minko if I’m honest, I also like Omigawa Chiaki, so we disagree there. I think there were more annoying characters that season, like Ganta.

    For the Winter Season, it’s got to be the lead of Infinite Stratos. He was such an idiot I wanted him to die.

    For Summer, the cast of Kami-sama no Memo-chou just failed. I can’t even remember them enough to hate them. In fact, the season was clear of any hateful characters.

    For Fall, I agree with Amano, we all know how stupid he is, and at least some of Shu’s moments have been amusing (he bumps into a girl in the hall, causing him to have a massive panic attack, he starts randomly screaming).

    So you might want to edit the post.

  2. Ganta should definitely be in the list. Though Yuuki is a wimp, I can’t bring myself to dislike her. I do have a list of characters that pissed me off which in turn made me dropped/not watching the show no matter how good it was. Hmm, maybe I ought to write a post about it

  3. I’ll have to disagree about Minchi. Sure, you were annoyed by her, but that’s because you were supposed to be annoyed by her. Her character was designed to balance the overly sweet Ohanna, Nako and Yuuina. If you had every character just being happy-go-lucky all the time, where would the variety be? You’d land up with another “cute girls doing cute things”. It was the combination of the entire cast of women, ranging from the spunky Mom, to the firm grandmother to the over-ambitious Engrish spouting manager that bound the show together. Also, I personally know a ton of teenage girls who are like Minchi – short tempered, sharp-tongued and passionate. I’d say she was a pretty realistic portrayal, albeit the “balut” outcries.

    As for the rest, heh, wimps galore! Surprised Shou wasn’t up there. Or any random harem protagonist. Agreed about Sawako, woman’s dense.

  4. A short list of honourable mentions, other than those you already mentioned:

    Shiraume Ume;
    Kisaragi Saya;
    Most of KamiMemo;
    Karahari Kuuko + Hyuuga Mahiru (both of KamiDolls).

    Can we also add Senjougahara if we allow Winter 2011 anime? 😀

  5. “There’s just nothing redeemable about him as a character, let alone a protagonist: he’s nothing more than a wimp who relies on Yuno’s psychotic yandere tendencies to survive a deadly cat-and-mouse game. It’s vexing to see how he never takes the initiative to save himself, letting Yuno bail him out every time any impending trouble is around the corner. What is perhaps most pathetic about him is that he doesn’t even feel inferior about himself for being useless, and relegates to the fact that he needs Yuno to save his ass all the time…

    …I almost forgot the other thing that pisses me off: his perception towards Yuno. Yuno is basically your lunatic, so there’s nothing surprising about what she can do since she’s crazy. Amano however, is an incomprehensible specimen: at one time, he’s scared shitless at Yuno’s antics but in the next, he’s attracted to her.”

    If he moped around all the time for being useless, it would make him no different than Shu. What’s so great about him is he rarely does this; he knows how unfortunate the circumstances are, but nonetheless, he tries to make the best of the situation. He’s suddenly thrust into this dangerous world where he wouldn’t last a day alone, and instead of moping around, he takes advantage of someone he can manipulate, someone he can absolutely trust and rely on… but also someone who scares him shitless.

    Which is why his perception of her is so muddled. He knows she’s obsessed with him; Yuno is insane and borderline bipolar. Yet, although she’s an absolute lunatic, she’s often sweet, cute, and sometimes even childish, which confuses Yuki. He knows he must make due with what was given, but sometimes, he thinks maybe he can make the most out of their relationship. Perhaps he may someday come to know and love Yuno, even though she has erratic tendencies. He’s attracted to her, but terrified of her all at once, and ultimately, completely confused.

    Omu Shu, on the other hand, does the exact opposite. He’s forced into an unlikely situation, and what does he do? He whines and mopes and cries – the whole nine yards. But when Shu finally accomplishes something, when he saves the day and shows the faintest signs of actual development, he goes back into a depressed, angsty stupor the next episode. Unlike Yuki, who constantly proves to the audience he could actually grow to become a stronger character in the end.

    However, my least favorite character this fall season is Inori, by a long shot. Boring, shallow, undeveloped, emotionless towards most but has sudden unexplained feeling for Shu, an object used for the sole means of fanservice. I don’t think I need to explain further.

  6. I’d say Ichika from Infinite Stratos, but I think the point of his character is that he’s supposed to be brain dead.


    Can we also add Senjougahara if we allow Winter 2011 anime?

    That is most blasphemous.

  7. Agree on Ganta and Amano. I hate them, i really was.
    While maybe strong male lead is not that easy to find anymore because you can’t have that on moe or fanservice show, i still find it’s frustrating that character like this is kinda trending.

    I sort of like Minchi,at least at first, even when she was annoying. But she just becoming TOO annoying on later, particularly in the part involving Tohru and all if i remember correctly, and that was the breaker for me.

