Three Way Action – Episode 4

While Akira might have moved on to other things, that’s not gonna stop us from doing another ep of Three Way Action. For our first post-Akira show, I’m joined by Shadowmage and AC and we’ve gotten together for some good old-fashion adult fun. In this episode, we’ve taken a look at the current season and shared our ideas on anime pacing, characters, animation and humour. A warning: we’ve let some major spoilers slip, particularly in the third segment, so if you’re not up to date on the relevant series, maybe you should skip those bits. This episode has five segments:

0:28 Introduction and a few thoughts on Winter 2012.

4:37 Is Nisemonogatari paced too slow?

10:07 Heil Shu! (Major spoilers for Guilty Crown, Code Geass and Gurren-Lagann)

16:04 Black Rock Shooter, Berserk and crappy CGI.

21:15 The lifespan of anime comedies.

The show is 25:18 in total, and you can hear it here:

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Or, why not download it and add it to your collection?

(Also, the above image with the beautiful, elegant lady to the right of screen and the other two chumps was found on oreno.imouto.)

8 Responses to “Three Way Action – Episode 4”

  1. Oh gosh I agree so much about Mouretsu Pirates’ pacing. I ran out of time these past few weeks and watched two episodes in a row yesterday and I liked it so much more, so maybe I’ll wait a few weeks.

    I had such high expectations about Guilty Crown. I will be honest, I really liked it at the beginning and I was hoping it would stay in a good place, but it really went downhill. This most recent episode (18) sort of just reaffirmed how the show actually makes no sense. I agree that Guilty Crown is lacking character depth. I actually don’t like Gai, but Ayase is my favorite character, but shes SO irrelevant, which is too bad.

    Black Rock Shooter broke my heart!

    It was really great hearing you guys talk, I love podcasts! I look forward to listening to more podcasts from you guys!

  2. I will never understand how people dislike this season’s shows. Ano Natsu, Nise, Inu X Boku, Rinne no Lagrange, Papakiki…

  3. Who says we dislike those shows?

  4. @Rachellular
    I never got super excited about Guilty Crown because as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t rate Tetsurou Araki as a director. But I never would have guessed that it could be so possibly bad. This most recent episode was horrifying, especially the first half. The first half alone might be the worst half-episode of anime I’ve seen for years.

    Other than Nise, we didn’t really talk about those shows. I do like Ano Natsu, but the most recent two episodes weren’t the best. They had good moments, but I wouldn’t quite say they were good overall, if you can see what I’m saying.

    I’ve gotta get you onto the next show. 😛

  5. Speaking of the Guilty Crown director, I’m also wondering what he thinks about his own show. Does he find it in him that the show he’s directing is actually good? Sometimes, I can’t help but think that way for particularly atrocious shows (and this is what I’m wondering about right after watching Black Rock Shooter episode 4).

    I have a lot to say for the shows we covered in the podcast but since it was my first time, I couldn’t really articulate them very well (i.e. how Guilty Crown wanted to pull off a TTGL with Shu and Gai somewhat taking on the roles of Simon and Kamina respectively, how I see comedies in a somewhat more simplified way compared to other viewers, etc.)

    Either way, it was a great experience doing something other than writing for NHRV. I just need to do this more often if given the opportunity. Thanks, guys.

  6. Black Rock Shooter: quality 2012 animation

  7. Symphogear is worse than Guilty Crown by far. The most recent episode was better, but it’s been shit. Symphogear doesn’t always take itself seriously, but the scenes where it tries to, i.e. the fights and the fracturing (and repairing) relationships were done so badly it puts Guilty Crown to shame.

    Onto Guilty Crown, I admit to enjoying it. I quite like some of the characters, in some cases for bizarre reasons. Daryl? I love him because he’s so irrational, and (again I’ll say it) I’m so looking forward to how the show will force Daryl and Tsugumi together into a romantic relationship, it’ll be contrived and hilarious, but for some reason I actually like the both of them, I don’t know when it happened, and it doesn’t make sense, I guess my standards drop when I watch it.

    Mouretsu Pirates is incredibly slowed paced. I only really realized this today when I was watching, and the episode ended, and I actually couldn’t believe it. “That’s it?” immediately came to my mind.

    You’ve covered Black Rock Shooter well, it’s so bad. I’ve written quite a bit on MAL expressing the flaws, but oh it’s still rated so high… sigh…

    I loved Working’!! a lot, I don’t mind the fact there’s no progress so much, as long as it all comes together in what should be the last season. I think the relationships need resolving. I’m pinning all y hopes on the last season, scarily.

    Great Podcast.

  8. Heh, I wouldn’t say “everything else is so horrible” this season; I’m really enjoying Rinne no Lagrange, Daily Lives is hilarious, and although flawed, Aquarion is ridiculously entertaining.

    Anyway, great podcast fellas. I’ll be looking forward to more.

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