AnimeSuki 2011 Choice Awards: Picking Winners

The AnimeSuki Choice Awards frustrate the hell out of me. I definitely think it’s a worthwhile idea, which is why I cover it each and every year, as it is a good exercise to see which anime a community of its size rate highly, and Haak does a good job organizing nomination and voting stages, counting votes and announcing winners. But the problem I’ve been complaining for years about now, in this very column, seems to get worse every year. There’s too many categories, which makes the nominating and voting processes (as well as attempts to cover it comprehensively, like this one) a giant pain in the ass. The categories are hella ambiguous too, which makes the nomination process confusing (fortunately the voting process isn’t so hard, because the choices are more limited).

One of the greatest travesties in the Awards’ history came in 2007 when 5cm/s was snubbed for an Animation nomination despite it being a revolutionary piece of animation at the time (and still is). It was like the entire community just plum forgot about its existence during the nomination period, because there were so many questions about why such an obvious choice missed a nod once voting started. Baccano! was similarly ignored for whatever category it was eligible for. Well, history has repeated itself, as Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo has only managed one nomination, and that was in the Fantasy category. It wasn’t even nominated for a Movie/OVA/Shorts despite some very mediocre opposition, like OreImo True Route.

The problem lies in the nomination stages. Community voting events, where everything is relatively open, often exhibit a hivemind effect. The more complex you make a process, the less likely it is that a mass of people will think deeply about their choices and possibilities, and the more likely that oversights (and I’ll get into more examples later) will result. People are more inclined to look to whatever’s been nominated previously to check if they haven’t forgotten anything, rather than taking the time to pore over the full list of eligibles themselves. Nonetheless, when I railed about the complexity of the nomination process previously, no one listened to me (evidently, because the response I got this year was that the community wanted more categories), which is probably because I didn’t bother to propose a solution. Well, this time I have a solution. But I won’t post it until the end so you’ll have to read through this article to get to it.

Category {A1} Action/Adventure
Nominees: Ben-To, Fate/Zero, Kamisama Dolls, Redline, Tiger & Bunny
Anime I’ve seen: 1
Who I think will win: Fate/Zero
Who I think deserves to win: Fate/Zero
I’ll use this to evidence that I haven’t watched as much anime as I have in previous years, because I’ve only seen one of these nominees (making my prediction a bit tentative). To me, this is out of Fate/Zero, Redline and Tiger & Bunny, and from a popular standpoint, I think the former slightly outweighs the other two titles.

Category {A2} Fantasy
Nominees: Fate/Zero, Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Mawaru Penguindrum
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Who I think deserves to win: Mawaru Penguindrum
Look at these nominees. How does the first category not make this one completely redundant? I think Madoka Magica is a reasonable safe bet in this category but I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to vote for my pick for anime of the year.

Category {A3} Science-Fiction
Nominees: Level E, Steins;Gate, Tiger & Bunny, Toaru Majutsu no Index II, UN-GO
Anime I’ve seen: 2
Who I think will win: Steins;Gate
Who I think deserves to win: Steins;Gate
This is the first no-brainer category. I’d be surprised if Steins;Gate doesn’t walk home. Second place is a bit harder to predict, but in this type of award, I kinda think second place is an irrelevancy. That’s why I don’t like it when they publish the vote count, since I think that demeans the winner (with that said, it’s not that hard for someone else to count the votes themselves, since they’re all public). To me, when the voting is done, you have a winner and four 2nd-place getters.

Category {A4} Mystery/Horror
Nominees: Gosick, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Steins;Gate, UN-GO
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Who I think deserves to win: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
This is harder to predict. It’ll definitely be out of Madoka Magica and Steins;Gate, but I think the final result will be a coin toss. My vote goes to Madoka, though. I enjoyed both anime, but didn’t like the endings of either of them. The ending of Madoka divided people, but I suspect I’m kinda alone in my objection to Steins;Gate‘s ending. For mine (and I can see this being a controversial statement), the core of Madoka‘s story was much stronger than Steins;Gate‘s.

Category {A5} Comedy
Nominees: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Level E, Mawaru Penguindrum, Nichijou, Working’!!, Shinryaku!? Ika Musume
Anime I’ve seen: 5
Who I think will win: Working’!!
Who I think deserves to win: Mawaru Penguindrum
This could go anywhere. Of the two titles I rated the lowest, Haganai is the one I respect least as a comedy. Nichijou at least had ambition, and I can’t berate people who found it funny, even if I didn’t myself. Haganai was unambitious, and really awkward. Rather than laughing at them, most of the time I just pitied its characters. I felt like, these people are walking trainwrecks, so laughing at them would just be cruel. I suspect Working’! has the popular appeal (though I had some major issues by the time it ended), but goddamn, if Penguindrum wasn’t the most fun anime to watch this year.

Category {A6} Slice of Life
Nominees: Hanasaku Iroha, Hourou Musuko, Ikoku Meiro no Crois e, Usagi Drop
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Usagi Drop
Who I think deserves to win: Hourou Musuko
I could have easily picked Hanasaku Iroha as my prediction in this category, which was far and away the least deserving but the most popular of the nominees, but I at least want to demonstrate some faith in the AnimeSuki community, and picked Usagi Drop instead. Wandering Son was, in my eyes, the second best anime of 2011, behind Penguindrum, but I don’t think it has the popular appeal to win. Ditto for Ikoku Meiro. No nomination for Tamayura: Hitotose? It’s a footnote in the genre, for mine, but I thought that was the kind of iyashikei anime that they usually lap up. Ditto Natsume Yuujinchou San.

Category {A7} Drama/Tragedy
Nominees: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Mawaru Penguindrum, Steins;Gate
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
Who I think deserves to win: Mawaru Penguindrum
My personal vote is between Penguindrum and Madoka Magica, and I’ve decided on the former, even if its drama wasn’t its strongest aspect. I don’t know who will win, but at a guess I think the competition will be between Ano Hana and Steins;Gate. The AnimeSuki community’s reception of Ano Hana was a lot more united in its positivity than those outside it (to be momentarily crass, they love that cut-up onion stuff). I didn’t dislike Ano Hana (some of its moments were quite excellent), I just think it has by far the weakest writing of these nominees.