    No mention for Fam Fam Fan from the new Last Exile here?
    Everything about her, from the looks till personality just make me wanted to kill her. Or maybe it’s just me.

  8. Normally, I don’t rage when I dislike characters, I just drop the show (ie Deadman Wonderland). I would do the same for Mirai Nikki, but I’m in it for Yuno.

  9. @Fumoffu: Change my post? No way, it’s fine as it is. More importantly, my point stays: he sucks. I do hate Ichika too but, well, it’s harem. Aren’t all the dudes in harem dumb in the first place? Therefore, his stupidity is kinda warranted.

    @kluxorious: Yes you should. Let the negative energy out for the new year. It’s good for the soul :O

    @TRazer: If Minko’s the yin and the other two chicks are the yang, then I guess that’s understandable. Still prefer the yang of Hanasaku to the yin, if that’s the case :\

    @JackRav: “Kisaragi Saya” → kyou mo ii tenki~~

    @Erif: My perception of her is very simple: crazy chick who’s “dere” towards a pansy = crazy chick. It’s like shit with a ribbon on top: it’s nicer than regular shit, but it’s still shit. Plus, I simply place myself in Yukiteru’s shoes and imagine myself, “Gee, it’s nice to have a sweet girl who likes me. So nic-, oh WAIT, she kept dead bodies in her house, dug basically a crater in the backyard for bury them, and has split personality!? Oh Crap.jpg”.

    @SK: I think I hate Ichika too, but for some reason, he slipped out of my choice. He’s just like Junichi from Amagami: he’s supposed to be an ass.

    @ekka4shiki: I don’t hate Fam. I think her family’s trolling her for giving that name, but I don’t hate her. What I do hate is how the characters around her keep saying how great she is. It’s like this show is trying to shove it down by throat, when I don’t think she’s great at all.

    @Shadowmage: I find myself watching obnoxious shows more often than dropping them. It’s the terribly boring ones I tend to drop sooner.

  10. AC
    January 12, 2012 at 6:34 am | Permalink

    “@JackRav: “Kisaragi Saya” → kyou mo ii tenki~~”

    You’ve lost me.

  11. Go check it out. Free cookie in the mail if you find out…

  12. You think I would have asked if I didn’t try?

  13. When I watched the second season of Kimi ni Todoke, I didn’t hate Sawako so much as I hated the awful writing that sent the romantic scenario in such dumb, convoluted directions. It’s blatantly there to hold Sawako and Kazehaya off from hooking up as long as possible, and it’s just dumb.

    No arguments with Minko, though I do agree with TRazor that she is the type of character who is supposed to irritate the viewer until she is able to grow up. But she works so well that she’s nails on a chalkboard for me whenever she does anything lol. Doesn’t help that I can’t stand Chiaki Omigawa’s voice.

    No argument for Ganta, either. The wrong type of character for the type of series Deadman Wonderland wants to be. I could probably say the same thing for Yukiteru, too, but I think he fits in better with the story Future Diary is telling.

  14. Since AC is probably going to leave that comment unexplained…

    Jack, I [i]think[/i] that it’s an anime. I think. Whilst I still don’t understand the comment/joke (if he thinks that it was), all I can think of is Saya somehow represents one of the characters in there? Maybe.

    He could quit being an arrogant douche though. It’s barely surprising if someone doesn’t understand some Japanese. Don’t get all high-and-mighty over it.

  15. I tried searching AC’s thing and came up with a Shugo Chara OST. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys6WuBVITvI and a character from Blood C. I’m solving this mystery even if it kills me.

    @AC – When I said you should edit I meant it only because it wasn’t technically accurate, switching summer and spring would make it correct.

  16. @JackRav, @SamRavster & @Fumoffu: Wait, nobody got it? Darn it, it’s the first few lyrics to the song Kisaragi Saya sings on her way to school everday in Blood-C. It’s not a test of Japanese proficiency – where did this come from? – but I thought people who watched the anime could guess where it came from. I guess not. Good try, people~

    @Shinmaru: I just don’t get why the writers of KnT-S2 had to do such a thing, especially when they got it right for the first season. We have a new character whom I thought was the perfect guy to just fill in the role of the shit-stirrer instead of just being the couple supporter, we also have a fairly strong supporting cast. So why? It’s frustrating, not romantic anymore.

    Oh yeah Fumoffu, well, let’s just ignore the small technicality. Just a minor issue, like we both knew.

  17. i usually find a load of characters to take out my anger, but this year, nothing has pissed me off more than Kujo from Gosick. Even after a half a year, i’m still pondering on the reason for this dude’s existence. Kujo is the most stupidest, useless, and cliche main characters that i have ever seen. he gets into fights, loses them, makes pretty stupid decisions throughout the entire show, and overall, all he does in the end is toss the show into the romance genre as well.

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