Friday Anime Podcast 72: Spring 2015 Season Preview


On this week’s Friday Anime Podcast, we discuss the upcoming Spring 2015 season. With over 40 shows airing during this bountiful season, we give you the rundown on what to watch. We compiled a list of anime covering the various genres that you definitely must have on your radar. We talk about our personal favorites, intriguing premises, industry shakers, and hidden gems. I also sell my soul to corporations.

Kelloggs (Pedantic Perspective)
Serendipitously Sane (Pedantic Perspective)
EmperorJ (LowerMidTable)

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00:30 – Introductions
01:20 – Best Anime of 2014
01:30 – Personal Favorites
13:30 – Most Intriguing Shows?
29:00 – Most Popular Shows?
38:00 – Dark Horse Picks?
43:00 – Crunchyroll on XboxOne
46:00 – Aeroblip Visits Satelight Studio
54:00 – Final Thoughts

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