Category {A8} Romance
Nominees: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season, Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color of Lovers, Steins;Gate
Anime I’ve seen: 3
Who I think will win: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
Who I think deserves to win: Steins;Gate
Oh boy, another unremarkable year for romance anime. It’s one of my favourite anime genres as well, so it tears me up to see it in such a state. I think Ano Hana is a safer bet here than it is in the previous category. Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season was even more frustrating to watch than the first season, which I previously didn’t think was possible.

Category {A9} Fanservice/Ecchi/Moe
Nominees: Carnival Phantasm, Ben-To, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Mayo Chiki!
Anime I’ve seen: 1
Who I think will win: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Who I think deserves to win: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Should be called “lets nominate the shittiest anime of the year” category. This is one of the categories that people don’t take seriously, so occasionally decent anime (I’m particularly thinking of B Gata H Kei from last year) miss out. My fellow NHRVers might rage about the absence of Rio: Rainbow Gate, but I think they’ll be doing so ironically.

Category {A0} Sports/Game/Hobby
Nominees: Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II, Moshidora, Redline, The iDOLM@STER
Anime I’ve seen: 3
Who I think will win: Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II
Who I think deserves to win: Moshidora
TWGOKII was a big improvement over the first season. Moshidora wasn’t widely seen, and even among those who watched it, it divided audiences. I was firmly in the “love it” camp, so that’s where my vote is going. But it has no chance to win. I predict it’ll be out of TWGOKII and The Idolm@ster, both of which have sizable fanbases on the site. Personally, I’d prefer The Idolm@ster out of those two choices.

Category {B1} TV series
Nominees: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Mawaru Penguindrum, Steins;Gate, Usagi Drop
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Steins;Gate
Who I think deserves to win: Mawaru Penguindrum
Good nominees. I’d have liked to have seen Wandering Son get nominated, but understand that it probably doesn’t have the popular appeal. Otherwise, this isn’t too far off my 2011 Top TV Anime list.

Category {B2} Movie/OVA/Shorts
Nominees: Carnival Phantasm, Colorful (Movie), Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Specials, Redline
Anime I’ve seen: 2
Who I think will win: Redline
Who I think deserves to win: Colorful (Movie)
Garbage nominations. My vote for Colorful is a default vote because I haven’t seen Redline or Carnival Phantasm. Honestly, I don’t even think Colorful deserves a nomination over something like Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo. Even Arrietty was probably more deserving of a nomination. No nominations for The Wings of Farewell or Roberta’s Blood Trail or anything from the Young Animator Training Project? There seems to be some serious oversights in this category.

Category {C1} Storyline/Plot
Nominees: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Mawaru Penguindrum, Steins;Gate
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Steins;Gate
Who I think deserves to win: Mawaru Penguindrum
Well Ano Hana had the weakest script of these titles, and out of Madoka Magica and Steins;Gate, I think Madoka was a little more solid. I’m voting for Penguindrum, even if it does feel a little weird to select a script I openly admit I don’t fully understand (yet). But, as I said earlier, I had issues with the ways both Madoka and Steins;Gate ended. I had no such issues with Penguindrum.

Category {C2} Adaptation
Nominees: Fate/Zero, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II, Steins;Gate, Usagi Drop
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Steins;Gate
Who I think deserves to win: Usagi Drop
This is a new category that has raised some eyebrows because no one completely understands the criteria. Are we voting on the script or the overall anime? If it’s the former, then what’s the point of the previous category? Are we voting based on loyalty or the quality of the adaptation? In that case, how do people unfamiliar with the source make that choice? I’m voting for Usagi Drop, because I like it as an example of an adaptation that exceeded the original because it made changes (ie, it spared us from the manga ending).

Category {C3} Original Story
Nominees: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, Hanasaku Iroha, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Mawaru Penguindrum
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Who I think deserves to win: Mawaru Penguindrum
The fact that we can now have this category is reason for celebration, but I think only two of these nominees are actually worth celebrating. The winner will be out of Ano Hana and Madoka Magica, but I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

Category {C4} Female Main Character
Nominees: Homura Akemi (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica), Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate), Ohana Matsumae (Hanasaku Iroha), Victorique de Blois (Gosick)
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)
Who I’m voting for: Homura Akemi (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
The character awards are a more emotional choice than the other categories, which is why I change “Who I think deserves to win:” to “Who I’m voting for:”. I’m glad the community had the sense to put Homura in the lead character category rather than the supporting character category, because that’s what I think she was. She was just as important a character as Madoka was, and received almost the same amount of attention and development. I think Kurise will win. I do like her, but the breadth of love she receives is actually surprising to me. She’s popular even amongst fans who I normally wouldn’t think would go for that type of character.

Category {C5} Male Main Character
Nominees: Daikichi Kawachi (Usagi Drop), Keima Katsuragi (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II), Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (Tiger & Bunny), Rintarou Okabe (Steins;Gate)
Anime I’ve seen: 3
Who I think will win: Rintarou Okabe (Steins;Gate)
Who I’m voting for: Rintarou Okabe (Steins;Gate)
Keima’s a funny case, because it’s fairly obvious why such a character appeals to the otaku base. He’s a loser, but he embraces it with a Lelouch-esque devotion which ironically makes him seem like a winner. Okabe deserves to win this, though. He’s such an amazingly well rounded and quirky character. I sense a rising recognition that it’s just as important to have male characters who are as engaging and likable as the female ones, and that’s something I definitely welcome.

Category {C6} Female Supporting Character
Nominees: Charlotte Dunois (IS: Infinite Stratos), Kyouko Sakura (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica), Masako Natsume (Mawaru Penguindrum), Sayaka Miki (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica), Suzuha Amane (Steins;Gate)
Anime I’ve seen: All of them
Who I think will win: Kyouko Sakura (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
Who I’m voting for: Masako Natsume (Mawaru Penguindrum)
I’m still torn about whether I like the inclusion of supporting character categories, but of the additions made this year, these ones (mildly) make sense. Even before looking at the nominations, I knew there’d be at least one Hanazawa Kana character, but I was surprised at who it was. Well, she was the only Infinite Stratos character who was even remotely likable or believable. I think the winner will be out of Charlotte or one of the Madoka girls (no Mami is a surprise, seeing as how she’s a SaiMoe champion), but I’m voting for Masako, because she was a goddamn hero!

