Anime Power Rankings: Sorry for the Wait (Spring Week 4)

I apologize that I have been a bit tardy with these last two APR posts. It has been crunch time for me, so I’ll just push out the bare minimum now and try to make it up in the following weeks.

Rank Title Episode #1 Votes % of Ballots Change
1 Blood Blockade Battlefront 5 15 49.1% up+1
2 Sound! Euphonium 4 7 56.6% up+1
3 My Love Story 4 5 43.4% up-2
4 Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 17 6 24.5% 0
5 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 41 2 28.3% 0

On the cusp: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO (2/18.9%), The Heroic Legend of Arslan (1/22.6%), Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine (4/13.2%)

Number of voters: 53

Number of full ballots (ranked 5): 37

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About the Anime Power Rankings

There was minimal movement in the top 5 again, as nearly everything looks the same as last week, though Blood Blockade Battlefront and Sound! Euphonium were separated by a mere 2 points atop the heap.

Voters had a little something to say about everything:

Kekkai Sensen referenced Twins. That was a reference that wasn’t in the manga. Weird.

ABCBTom ( Hungry Bug Diner )

This cartoon guy seems pretty popular.

Sound! Euphonium surprises me each week with how very good it is. It’s a show about high school that doesn’t sugarcoat the pressure, a show about music that refuses to undersell how becoming a good musician requires practice, a show with teachers who do their jobs and can be both inspiring and intimidating. Every week this series does a ton of heavy lifting but it makes it look like the easiest thing in the world.

wendeego ( Isn’t It Electrifying? )

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a series improve as dramatically between seasons as My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO. I dunno if this is due to better adaptation choices in terms of cutting out the LN fluff or an improvement in the source material itself or both, but if it can keep it up, it’s on track to be one of the most insightful, sympathetic, and oh-so-painfully real YA school anime in recent memory.

Dee ( The Josei Next Door )

Dat animation budget.

Sidonia takes the lead this week with an extremely tense episode that featured people screwing up in a very human way, even if some of the people involved aren’t human.

Chris Siebenmann ( Chris’s Personal Wiki )

Narsus is a really great character. I’d watch an anime all about him. I hope Arslan becomes more about him.

Rose Bridges ( Rose’s Turn )

Literally everyone in Show by Rock! is a huge dork, but SHINGANCRIMZON truly tops the list in the most glorious fashion. Also, alien sheep girls.

iblessall ( Mage in a Barrel )

Tribe Cool Crew had a swell episode this week about running oneself ragged by agreeing to be all things to all people at all times. Self-care is important too

Vintagecoats ( Vintagecoats )

I feel like the fact that I genuinely consider Triage X one of the best things I’m watching this season says a lot about this season, even considering that my taste in anime gets worse by the second.

A Day Without Me ( GAR GAR Stegosaurus )

While the good shows are good, at the end of the day there’s only a handful of shows actually worth watching. Color me unimpressed, Spring 2015.

Chronolynx ( THAT Anime Blog )


a close call

a close call this week


We like our fun and games here on Anime Power Rankings, but it is a bitterly trying time for one of our friends, Emperor J, who needs all the love, support, and kind words we can muster.

I really shouldn’t be submitting one this week considering all that has happened but I need some sense of normality right now. I would just encourage everyone out there to donate to cancer research. It may have claimed my mother’s life [Sunday], but hopefully some good will have come out of it.

Emperor J ( Lower Mid-Table )

We’re a pretty fortunate lot to be able to spend our time idly consuming, discussing, and financing our anime hobby. We must definitely count our blessings and give generously when we can. Though it’s only a small gesture, I pledge that the next time I make a big discretionary purchase, I’ll donate the money to cancer research instead.

Call your mother this Mother’s Day. You are lucky to have her.

2 Responses to “Anime Power Rankings: Sorry for the Wait (Spring Week 4)”

  1. I can’t bitch about Battlefront because I’m not watching it, but Euphonium and My Love Story are just not that good, folks. They’re just not.

  2. I completely agree with you TIF.

    Euphonium is horribly predictable and boring – what a surprise, in two weeks they went from dreadful to great! – and has some of the weakest character development I’ve ever seen. The only thing I can figure is that a lot of folks were in their high school’s bands and therefore identify with the show despite its glaring weaknesses.

    My Love Story might have been more interesting if the girl was unattractive and the guy handsome, but as it is now, it’s basically as trite and formulaic as any shoujo – the quick resolution of the formal start of their relationship notwithstanding – and horribly, disgustingly, over-the-top misogynistic. Pretty much every guy is cool, and pretty much every girl is a bitch. Maybe they have plans to do something with that (and maybe there’s a reason that Takeo has to save someone every week), but right now the whole thing just seems lazy and dull.

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