Anime Power Rankings: One for the Ages? (Winter Week 10)

The weather outside is getting warmer (for me at least), daylight is getting longer, and we know this bitter Winter has truly passed. Yet the winter anime season has a few weeks left, one we are surprisingly reluctant to let go. There’s still more than enough drama left in Anime Power Rankings for everyone down the stretch, so have a look for yourself.

Rank Title Episode #1 Votes % of Ballots Change
1 Shirobako 22 10 63% up+1
2 Death Parade 10 4 47.8% up-1
3 Maria the Virgin Witch 9 7 37% 0
4 Parasyte –the maxim- 22 1 34.8% up+5
5 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 34 5 26.1% up+3

On the cusp: Yona of the Dawn (4/17.4%), Your Lie in April (3/21.7%), Durarara!!x2 (1/26.1%), Yurikuma Arashi (1/21.7%)

Number of voters: 46

Number of full ballots (ranked 5): 37

Last time on APR

About the Anime Power Rankings

I only have a few comments because I’m behind this week’s episodes myself. Shirobako reclaimed first place by dropping the hottest album of 2015, while Death Parade nearly fell even further down, holding off Maria the Virgin Witch by only one point. Parasyte ironically comes back from the dead for one last hurrah by introducing an old lady character, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure comes up to take Yona of the Dawn’s spot to round out this week’s top 5 with the appearance of D’Aaaaaarby.

Voter comments:

Putting aside the extremely odd underwear-episode-title-bestowing scene, Shirobako continued to be its too-empathetic-for-this-world self, again forcing us to appreciate and understand characters that it so competently convinced us to revile only weeks ago. As we head into next week’s new Shirobakalypse, it’s clear that the disaster episodes in this series only work well because of the character depth we see in these slow and peaceful episodes.

Jeff Ruberg ( Podigious! A Digimon Podcast )

Maria tackles religion and sexual violence, two topics which anime has always handled with great sensitivity, and comes out at the top of the pack. Astounding. The fact that this is apparently all anime original material still staggers me.

ABCBTom ( Hungry Bug Diner )

Kudos to Maria the Virgin Witch this week for handling such a thorny topic like rape with such grace. It succeeds where most shows fail.

Eric McLeod ( Rose’s Turn )

I would take Migi’s death more seriously if it didn’t happen so early on the episode. Directors love to save dramatic deaths for times where they can milk the shit out of the scene. Migi’s “death” is going to be the Parasyte equivalent of a flesh wound.

Typical Idiot Fan ( The Nihon Review )

Oh thank God. JoJo’s has finally gotten past all those bullshit Stands and is now on to DAAAAARBY. I’m convinced the final portion of Stardust Crusaders is why old-school fans remember it fondly, and not because of everything that preceded this episode.

Dustin ( Bakacast )

Another stellar episode from Akatsuki no Yona – and boy, what a cliffhanger! No doubt about it, this anime is easily one of the most underrated of the entire past year.

Artemis ( Otaku Lounge )

Tokyo Ghoul’s ultimately fatalistic take on the way the humans vs. ghouls conflict is an unending circle of reciprocal violence that engulfs everyone involved, good or bad, has become particularly compelling during season 2.

Adam Wednesdays ( Home Theater of Cruelty )

So is this the best season of anime since Anime Power Rankings began? I’d be inclined to say it is. Every week has several anime with excellent episodes and I’ve never felt like I’ve given an anime a 5th place vote purely because it was the least shit of what I watched.

Scamp ( The Cart Driver )

This might the deepest season I can remember. There are at least 9 or 10 anime series worth considerable merit and discussion airing right now. But I recall Winter 2011 had Madoka Magica, Wandering Son, and the last 4 episodes of Heartcatch Precure, 3 all-time greats in my book, so I can’t give Winter 2015 the uncontested crown of “Best Season Ever” yet.

There are only how many episodes left?!

There are only how many episodes left?!

See you next chart time!

5 Responses to “Anime Power Rankings: One for the Ages? (Winter Week 10)”

  1. Definitely reminiscent of 2011, when you could already tell the year would be loaded with great shows before winter even ended.

  2. This week was easily the longest I spent finding the right place for everything on the ballot. There’s been plenty of good stuff this season since it started, but as shows like Death Parade and Maria go from promising surprises to shows that actually deliver on all that promise (and then some) it keeps getting more impressive. There have been disappointments; I almost never give up on a twenty-four episode show after watching more than twenty episodes, but Parasyte just wasn’t worth giving my time to anymore (sorry guys, it’s true), and after hitting a high, high peak with the “meaning of lavender” episode Yatterman Night slumped through 3 disappointing episodes in a row (though the latest episode seems like it might be back on track; please please please be back on track). But it’s not like there haven’t been more than enough surprises and successes to make up for it. There’ve been so many that every week I’m getting more disappointed that I inevitably have to leave something that probably deserves to get ranked off of my top 5 list.

  3. @AdamWednesdays Yatterman Night has always been on track. It’s just that said track is really REALLY generic and cartoony.

    And there’s no way I’m joining the “best season ever” bandwagon. It’s okay, but I’ll be surprised if I watch any shows in the remainder of this year that are worse than Rolling Girls or Yatterman. Or even Durarara. God that new season is a big pile of boring.

    @Vanihm Edit: And exactly what is that climax? I’m not going to be satisfied with a generic “killing of the big bad who’s basically a mixture of Venom and Doc Ock”. If Parasyte turns out to be a generic superhero story, I am coming down on it hard.

  4. @adamwednesdays. You missed out on a really good episode. Seriously, do you actually think that godawful love triangle arc was better than the second half of Parasyte? Its been building up to a climax quite nicely after treading water for most of the middle IMO

  5. What!? I’m the only one who voted Cross Ange as #1 this week? Oh you fucks just don’t know shit. How can I be the only one who appreciates high comedy?

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