Category {C7} Male Supporting Character
Nominees: Accelerator (Toaru Majutsu no Index), Atsumu Matsuyuki (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai), Itaru Hashida (Steins;Gate), Rider (Fate/Zero)
Anime I’ve seen: 3
Who I think will win: Rider (Fate/Zero)
Who I’m voting for: Itaru Hashida (Steins;Gate)
I didn’t watch this season of Index, but I’m sufficiently familiar with Accelerator to know what he’s about, and how his adoption of a morality pet has humanized him to some extent. He won’t win. Rider will, I think. He stands out as a loud character in a show largely populated by quiet introverted protagonists, but somehow does so without being annoying, largely because he is actually an intelligent individual. I’m voting for Daru, who was a goddamn dude! Daru is a personification of Akihabara’s technologically innovative spirit and the culture that’s built up around it, and he also happens to be very likable in his forthrightness.

Category {C7} Antagonist
Nominees: Aki Kuga (Kamisama Dolls), Archer (Fate/Zero), Sanetoshi Watase (Mawaru Penguindrum), Kyuubey (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
Anime I’ve seen: 3
Who I think will win: Kyuubey (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
Who I’m voting for: Kyuubey (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
Has to be Kyubey, surely. It’s interesting how Gilgamesh received the nomination in this category seeing as how Caster was the main antagonist of the first cour (it’s an unfinished show, so in all honesty, I don’t even think it should be eligible for this voting round), and, from what I understand, Kirei will be the primary antagonist of the next part. It’s interesting how much ire Kyubey raises amongst fans, because I think they’ve missed an interesting debate that the show touched on: how “evil” is a sociopath, really? In Kyubey’s mind, his course of action was the right one. To him, the fate of the universe is much more important than the existence of some teenage girls and their homely world. He’s, of course, wrong, but the answer isn’t so black-and-white that his viewpoint shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. The conflict between Kyubey and the girls is, to an extent, an embodiment of the morality conflict between utilitarianism and universality.

Category {D1} Visuals/Animation
Nominees: Fate/Zero, Hanasaku Iroha, Mawaru Penguindrum, Redline
Anime I’ve seen: 3
Who I think will win: Redline
Who I think deserves to win: Fate/Zero
I probably should see Redline at some point. Are these really the choices? Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo? The Wings of Frontier? Arrietty? Surely movies deserve to get the first run at this category. From TV, where’s Nichijou? Some of its animation and visual experimentation was amazingly adventurous. These are most underwhelming nominations, especially considering we’re in the midst of a time where advances in animation are taking place at revolutionary rates.

Category {D2} Opening/Ending Song
Nominees: secret base (by Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu, and Saori Hayami), Magia (by Kalafina), Nornir (by Etsuko Yakushimaru Metro Orchestra), Hacking to the Gate (by Kanako Itou)
Songs I’ve heard: All of them
Who I think will win: secret base (by Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu, and Saori Hayami)
Who I think deserves to win: Nornir (by Etsuko Yakushimaru Metro Orchestra)
I wasn’t a fan of “Hacking to the Gate”, but the other three songs are most deserving of nominations. I think “Secret Base” will win, but I’m too much of a hipster not to vote for “Nornir”, which I think went through something like four of five different parts in its full version.

Category {D3} Soundtrack
Nominees: Ao no Exorcist, Fate/Zero, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Mawaru Penguindrum
Soundtracks I’ve heard: 3
Who I think will win: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Who I think deserves to win: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
When it comes to soundtracks, I usually defer to zzeroparticle, but I have this funny feeling that the AnimeSuki community has forgotten something in this category too… I just can’t put my finger on what it is right now. Of these choices, Madoka Magica is probably the most sensible selection, but Mawaru Penguindrum deserves credit for its diversity. I’d have said Wandering Son had a pretty good soundtrack too.

So, how would I fix the AnimeSuki Choice Awards? I think they’re onto something by grouping the categories into four super-categories. I’d take the sledgehammer to the A categories. These are the ones where the greatest amount of ambiguity exists. I’d cut them down from 10 to, at most, 5 or 6 genre categories and then, most importantly, introduce a rule that each anime is only eligible for one genre category nomination. But which one? If there’s an action and a horror category, where would Madoka Magica fit? My answer is, let the community decide. Make it a free-for-all during the nomination stage, but after counting, only nominate it for the category in which it got a greater number of votes. The community will then decide rather quickly which category they should nominate a title for. If their votes for Ano Hana, for example, are split between the romance and drama category, there’s a stronger chance it’ll miss out on both, than if they collectively decide to pool their votes into one category. Here are my suggestions for categories:

{A1} Action/Fantasy/Sci-Fi
{A2} Horror/Mystery
{A3} Drama/Slice-of-Life/Sports
{A4} Comedy/Moe
{A5} Romance
{B1} Movie/OVA/Short
{B2} Best Adapted Script/Story
{B3} Best Original Script/Story
{B4} Visuals/Animation
{B5} Opening/Ending/Insert Song
{B6} Soundtrack
{C1} Female Character
{C2} Male Character
{C3} Villian
{D} Best Overall Anime

Fifteen categories is a lot easier to swallow than the 23 there are right now. Forcing nominations in the {A} categories to be unique will (hopefully) take the ambiguity and confusion out of the process, which makes it easier to get the nominations in the more obscure categories correct. Sure, it disadvantages eclectic anime like Penguindrum and Suzumiya Haruhi, but the community (hopefully) has enough awareness to know which category such anime have the best chance of getting nominated for.

Don’t forget to vote if you’re eligible. Also, another piece of housekeeping, the NHRV Staff Contest 2012 is still ongoing, so make sure to get your entry in for your chance to stand alongside previous, illustrious winners like kadian1364, Kylaran, Shinmaru and Eternal.

