The Nihon Revue, Episode Eight

Another season, another podcast, another chance to take a crap on the worst anime of the last season. Except not really, we passed over Guilty Crown this time. We actually recorded this podcast about a week ago, but it’s only now getting published because it proved to be difficult to cut together, owing to how much my co-host this time, TypicalIdiotFan, rambles on (along with other technical problems I won’t bore you with). We actually recorded more than an hour of the conversation, but the final cut of the show is just 26 minutes, so when you listen to it, keep in mind that you’ll only hear the best parts. Here’s the line-up for this episode:

0:25 Intro and Mr. TypicalIdiotFan Goes to Sakura-con (Washington)
2:12 Nisemonogatari
7:17 Ano Natsu de Matteru
12:41 Zero no Tsukaima F
17:01 Inu x Boku SS
21: 06 Listen to Me, Girls, I’m Your Father!

This episode is 26:06 and there’s moderate spoilers for pretty much every segment. Listen here:

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Or download the show.

4 Responses to “The Nihon Revue, Episode Eight”

  1. Oh wow, I followed almost nothing from last season. Everything I watched was either holdovers from previous seasons or sequels.

    I agree that Nisemonogatari was a weak representation of the monogatari series especially in comparison to the first. I suspect the one good element that can come of it is the fact that our expectations are lowered for future adaptations… though not quite as much as what Haruhi S2 did to our expectations of the movie.

    As for Zero no Tsukaima F, I’m surprised you two had such a positive reception to it (relatively). This probably has to do with the fact that you two have season 2 and 3 as reference points whereas I pretty much forgot all about those two seasons. Aside from elf tits and Rei clone, everything that happened was quite literally a blur when I walked into F.

  2. Is it just me that prefers Nise to Bake? Admittedly it’s been a while since I watched Bake, and my tolerance for such has increased since then, but I could barely stand watching it.

  3. Ano Natsu de Matteru for me is a really bad show. None of the protagonists has been developed and the “love story” is mainly “love at the first boob”. I mean, Ichita only cared about why she came to the Earth when she had to go back to her planet… And Kaito has only focused/being impressed by her boobs
    During the whole summer, what Ichika and Kaito know about each other? Nothing! Saito discover that Ichika has a sister and Ichika knows since the beginning that Kaito has a sister. But basically, they know nothing about their respective past, family, etc.
    Moreover, I don’t know if you’ve realized it, but Kaito’s sister looks a lot like Ichika (except the color of the hair).
    Kanna and Tetsurou were much more believable caracters in my point of view.
    And the end is the worst, with Lemon saying that Ichika is her best friend (when did they really interact????) and the alien pet/device staying with Lemon and the MIB….
    I mean, this show was a total non-sense, and for me, it’s not even close to a rom-com, as people didn’t even get to know each over. They “discover” things just when Ichika has to go back home. Real “fisrt” love? Not even close!
    Oh! And I forgot to mention Ichika, abandoning her family to discover a new planet, not thinking a single time of them, and being “so shy” that she blushes for nothing, while she’s supposed to be an “adventurer”… You need to have guts and be a bit outgoing to cross the universe and abandon your family. Total crap!!!
    The only other show that has deceived me more(and that I had to drop after the 6th episode, indeed) is Mouretsu Pirates…
    For me, Ano Natsu deserves a 4 (to pay for the animation), but no more.
    And as for Mouretsu Pirates, a 3 is generous…

  4. you think Ano Natsu de Matteru would only get a single Nendoroid? Well, anlpreatpy GSC does not think so, as they have announced the upcoming availability of

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