The Nihon Revue, Episode Seven

It’s not often that we do two podcasts in two weeks, but it’s the time of the season where we get together to bitch about what we hated about the season just finished. Except, it was kinda hard to find enough shows from the last season that we hated, so we had to reach all the way back to the summer season. Shinmaru joins me for a chat this time, and we finished up by reflecting on his time as a reviewer at the NHRV over the last twelve months. Here’s the list of shows we’ve covered in this episode:

0:40 Un-Go

5:19 Mawaru Penguindrum

9:35 Squid Girl S2

14:35 Natsume Yuujinchou San

17:57 No. 6

23:11 An interview with Shinmaru

This episode runs for 25:31, and we’ve somehow managed to avoid spoilers. So feel free to listen here:

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And collectors can get a download from here.

9 Responses to “The Nihon Revue, Episode Seven”

  1. I don’t know what you guys are talking about, No 6 was only seven episodes long. I don’t remember any magical things or bees…

  2. If I’m honest, I was always slightly biased towards Un-Go due to the Opening from School Food Punishment, it’s good it turned out well in the end (excluding that out of sorts supernatural fight/hunt).

    I never really like No.6 that much. I really started questioning it when there was that oversized “mountain”, and the children of the forest. That last episode though really did take the cake, I just remember being gobsmacked by how stupid it was.

  3. Un-Go was slow for me at the start, but after the first three episodes I was hooked! Inga is an oddball character but I always liked those those types.

    Hooray penguin drum! Soooo much love in that series there were hardly any boring episodes with lots of great characters and sooo many twists…

    OH MA GOD Squidgirl season two! Just like season one but filled with more squid jokes, that house thing wow…just wow…so hilarious. Yeah Shin I wanted to see Ika explore more of the world, but she did learn a bit more. Sanae always cracks me up! The perfect squid-body guard…but she can’t resist Ika. Yeah drama stuff was kind of lame…I rather just laugh more <3

    Wooo! Good luck to the new applications ;D

  4. Un-Go is a novel adaption right? I’m tired of mediocre novel adaptions…

    Penguindrum is, well, ’nuff said.

    As for Natsume Yuujinchou, I wonder if its 3rd season really only just capitalizes on being hugely popular with girls, but it’s finding that a lot of what made it work is starting to lose its freshness. And I lol’d at Shinmaru’s “I feel bad giving it a 6, so I give it a 7.”

    I also think Bones is starting to lose some of its touch, but we’ll have to see if it can produce another winner along the level of Eureka, considering the level of both No. 6 and Un-Go.

  5. @Vucub Caquix
    It was. And I won’t be forgetting those episodes anytime soon unfortunately.

    School Food Punishment is always worth listening out for, but Un-Go managed to stand on its own feet just fine. One of the things that doesn’t get as much love as it deserves is the show’s soundtrack. Some of the tunes were really good at setting up the atmosphere.

    Thanks. Squid Girl S2 at its best was hilarious. But I’m not sure I’m keen for a S3 at this stage. I’m not sure what else it can do.

    My understanding is that Un-Go is very loosely based on the novel series, Meiji Kaika Ango Torimono-chou by Sakaguchi Ango, but I might be wrong. It’s definitely not mediocre though, even if its start is underwhelming.

  6. @S-K

    Maybe I shouldn’t say mediocre, but that there are such a large collection of novel adaptions that don’t really seem to do their originals justice. But then again, I didn’t watch all the episodes of Un-Go, and maybe I was spoiled a bit by last year’s original series.

  7. @Kylaran
    I just don’t know enough about Un-Go’s source, or even how loyal it tried to be, to be able to make that comparison. As a standalone work, though, Un-Go seemed to be perfectly reasonable.

  8. @Vuc
    Ahem! It’s a wasp, not a bee!

    I think even the most ardent No. 6 defenders like myself were like, “Hey, wait a minute …” when that stuff popped up.

    And I barely even got to bring up my favorite skit of the season: Playing house! That was funny as hell.

    I haven’t read the novels, but Un-Go is the kind of adaptation I dig: Takes the source, but applies its own vision to the story. Who knows how much of the framework is from those original stories, but while watching Un-Go, I got the feeling I was watching something that distinctly belonged to the anime creators.

  9. I just want proper closure for Yuujinchou, because it’s about time it deserves one. All good things must come to an end for a very good reason: otherwise, prolonging it would cause entropy to take place. In simple terms, Yuujinchou would end up being a title just like One Piece. Of course, I don’t think it would reach to such an extent but I think you get the point.

    More details on Reiko would be great, but I actually want to see an end to the entire story. I don’t really see how else the story can develop something new from here onwards, and judging from the looks of things, it would just be a continuation of Natsume’s accounts without any major plot-twisting events taking place.

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