23 Responses to “AnimeSuki 2011 Choice Awards: Picking Winners”

  1. >No Ringo in the Best Supporting Female (or Best Main Female depending on how you look at her)

    pretty much the only character I gave two shits about in Penguindrum.

    I think movies get far less exposure than TV series. Furthermore Hoshi ou Kodomo was only fansubbed fairly recently. Many people may not have had the chance to watch it. I know I haven’t. Can’t say the same for Arrietty though. The most gorgeous anything I saw this year was actually Welcome to the Space Show. My eyes melted in glorious imaginative art.

  2. “Well, this time I have a solution. But I won’t post it until the end so you’ll have to read through this article to get to it.” lol

    I agree though, with the problem, and the solution. There are some baffling omissions here. What a farce.

    Also, I think the character voting can be done separately, because I don’t see it as being nearly as serious as the other categories. By serious, I mean there seems too subjective (what decides the best female character? cup size? I’m sure it does for some). I figure they’re trying to do an analogue of Best Actor/Actress but they should replace it with voice acting and move the character awards to a separate poll (they could add a bunch of fun categories, like best tsundere or most useless) or scrap it altogether.

    My picks:
    -{A1}- [Action/Adventure] Redline
    -{A2}- [Fantasy] Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (by the way, I really don’t consider Penguindrum to be fantasy at all, nor Madoka though it’s more borderline)
    -{A3}- [Science-Fiction]
    -{A4}- [Mystery/Horror] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
    -{A5}- [Comedy] Mawaru Penguindrum
    -{A6}- [Slice of Life] Hourou Musuko
    -{A7}- [Drama/Tragedy] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
    -{A8}- [Romance]
    -{A9}- [Fanservice/Ecchi/Moe]
    -{A0}- [Sports/Game/Hobby] Redline
    -{B1}- [TV series] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
    -{B2}- [Movie/OVA/Shorts] Redline
    -{C1}- [Storyline/Plot] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
    -{C2}- [Adaptation] Usagi Drop
    -{C3}- [Original Story] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
    -{C4}- [Female Main Character] Homura Akemi
    -{C5}- [Male Main Character] Daikichi Kawachi
    -{C6}- [Female Supporting Character] Sayaka Miki
    -{C7}- [Male Supporting Character] Atsumu Matsuyuki
    -{C8}- [Antagonist] Kyuubey
    -{D1}- [Visuals/Animation] Redline
    -{D2}- [Opening/Ending Song] Nornir
    -{D3}- [Soundtrack] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

  3. Also, I actually really liked You Are Umsaou, though I can see why it’s not on any of the lists.

  4. As one of the first guys to have nominated steins;gate for best romance, I did not expect others to nominate it as well, and god it looked like its nomination have started quite of a shitstorm about what makes an anime or not.

    For days, I felt like I have been told that I am a troll and should feel bad about trolling the awards, especially the romance category. I have very few romances I hold in very high regard, namely those in Maison Ikkoku and Orange Road, and perhaps Clannad but Clannad goes way beyond romance as we expect it to be and rather explore what’s a family, and what’s to be a father.

    More often than not, when the VN-to-anime adaptations, harem anime and romcoms seriously goes into the romance road, I just could not connect myself to the male lead, or the winning girl, I sometimes think, “Woah, man, you have shitty tastes, you choose the wrong girl.” or “why would she even think about hanging with him.”. But not so in steins;gate, for the first time in years, I could feel the right character chemistry between the the male lead and the winning girl, and the director have done his show so damn well that steins;gate did not feel steering toward the True End in such a obvious way. Something I could reproach to Kanon 2006 in hindsight. I liked Kanon 2006, mind you.

    Those are many the reasons I nominated steins;gate as best romance. And I am deeply sorry for those who feels “threatened” by a sci-fi anime that did romance anime better than those they have chosen for their genre.

  5. it’s like, every time i want to vote in the asuki shit, i go look at the categories and i face-palm and closes the browser tab.

    to take a cue from actual awards and stuff, you generally want to separate films and tv shows when it comes to categories where the format can play a big role (like manuscripts, “best of” categories). then you want to probably simplify or get rid of genre-based categories all together. i mean what the hell is slice of life again?

  6. it looked like its nomination have started quite of a shitstorm about what makes an anime or not.

    I meant, “what makes a romance or not.”

    Some guy have gone as far as trying to count the minutes where steins;gate is a romance just to show it have too little romance to be qualified.

  7. Re: OSTs
    The funny thing is that none of the series nominated would have made my top3 list. Like, at all! Whether this is a sign of me being a total hipster this year, I don’t know, but I can say that I don’t have any strenuous objections to the nominees unlike last year. My favorite? Well, I’ll have a better idea after I listen to Guilty Crown’s.

  8. The main problem I see with AnimeSuki’s categorization is how most of them overlap each other because it takes each anime’s genre too literally. For instance, Steins;Gate has elements of different genre: romance, drama, science fiction and mystery/horror. No anime out there belongs to purely just one genre, and since AnimeSuki takes into account all the genre elements of an anime, the anime candidates and categories become redundant. Not to mention how loosely chosen some candidates are (Redline is under Sports/Games/Hobby? Not even sure which between the two I’m more baffled about).

    As awful as the AnimeSuki categories and candidate selections may be, I’ll just list down how I’d vote (NOTE: I don’t think I can personally vote Fate/Zero for any category, since I consider it and the upcoming second season as one title altogether).

