Anime Power Rankings: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Omae wa mo You Know How the Rest Goes (Winter Week 6)

It’s the dead of winter and these weeks are the doldrums of the anime season. But there is a bonus ranking at the end of this post to warm up your heart, so let’s start right away!

Rank Title Episode #1 Votes % of Ballots Change
1 Shirobako 18 13 63% 0
2 Death Parade 6 6 52.2% 0
3 Durarara!! X2 6 4 32.6% 0
4 Garo 18 6 19.6% up+1
5 Yurikuma Arashi 6 3 30.4% up-1

On the cusp: Parasyte -the maxim- (1/30.4%), Log Horizon 2 (3/21.7%), JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (1/21.7%), Your Lie in April (1/17.4%)

Number of voters: 46

Number of full ballots (ranked 5): 32

Last time on APR

About the Anime Power Rankings

The results don’t look too different from last week, with Shirobako, Death Parade, and Durarara trio sitting pat while Garo continues riding momentum from last week and trades places with Yurikuma Arashi.

I’m not up to date with as many series as I want to be, but I’m looking forward to what classic party game Death Parade will turn into a carnival of human drama and misery next. Death Monopoly? Death Jenga? Death Cornhole? Death Beer Pong? In my experience, these games already ruin lives and tear families apart, so the possibilities are endless.

Yet the beauty of APR is that even if yours truly falls behind a little there are plenty of others that will share thoughts about cartoons from last week:

Shirobako gave me the biggest rush of the week simply by having a character return from personal leave.

Peter S ( Too Old for Anime )

Finally, a Death Parade episode that matches the tone of the OP.

appropriant ( Perpetual Morning )

Death Parade finally gives me the episode I’ve wanted since I saw the OP.

Chronolynx ( THAT Anime Blog )

Garo was even more emotional this week than last week. The fight scene between Leon and Alfonso was incredibly choreographed and full of tension and meaning that had been building up since the second half started.

Mr. Flawfinder ( Standing On My Neck )

Garo has been a consistently solid show, but episodes 17 and 18 are nothing short of stunning. On both narrative and aesthetic levels it’s stepped up its game, closing this story arc with brilliant flashes of tears and steel. Here’s hoping it rises out of its underdog status and into more viewers’ watch lists.

vestenet ( Isn’t It Electrifying? )

[Log Horizon is] a fascinating meld of the fantastic world of Elder Tale contrasted with the longing to eventually want to stop playing a game and go home.

Typical Idiot Fan ( The Nihon Review )

Log Horizon showed us what happens to players who lived fulfilling & promising lives in the “real world” only to find themselves becoming immortals trapped in the game world. Each “death” offers a glimpse of the lives they’ve left behind, so some commit suicide again & again to see what they’ve lost, in the hopes of one day being able to return. Wow.

vucubcaquix ( Altair & Vega )

What really surprised me is how powerful and well done Log Horizon was; everything that’s been building up hit home this week as characters laid everything out with blunt honesty and brutal surprises.

Chris Siebenmann ( Chris’s Personal Wiki )

Log Horizon is good again. Yaaay.

This week’s Kimiuso continues to show Arima and Pac-Man Girl (Nagi) grow as people through mutual assistance, leaving us with an ending that invites anticipation for next week’s performance.

A. Libellule ( Altair & Vega )

Kamisama Hajimemashita was the nicest surprise this week, with a strong, emotionally-fueled episode that represented a major turning point for Tomoe and reminded me why I loved the first season as much as I did. Easily among the strongest episodes of that franchise to date.

swabl ( Swabulous Max )




Valentine’s Day was over the weekend, so I couldn’t resist getting the voters to gush about their favorite 2D couples, or the “OTP” as the lingo in the biz goes. Two couples were APR’s favorites: Shinra x Celty from Durarara and Rudy x Isuzu from Log Horizon. Both are canon relationships that started in season one and have continued to develop in recent episodes. But there were plenty of people and shows represented among the voters.

Shinra/Celty pairing from Durarara!! are completely adorable. Also weird, dysfunctional, and slightly creepy, but with those two, that’s just part of the charm.

Artemis ( Otaku Lounge )

Izaya with Shizuo (Drrr!!) because that is fecking canon as hell. Also hawt.

Caraniel ( Caraniel’s Ramblings )

Shinra x Celty

Shinra x Celty

It’s not just Isuzu and her loyal puppy Rrrrrundel Haus Code are cute together, but they also have a relationship that extends beyond just blushing at each other across the battlefield—they have a real friendship, one where they can fight, make up, talk about things, and generally communicate. Just that alone puts them miles ahead of most anime couples.

iblessall ( Mage in a Barrel )

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
The princess woke up in AZ
and Slaine is marrying his waifu.

HelghastKillzone ( Sea Slugs )

I am rooting a little for Kousei x Tsubaki (Your Lie in April), and I guess the series is pointed that way? Anyway, I’m always pulling for the childhood friend.

TWWK ( Beneath the Tangles )

Kamiki and Hoshino from Gundam Build Fighters Try. The male character is rather dense about this stuff, but I think it works for the person that he is, and Hoshino is great, a refreshing, capable female lead.

ParticularlyPeeved ( Pedantic Perspective )

Lady and Decim, cuz they dance ril gud

ABCBTom ( Hungry Bug Diner )

Ema and Iguchi from Shirobako are so clearly meant to be. A true OTP is one where you just know it is meant to be the moment the two characters are shown interacting – and I knew it when I saw it. True love!

A Day Without Me ( GAR GAR Stegosaurus )

It should be obvious to anybody who’s watched them for more than a minute that Andou and Satou belong together. There’s something about the way that Andou’s unbridled passion and Satou’s down-to-earth efficiency complement each other that makes them perfect for each other. [ensuing yuri fanfiction redacted]

Kelloggs ( Pedantic Perspective )

Slaine x Inaho: The best love story ever told.

lostty ( Anime Princess )

The idols of Cinderella Girls matched up with New Orleans Pelicans power forward Anthony Davis. The Brow is completely capable of managing that situation and no one would have a problem with this were they to meet the man.

Emperor J ( Lower Mid-Table )

Whaaa? I feel there is a joke element I am missing here.

Shinku and Millhiore. A boy and his dog girl. If everyone had their own dog girl, there would be no wars.

Shinn ( Atarashi Prelude )

Ezekiel and Priapus from Junketsu no Maria. I find the pairing between a haughty angel who hates dirty things and an incubus with a cloud dick to be interesting.

PumpkinMochi ( Pedantic Perspective )

Romance is this season’s weak point. I don’t recall a season so weak on romance in a long ass time >.>

Guy ( Geekorner-Geekulture )


Rudy x Isuzu

Rudy x Isuzu

See you next chart time!

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  1. 19.6% Votes and Garo gets fourth place. Justice!

  2. Not using my YumotoxWombat OTP. Nothing could make me rage harder. THERE IS TRUE LOVE MAKING THERE!

  3. Cutting my yuri fanfiction?!? How dare you! That was art right there.

  4. Sigh…

    I actually said that Julie X Tooru of Absolute Duo was my OTP of the season but I guess my Aldnoah.Zero poem sounded better…

  5. Since none of the 3 shows I’m watching this season are even in the top 15 on a weekly basis, I can only contribute via bonus questions. And I was deadly serious.

  6. Way more butthurt in these comments than expected. WHERE’S THE LOVE, GUYS?

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