Anime Power Rankings: Foori Coori Road (Spring Week 6)

Like on cue, when I said last week the rankings were getting stagnant, as if to prove me wrong the entire rankings got shuffled around this time and a new name even appears in the top 5. In related news, to the indignation of Ninja Slayer fans I proclaim the best late 80s anime OVA airing this season is indeed Mad Max: Fury Road. But will its surprising critical ascendance be enough to make the legendary Anime Power Rankings?

Rank Title Episode #1 Votes % of Ballots Change
1 Sound! Euphonium 6 5 53.7% up+1
2 Blood Blockade Battlefront 7 5 46.3% up-1
3 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 43 7 34.1% up+1
4 My Love Story!! 6 1 36.6% up-1
5 Punchline 6 2 26.8% up+5

On the cusp: Show By Rock!! (2/19.5%), The Heroic Legend of Arslan (2/17.1%), Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (3/12.2%)

Number of voters: 41

Number of full ballots (ranked 5): 30

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About the Anime Power Rankings

We have a new number 1 show this week. Forever the second banana, Sound! Euphonium usurps Blood Blockade Battlefront on the charts. Admittedly, BBB had less than stellar episode, so it can’t slack off if it wants to stay king of the hill.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure puts back-to-back eventful episodes against super villain Vanilla Ice as it strides towards this JoJo generation’s epic climax. My Love Story holds on the 4th place while APR top 5 newcomer Punchline makes a splash this season with a major TWEEEEST and strong action scenes.

Words from other self-styled anime “experts”:

Go Watch Mad Max: Fury Road

Reevothemusefan ( Reevothemusefan )

Mad Max actually ranked 16th this week.

If Blood Blockade Battlefront is able to maintain its lead with its weakest episode by far (in a week of particularly strong entries from other shows), it really will be a testament to the show’s strength and what we will remember about this season years down the line.

Jeff Ruberg ( Podigious! A Digimon Podcast )

Alas, it was not meant to be. This blight is unrecoverable; BBB shall be thus forever cast into the desert to be forgotten in the sands of time.

With its latest episode, Punchline has finally revealed its true self: that underneath the panty shots, porn-watching cats, and everything else that screams “generic ecchi anime” is a tale about fighting fate and lab conspiracies ala everyone’s favorite VN adaptation, Steins;Gate. It remains to be seen if the show is actually “good”, but as one of the few people who wasn’t turned off by its initial appearance, I will continue to press on and determine whether the anime is worth people giving another chance.

Mr. Flawfinder ( Standing On My Neck )

Punchline turned in a surprisingly good episode this week, one that pushes it up in my estimation. But everything else had good episodes too (apart from Sidonia, which was mostly harem antics).

Chris Siebenmann ( Chris’s Personal Wiki )

Sound! Euphonium is holding extremely steady and Stardust Crusaders is dropping some of the Best JoJos Of All Time, but it’s just hard to compete with Oregairu. The show’s always had a nuance of characterization and respect for the interiority of its characters that far outstrips similar shows, and seeing Hachiman’s personal issues finally catching up to him has been a painful but strangely rewarding experience. Though Tuba-kun and Vanilla Ice put up a valiant fight, I have to give this one to Hikki and Iroha.

Bobduh ( Wrong Every Time )

SNAFU ALSO! has been flirting with on the cusp for several weeks, but I can’t buy the central conflict of the most recent story arc that becoming student council president is the fate of a tragic martyr.

These last couple of episodes of Arslan have easily been the best of the series so far. I view the show not as an action/adventure piece but rather as a political drama, and from that perspective, Arslan is really coming into its own.

Artemis ( Otaku Lounge )

Despite the mediocre animation that plagues it, Arslan is an example of a legitimately executed high fantasy–strong LOTR vibes– Arslan does a good balancing act of telling a “big” national narrative, all the while peppering the epic plot with small moments of characterization to break the characters away from their assigned archetypes.

jstorming ( Anime Monographia )

the shows that actually matter are busy developing story arcs …

Peter S ( Too Old for Anime )

Food Wars is the dumbest good show ever. As corny and predictable it is, the show is still just a blast to watch. The recipes they have aren’t all that bad actually.

kevo ( Anime Maru )

FS/N would have won the listing for Shinji getting punched by Lancer (poor poor Lancer) but the deft reveal (or at least confirmation) of Archer’s identity was handled supremely well.

John Noel ( chaostangent )

Here is said punch for your viewing pleasure.

Maybe my vote for Yamada-kun this week is kind of a vote for the series as a whole so far, but this really has been a stellar adaptation of a fun manga.Yamada-kun definitely isn’t going to be a show that everyone enjoys, but for those of us who like/love the manga it’s a real treat to get an adaptation like this.

iblessall ( Mage in a Barrel )

there's a compelling story, actually

there’s a compelling story, actually

See you next chart time!

10 Responses to “Anime Power Rankings: Foori Coori Road (Spring Week 6)”

  1. Were people really that impressed with Punchline‘s twist? I thought it was pretty pedestrian, but I guess it worked for some people.

    Maybe I’m just a bit salty that a SHINGANCRIMSONZ episode of Show by Rock! got beat out by a panty time-traveling show…

  2. I guess we all become what we speak against, but Fate/Stay Night’s borefest being on the cusp and the culmination of 1.5 seasons of character growth from OreGairu isn’t? I am disappointed, aniblogging community. Disappointed.

    In other words, people have different tastes, news at 11 😉

    I should probably just find time to go watch Fury Road instead (of being disappointed, which I’m not really, if it has to be said). 2D. Age of Ultron reminded me of all the ways in which 3D action fails.

  3. So my 0/5 run is now up to 17 weeks. I seem to have amazing consistency for dropping shows and then having them show up in APR the same week. The show I keep finding to be my 7th or 8th favorite of the week is 4th up above. There’s just something about the need for each episode to have its “look at how awesome this guy is” moment that I find annoying.

  4. Show by Rock’s second (or third?) appearance scrapping the bottom half is a trend that very much eludes me. I may need a detailed rundown with flow charts and whatnot to explain this. Though I’d less call that a sleight against the show and simply further proof why I don’t always see eye to eye.

  5. If Sound! Euphonium had been based on THIS WEEK’S episode, I could understand it being on top. Last week’s episode was trite and boring.

  6. So Oregairu has finally fallen off the cusp. I still think it’s the best show of the season, but it sucks that it’s losing favor this badly. Hopefully, all that changes with today’s episode.

  7. Kavik, that show ended up 6th. That’s not “the bottom half”, that’s pretty high, much higher than most of the 40-50 shows coming out weekly.

  8. I wasn’t aware we could vote for Fury Road. What’s next, we’re allowed to vote for Daredevil?

  9. You haven’t already been? Shit, get on my level MrFF.

  10. Bottom half as in on the rankings. The fact that it is contending at all is what surprises me since it’s a rather odd choice to swear by as the best airing anime.

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