    {A1} [Action/Adventure] Redline
    {A2} [Fantasy] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
    {A3} [Science-Fiction] Steins;Gate
    {A4} [Mystery/Horror] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (not even sure if Steins;Gate should even belong here)
    {A5} [Comedy] Working’!! (not even sure if Penguindrum should even belong here)
    {A6} [Slice of Life] Usagi Drop
    {A7} [Drama/Tragedy] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
    {A8} [Romance] Steins;Gate
    {A9} [Fanservice/Ecchi/Moe] Haganai
    {A0} [Sports/Game/Hobby] NONE (ridiculous category)
    {B1} [TV series] Usagi Drop
    {B2} [Movie/OVA/Shorts] Redline
    {C1} [Storyline/Plot] Steins;Gate
    {C2} [Adaptation] Can’t vote since I don’t read manga, period.
    {C3} [Original Story] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
    {C4} [Female Main Character] Homura Akemi
    {C5} [Male Main Character] Rintarou Okabe
    {C6} [Female Supporting Character] Masako Natsume (classy chick is classy)
    {C7} [Male Supporting Character] Itaru Hashida
    {C8} [Antagonist] Kyuubey
    {D1} [Visuals/Animation] Redline
    {D2} [Opening/Ending Song] secret base
    {D3} [Soundtrack] Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (I would suggest Redline too, actually)

  9. Oh, why not?

    A1: Redline.
    A2: Mawaru Penguindrum.
    A3: Steins;Gate. Although I almost voted for Level E — there are some neat science-fiction stories in that series to go along with the comedy.
    A4: Madoka Magica, because of variety, I guess. My votes mean as much as the Animesuki awards themselves!
    A5: Level E. Penguindrum is funny, but come on.
    A6: Wandering Son.
    A7: Mawaru Penguindrum.
    A8: Steins;Gate by default, I guess. Yeesh.
    A9: Rio: Rainbow Gate! for eternity.
    A10: Redline, I guess. My vote is kind of meaningless here …
    B1: Mawaru Penguindrum.
    B2: Redline. I share your sentiments about how the awful nominations. I might have actually voted Wings of Farewell if it were nominated.
    C1: Mawaru Penguindrum.
    C2: I closed my eyes, picked randomly and came up with Steins;Gate.
    C3: Mawaru Penguindrum.
    C5: Tough category. I think I’ll give it to Kotetsu because he really carries Tiger and Bunny.
    C6: Masako. Maybe the most purely fun character in Penguindrum, with great voice work from Yui Horie.
    C7: Rider.
    C8: Kyubey because he’s more puntable than Sanetoshi.
    D1: I’m with omo in that it’s bizarre to see TV and movies mixed when it comes to categories like this. Visual achievement is a category where it would surely be of benefit to have a movies/OVA category and a TV category. But as it is, Redline beats the shit out of everything nominated. If I were just counting TV, I’d vote Penguindrum, if only because I value pure visual style slightly more than powerhouse animation.
    D2: I don’t care.
    D3: I don’t care.

    I think your fixes are mostly logical, though again, I think it’s worthwhile to have separate visual categories for TV and movies/OVAs.

  10. This “award” perfectly illustrates what’s wrong with anime right now. Series are becoming more and more pigoenholed into ever-increasing amount of specific niches. I mean, what’s the point of winning the best “fanservice” anime.

    But people seriously need to watch Redline >_>

  11. Nice post. I like how you deviated from the usual “I LIKE THIS ANIME FOR THIS AND THAT ANIME FOR THAT”, I agree your criticisms of the poll for the most part. I’m not sure about “Drama/Slice-of-Life/Sports”, though. Sports often either becomes action if it focuses on the sport, or becomes drama if it focuses on the characters.

  12. My fellow NHRVers might rage about the absence of Rio: Rainbow Gate, but I think they’ll be doing so ironically.

    You think WRONG, faggot.

  13. And now, I do what Sorrow did with much less decorum:

    -{A1}- [Action/Adventure]

    I don’t understand the inclusion of Ben-To here. Ben-To is a farce; it intentionally pokes fun at the various tropes of shounen battle / fighting anime with a premise that nobody but the people within the show can take seriously. Normally I’d ask the AS folks what kind of brick the creators would have to hit you upside the head with to get it, but they provided one. Ume’s character might have been pointless to the overall story, but she was supposed to be your pie-in-the-face clue that Ben-To wasn’t anything but a comedy. And a good one.

    Kamisama Dolls got nominated, huh? Not a whisper for No.6 tho? Yeah, sure, it sucked, but it was better than Kamisama Dolls, and this is coming from someone who LIKED Kamisama Dolls.

    -{A2}- [Fantasy]

    To me, Penguindrum and Madoka take the real world and spin it to fit into the narrative. While that’s certainly fantasy, I don’t know if these two shows purposes are actually to be that fantastic or if the fantasy is just a plot device to explore the philosophical points of view. Fantasy anime for 2011 would be things like Horizon, Last Exile, Astarotte, and Dog Days.

    -{A3}- [Science-Fiction]

    Again, no No.6, which is certainly more appropriate for a nomination than Index II. Not that it has a prayer of winning over Steins; Gate.

    -{A4}- [Mystery/Horror]

    I consider Penguindrum to be a better mystery than any of these are horrors or mysteries. Madoka seems like less of a horror/mystery to me and more of a tragedy.

    -{A5}- [Comedy]

    The hell is Penguindrum doing here? Was it comedic in places? Yeah, but I don’t think it was supposed to be a comedy. Level E is the funniest comedy I’ve seen all year, but this is where Ben-To belongs and should win. Also, no mention of Kore-Zombie?

    -{A6}- [Slice of Life]

    No Denpa Onna?

    -{A7}- [Drama/Tragedy]

    Madoka should win this. Ano Hana is melodrama at best.

    -{A8}- [Romance]

    No Mayo-Chiki? Fuck off. For all the reasons Sheba mentions above regarding those two as the mains, this one matches easily. It could just be that I really adore Subaru, but there’s more than that. I like how she and Sakami-chicken-jiro work together.

    -{A9}- [Fanservice/Ecchi/Moe]

    I was going to fret over Carnival Phantasm but… that’s pretty much a “fan” “service” show. There’s no point to it other than to people who know Type Moon shit backwards and forwards. Interesting that Haganai gets nominated but Denpa Onna is forgotten again. I didn’t think Denpa Onna was that good, honestly, but looking at these nominations it seems to me that there’s an awful lot of “short term memory” problems on display. I suppose there are worse things that could have been nominated, like R-15.

