Friday Anime Podcast 71: Best Anime of 2014 — “Duke vs Butler”


This week we have Kelloggs (Pedantic Perspective), and EmperorJ (LowerMidTable),
Serendipitously Sane (Pedantic Perspective), and Dream Katari (Media Katari).

On this week’s Friday Anime Podcast, we decide once and for all which show was the best anime of 2014. After down selecting to our Sweet 16 finalists, we pit each show head-to-head in a winner take all bracket. While this isn’t March Madness, prepare for some thrilling upsets, intense drama, and an emotional finish that will leave you speechless.

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00:30 – Introductions
01:30 – Sweet Sixteen
37:00 – Elite Eight
43:15 – Final Four
48:00 – Duke vs Butler
51:00 – Wrap-Up

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9 Responses to “Friday Anime Podcast 71: Best Anime of 2014 — “Duke vs Butler””

  1. 2014 wasn’t the best year in the history of anime by any stretch but I’d like to think that it wasn’t so dismally bad that the only options to possibly pick from for a best of discussion were moe/harem and/or “Slice of Life” shows. Like does anybody here watch anything else outside of those genres…like ever? Like people being all smarmy with each other in this podcast over not watching enough shows and this or that just being a genre pick….well it strikes me as everyone is kind of guilty here if you all want to point fingers at each other.

    Also I didn’t realize it was possible to come across in a podcast as more obnoxious a person than Stilts from Random Curiosity but this Aeroblip fellow absolutely crushes it and pretty consistently. Like no contest even.

  2. lol

    I probably watch nothing but fighting and sports. The occasional drama here and there.

    lol I didnt follow most of the shows

    Edit: I watch mecha too. Most of my picks aint even make it. Hajime No Ippo Rising was close to my number 1

  3. I am insulted that you consider Aeroblip more obnoxious than me. Fear not, I will renew my efforts of superior arseholery next episode.

  4. I probably should have clarified this, but a lot of our favorite shows did not qualify because Kelloggs only wanted “complete” shows. The idea is that we wanted to judge a show as a whole, instead of only parts that aired. For example, Parasyte wouldn’t qualify because the second half is currently airing.

    But then, what about split-cour shows? Fate/Stay Night: UBW? Knights of Sidonia? Aldnoah.Zero? Tokyo Ghoul? There were a few shows left in the grey area. Due to time constraints, we decided to table the issue. There will probably be a rule change to stay up-to-date with modern industry trends.

  5. @DreamKatari: I kind of got that sense yeah
    @SerendipitouslySane: If you’re the one that always sounds like he’s laughing at the same time he’s trying to talk don’t worry you’ve got potential.
    @Aeroblip: Well that explains a lot, but it didn’t seem like that was the case at all with the podcast and a few gripes aside you guys seemed pretty proud of your picks so color me kind of surprised to hear that at the same time it would make sense to me as the split cour format and shows running over into the new year from the Fall and Winter are like the death sentence to trying to decide boundaries with this topic.

  6. @Aeroblip – haha – even the ones you shelved over airing issues were missing Kill la kill! And where is Ping Pong?

  7. L O L

  8. So Yuuki Yuuna lost to Nisekoi. What a tragedy, but it’s still somewhat less tragic than both Nozaki-kun and Log Horizon losing to Isshuukan Friends.

    That accounts for the shows in your top sixteen that I actually managed to see.

  9. Isshukan friends better than Nozaki kun. Ugh. The day good taste died.

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