    -{A0}- [Sports/Game/Hobby]

    I’m going to assume the only reason Chihaya Furu isn’t nominated here and running the fuck away with the category is because it’s not done yet. Since I’m the only other person who watched Moshidora, I’ll give it my support as well.

    -{B1}- [TV series]

    No comment.

    -{B2}- [Movie/OVA/Shorts]

    What a farce of a set of nominations. Several decent movies came out this year, even if you didn’t like Wings of Farewell (like me) it still should get a nod. Also, nothing in this category was better than the Higurashi Kira OAVs. I stand by that.

    -{C1}- [Storyline/Plot]

    I guess I don’t understand the point of this category.

    -{C2}- [Adaptation]

    Since you have an “original story” category, I’m guessing this category is for everything that came from something else. Since that’s a broad as hell concept, just call it the “best anime plagiarized”.

    -{C3}- [Original Story]

    Thank GOD we have enough titles for this category. Penguindrum should win this one.

    From here on out is where I get into a pissing contest.

    -{C4}- [Female Main Character]

    I haven’t seen Steins; Gate, so I’m afraid I’m ignorant on Kurisu. I know she’s popular as hell, so there’s probably something to her. But of the other characters, the one who received, I think, the most character depth and development was Ohana. Homura, to me, got one episode where we had all of her depth shoved down our throat. Before that, she was simply a mysterious and enigmatic near villain. She was still pretty enigmatic even after we found out about her past. The difference was now she could be emotional on camera. I dunno, I liked the gradual progression of Ohana more.

    -{C5}- [Male Main Character]

    What a shit list. Kotetsu was cool and all, but highly annoying. Keima is… no. I like Daikichi because he’s an admirable character, but he does take all of this on himself, so it’s hard to be too sympathetic. Again, haven’t seen Steins; Gate.

    Snubs: Prince Baka (Level E), Takanashi Shota (Working!!), Hasegawa Subaru (Ro-Kyu-Bu).

    -{C6}- [Female Supporting Character]

    Spit on these nominees. There were quite a few awesome supporting females, and I’m not sure they listed a-one. Ayame and Chizuru both deserve nods from Kimi ni Todoke 2. Saori Chiba from Wandering Son caused the viewer to pay attention when she was on screen. Aunt Meme from Denpa Onna. Minchi (Hanasaku Iroha) is a terrible snub, one I kind of understand if I was an irrational faggot. Masako but no Ringo (Penguindrum)?

    Let’s get down to brass tacks: Kyouko was not even remotely interesting and could have been written out of the show without any impact whatsoever. Sayaka less so, but her character basically starts out and remains an insufferably selfish idiot the whole way. If that’s what makes an interesting supporting character, then hang me for I do not wish to live on this planet any longer.

    -{C7}- [Male Supporting Character]

    I think they phoned this category in, not that I blame them. It is actually very hard to come up with good male supporting characters since just about every anime tends to have ONE male character and an overabundance of female characters. I looked, and I couldn’t find a whole lot of snubs or omissions, with the exception of Chihaya Furu, but I assume that anime is somehow disqualified.

    I mean, this is what we’re left with? Accelerator? Get the fuck out of here with that shit. Accelerator basically has two strikes against him:

    1). He’s a psychopath. Psychopaths aren’t interesting.
    2). All the morality pets in the world can’t undo the fact that he murdered over ten-thousand young girls.

    I do not understand the Accelerator love-fest. Probably in the same vein, I don’t understand the Vegeta (DBZ) love fest. So he fucks Bulma, has a bishounen kid, and somehow he’s redeemed from not only slaughtering millions of sentient lives but participating in the near extinction of his own race? And for what? More power? Vegeta is a shit character precisely because Toriyama tried so damned hard to redeem him through contrivances. Accelerator is right there with him.

    I actually like the Rider nomination. Gotta hand it to Alexander the Great, the guy is interesting. Yukiatsu was, like Sayaka above, an insufferable faggot. Once again, no Stein’s; Gate experience.

    -{C8}- [Antagonist]

    I don’t really think there was a better one than Kyubey. He’s especially excellent because of the reasons S-K brings up; he forces the viewer to think about whether or not what he’s doing is really villainous and evil or just necessary and unethical.

    I find the inclusion of Aki (Kamisama Dolls) to be misguided. Is he antagonistic? Yeah, to the hero in a “pain in the ass” kind of way. He’s more a villain to the village they come from, which probably puts him more in the “well-intentioned extremist” category. Gilgamesh isn’t a miscreant so much as he is unscrupulous and ambitious. Certainly in Fate / Zero he wasn’t a villain at all. Definitely Caster fits that mold better. Sanetoshi was too intangible to be an antagonist.

    Snubs: Caster (mentioned already), Masakaki ([C]) fitting into a role of the tempting devil figure, and Mr. Maverick (Tiger & Bunny) was a classic superhero villain.

    -{D1}- [Visuals/Animation]

    S-K already pointed out a lot of snubs. Fate / Zero has probably the best animation I’ve EVER seen in a TV series, so it definitely deserves strong consideration. Redline, though I haven’t seen, I’ve seen shots from it, and that shit is absurd (good). There are scenes in Idolm@ster that require attention, but overall the show is only above average. If we’re going for artistic appeal, Wandering Son and Usagi Drop deserve some mention. It could be me, but this doesn’t seem like a good category for Penguindrum. I mean, yeah, the symbolism is great, but overall visually the show isn’t that impressive. Not compared to other things. Madoka not being here surprises me. How can you snub a Shinbo SHAFT anime from a visual category? That’s about all that guy DOES is visuals!

    -{D2}- [Opening/Ending Song]

    Fuck… I’ve got a pretty broad sense of appeal for OPs and EDs. The selections are good ones, though I don’t know “Hacking the Gate”. This also might be the only category to mention Fractale in, because I liked both OP and ED for that. Kamisama Dolls OP and ED were both good as well, if you like Chiaki Ishikawa’s music.

    Biggest snub? No “LADY”? Fuck that noise.

    -{D3}- [Soundtrack]

    Penguindrum’s soundtrack only becomes good if you include the Triple-H music, a soundtrack by itself that I rather enjoy listening to and am quite impressed with.

    Soundtrack of the year though, goes to Hanasaku Iroha. Lots of wonderful soft acoustic pieces. Though, I also have some weird irrational love for Ben-To’s soundtrack as well. That fucking tribal background piece kills me every time I hear it.

  14. @TIF

    Actually, I think Aki is an antagonist. He may a villain in the eyes of the characters within the story, but to me, an antagonist is simply one that stands opposite the protagonist, and in this case, the protagonist is obviously Kyouhei.

    As for category {D2}, I personally think “Tokitsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku” deserves a spot more than “Hacking to the Gate”. But I just realized that something prominent is missing from the category: Memochou’s “Kawaru Mirai”. Sucky show with great music. Oh, no wonder something really felt amiss… Chihayafuru’s “YOUTHFUL” should be there, but since it’s not complete yet, it can be considered in next year’s.

  15. Just to address Sheba’s point, if they’re going to keep genre categories, I really like the idea of the community deciding whether or not an anime belongs in a certain genre or not. It’s called the “Choice Awards” for a reason. Under my proposal, the community will probably decide that it’s more appropriate to select it for the Sci-Fi category than the Romance category, as that’s where it has a better chance of getting nominated and/or winning. But it’s silly to impose hard-and-fast rules about what constitutes which genre based on how many minutes of romance or comedy or otherwise the anime features. That’s the kind of OCD thing I can see some people on AnimeSuki doing. With that said, Ano Hana is probably going to win the Romance category. Now, my question is, how is Steins;Gate any lesser a romance than Ano Hana, when the romances in Ano Hana weren’t resolved, and weren’t even the point anyway? Mind, my vote for Steins;Gate is a reflection of how crappy this year was for romance anime. I, as much as anyone, would have liked the opportunity to have voted for something more romantic… but there wasn’t anything this year.

    Also, to address loner’s point, you might be right about the niches, but I think that’s an oversimplification of where anime is up to at the moment. Quietly ignoring K-On! for a second, the mega-hits of the past few years have been those that have crossed the boundaries of several genres, like Shinbo’s anime and Code Geass. The trend over the last 5 years has been for less anime to be made (just have a look at the current season) and as a result a lot of niches, particularly those that are less popular, are dying (count the number of josei romances from last year). That decline has mostly been dictated by economy. Sure, within the niches that are succeeding you can find titles that are merely iterative improvements on what already exists, that try to execute their tropes better than what’s gone before without any genuine attempt at ambition, or better hone in on, and pander to, what existing fans want. But I don’t think that’s characteristic of anime right now… arguably that’s happened throughout anime’s existence except in its infancy. Perhaps you could make the argument that anime right now has just gotten better at it. But I wouldn’t say that’s the full story.

    To me, a sign of anime’s health is the number of titles being made. When the number of anime being made is high, that’s when you’re more likely to see variety (cf anime around 2006-7). And for that to happen, anime needs the mega-hits to help fund the more experimental or obscure niche works. While there are obvious exceptions, most of the mega-hits over the last, say, 20 years, have been those that cross the divide between genres. Unambitious genre titles will always be profitable footnotes, but I don’t particularly see them as indicative of the state of anime.

  16. For nihilism’s sake! Do you think you could have made more categories? There’s a moment when pointillism negates what it’s trying to do.

  17. For nihilism’s sake! Do you think you could have made more categories? There’s a moment when pointillism negates what it’s trying to do.


  18. Sorrow: I’ll uh, speak to the comment I made more precisely (or rather actually hitting the point). I see anime’s big problem right now is the “checklist mentality,” in that many producers and fans come in to every series the make/watch with a set of preconditions that they expect the anime must have. It’s present in story composition (must have swimsuit/hot springs/school festival/traditional festival/etc. episodes!), in character design (gotta have a big hooters girl, a loli, a maid, a childhood-friend-with-crush, a hot older relative, a incestuous sister, etc.), in character type (gotta have that tsundere chick/the yamato nadeshiko/the stoic and strong chick/the wacky male best friend/etc.)…I could go on and on. And I know this has been going on way back in the 80s and 90s. But I feel that in recent years, that mentality has gotten much sharper and more mechanical, and the number of the check points are expanding exponentially to meet the ever-increasing number of fetishes that the otakus crave. Maybe it’s just me becoming more and more jaded (OK, that’s a very big possibility). But I don’t see anime getting new fans this way. You are not going to expand your revenue base if you just keep giving your existing fanbase exactly what they expect and want. Anime producers shouldn’t give a rat’s ass what Animesuki thinks (which they don’t, since Animesuki is no more than a hive of worthless evil pirates to them), or what 2ch thinks (which unfortunately they do). They should be making more stuff that people who normally don’t care about anime might be interested. That is what noitamina used to do, but now even they are airing what I consider to be the worst kind of checklist anime: the Code Geass clone that tries to satisfy ALL the checklist points.

    I don’t think the problem is quantity. I see the deluge of titles in the 04-08 years as the biggest sin the industry has ever committed. They over-saturated the market with product, of which very few had genuine mass appeal. And frankly, I don’t think that period saw more variety of anime titles than in, say, the 80s, when you got a bunch of WTF-were-they-thinking stuff that came out. At any rate, the present state of anime, with this season lacking in both quantity and quality, is the worst situation that we could have. And I think the point you made about Animesuki ignoring the latest Makoto Shinkai movie is symptomatic of the divide of what the hardcore fans think is good and what the average person who is consuming entertainment think is good. If I were in charge of whoever runs this dumb award, I would put that movie, or the Borrower Arriety into every damn category whether they fit or not, just to get people know about these movies and interest them in seeing it. These are the titles we should be promoting, and not Oreimo or obscure typemoon stuff.

  19. My yearly (yet frustrating) picks as usual:

    Category A1 (Action/Adventure)
    Winner: Fate/Zero (Legitimately so).

    Category A2 (Fantasy)
    Winner: Fate/Zero (Never saw Penguindrum, yet from what I hear it deserves to win. So, no qualms).

    Skipping a bunch of categories I don’t have an opinion for since I don’t care about them or their nominees….

    Category A0 (Sports/Game/Hobby)

    Winner: Kaiji S2 (Was this already a nominee the year before? If not, what a damnable snub…)

    Category B2 (Movie/OVA/Shorts)
    Winner: Redline

    Category C2 (Adaptation)
    Winner: Fate/Zero

    Category C7 (Male Supporting Character)
    Winner: Rider (Fate/Zero)

    Category D1 (Visuals/Animation)
    Winner: Redline (Is it even fair to compare and categorize a t.v. series and movies/ovas together in this category?)

    Category D3 (Soundtrack)
    Winner: A toss-up between Fate/Zero or Redline.

    I skipped a lot of categories since I either didn’t care for them or I might not have seen any series in particular to know. Plus, I can tell that there were a lot of snubs too. At the sametime, Kotomine Kirei is a far superior representative for Best Villian over Gilgamesh. Seriously, do people not recognize how interesting he was by comparison? Bleh.

  20. About the lack of Hoshi Kodomo… A lot of people on AS, including me, thought that this was by far Makoto SHinkai’s weakest work. Add in the fact that it just does not get the same amount of attention as other typical series, and that’s what we have. Besides fantasy, I do not think it deserves any other awards. It could not hope to match the visuals of Redline, nor did it excel in any particular area compared to many of the other nominees.

    Redline by the way is a completely logical choice for sports/hobby/etc. Why do you think sports networks carries things like NASCAR on it? Don’t see the problem here.

    Really the AS choice’s awards problem is just as Sorrow-kun pointed out, too many categories. I really do like his proposed changes, but here’s the thing, what’s the use of complaining about it if you don’t do anything to really talk about it. It is the AS choice awards so if you feel you as an AS member want some changes, there’s a reason why there have been extended discourses on the matters and polls to try and direct the changes of them. Right now the controls of the awards is more in the community’s hands than it was in previous years where some random guy who came by once a year ran it, so now more than ever is the time to give constructive input instead of just losing one’s head over everything.

    Because of the issues around Steins;Gate as a romance title this year, there are assuredly going to be significant changes stemming from that controversy alone.

    Furthermore, the reason certain things get nominated to categories even though there might be more accurate representations of a particular category is because either A) they don’t have the fanbase or B) they just were not plain good. I’m sorry, but No.6 was a fucking disaster and that is why it did not get nominated. People rather leave a blank choice than name it for nomination’s sake. But again, this is why combining categories like Sorrow-kun pointed out can only be a good thing. When this type of shit goes down, there won’t be a lack of available “good” choices like you might see in many categories, and anime won’t end up randomly in certain ones due to vaguely laid out definitions.

  21. @Reckoner

    Fair enough with the comment on Redline as a sports anime. But as for Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo, sure, it doesn’t match to most of the people’s expectations as a Shinkai Makoto work, but what about visually? Surely it’s worthy of candidacy for the Visuals/Animation award (D1)… at least that’s what I think.

  22. @AC

    It was a beautiful movie visually certainly, I myself nominated it in the nomination phase as a second choice, but this just points out a flaw (Or is it?) in the choice awards. Movies just do not get the same recognition on these forums as TV series so very few people even choose it in the first place. I pointed out in the previous contest, and I wasn’t the only one, that considering movies and TV series together is a bit silly. I think they’re inherently incomparable due to formats, do not get the same level of attention, and movies have much larger budgets as well.

    Honestly, I doubt even Redline is going to win because it’s a movie and just no one has seen it. Probably HSI or Fate/Zero will take it.

    The only reason things like Mawaru Penguindrum are even this far in the awards is because of a small dedicated fanbase including myself pushed it up there. It sucks, but that’s what these “popularity” contests amount to. Sometimes pleasant things do happen (Look how many categories Cross Game swept last year and that was just a small dedicated fan base), but it’s really hard to contest with the sheer numbers of other series.

    Hoping more progress will be made on changing this relatively new contest this year.

  23. I’ll try my hand at this then:
    Action/Adventure: Is Tiger & Bunny by default.
    Fantasy: Was there really so few? I’d go for Madoka out of those.
    Science-Fiction: Big Surprise… Steins;Gate
    Mystery/Horror: Urm… Best mystery was Un-Go, I don’t see any horror anime.
    Comedy: Nichijou edges over Working’!! just. (Why the fuck is Penguindrum a contestant?)
    Slice of Life: Usagi Drop. I majorly disagree with Sorrow-kun on his choice.
    Drama/Tragedy: Madoka out of them.
    Romance: Gosick deserved a mention. I’d go for that actually. None of the titles deserve mentioning for me.
    Fanservice/Echhi: Ben-to, though Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Should have been mentioned.
    Sports: Moshidora – I agree with Sorrow-kun.
    Tv Series: I never chose one.
    Story: I think I’ll have to give this to Penguindrum
    C2 and C3 are a waste of time.
    Best Female Lead: Why does everyone love Homura Akemi, she wasn’t a good character, she just had a tragic backstory, anyone can have a tragic backstory, doesn’t make them a good character. I’ll go for Yuuko from Nichijou.
    Best Male Lead: Okabe was fun to watch, so I’ll go with him.
    Best Female Side: Out of those I’d go for Sayaka Miki, though I’d go for Yamada from Working’!!
    Best Male Side: I’d go from Souma from Working’!! without hesitation. Out of those, I agree with Sorrow-kun.
    Antagonist: Where’s Maverick from Tiger & Bunny? Kyubey out of those listed.
    Best Opening/Ending: Out of those, Nornir, though Magia and Hacking to the Gate were good. However, this is where I’, listing, the amount I loved this year was huge:
    Connect (Claris), Buddy (Maaya Sakamoto), Terminated (Minori Chihara), How to Go (School Food Punishment), Core Pride (UVERworld), and the Working’!! songs have really become favourites of mine. As for the best out of those… It’s between Core Pride and How to Go.

    Best OST: Ao no Exorcist out of those. Better than the Madoka tracks IMO, though they were good. Many great OST’s were ignored though.

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