Anime Power Rankings: Ready to Turn the Page (Spring Weeks 10 & 11)

I apologize I missed posting Anime Power Rankings last week. This is probably a little bit (or a lot) of my own bias talking, but I think most everyone enthusiasm has waned and is ready for this season to be over and start a new one. Not that Spring has been irredeemably poor. We got some impressively creative standouts in Euphonium and BBB, plus a number of genre pleasers, which is better than anyone could have hoped at the beginning when it seemed like the moefication of an obscure Greek goddess would be the most notable thing all season.

But I digress. This week’s post is a double feature to make up for last week. That means there’s double the charts, double the comments, plus a wish list of sorts of what we don’t mind seeing again.

Week 10 Top 5 Rankings

Rank Title Episode #1 Votes % of Ballots Change
1 Sound! Euphonium 10 9 58.3% 0
2 My Love Story!! 10 3 38.9% up+1
3 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 47 5 27.8% up+1
4 My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! 11 4 25% up+1
5 Punch Line 10 2 29.4% up+2

On the cusp: Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic (1-17.1%), Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (0-20.0%), The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki (1-14.3%)

Number of voters: 36

Number of full ballots (ranked 5): 17

Last time on APR

About the Anime Power Rankings

You may recall Blood Blockade Battlefront was a recap episode so it left a temporary vacancy in the the top 5. Sound! Euphonium takes top spot for the 5th week in a row as the re-audition for the big trumpet solo takes the spotlight. My Love Story moves up to 2nd while JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure kicks off the final leg of the last battle with Dio.

SNAFU TOO continues to work out the complex social politics of high school, and Punch Line makes a surprise return to the top 5 after its week 6 moment in the sun.

This week’s APR was a little light in total voter participation, but there were plenty of opinions shared:

Someone needs to come up with a new word to describe the level of My Love Story’s endearing idiocy. ‘Adorkable’, maybe?

Artemis ( Otaku Lounge )

The longer this season goes on, the greater the number of series that feel like they deserve a spot on my ballot even though I have a hard time pinpointing why, exactly. This week I just had to vote for SNAFU2.

steelbound ( The Null Set )

Punchline has disappointed me with crazy twists in the second half, but totally surprised me in being emotionally affecting. It may end up being my favorite show of the season, especially if the ending is mind blowing in grand Uchikoshi style.

ABCBTom ( Hungry Bug Diner )

The latest episode [of Punch Line] was amazing in terms of tone and pacing whilst setting itself up for what can only be an epic action-packed finale. It’s just a pity that said good bits are preceded by a good amount of slow build-up that prevent the show from ever being truly great. But what else can you expect from an anime produced by Mages?

Mr. Flawfinder ( Standing On My Neck )

Nagato > Yuki-chan.

Evirus ( Karmaburn )

I had a chance to catch up with some shows, including a marathon of Seraph of the End, which surprisingly is not catching on with anibloggers…a minor oversight on their part, I’m sure. After several weeks worth of muddling through several transition episodes, Seraph gets some of its original spark seen during its premiere this week. I’m confused as to what kind of story Seraph is, but this week’s episode has been wonderfully clear–it’s obviously a tale of forbidden love a la Romeo and Juliet between Yuu and Mika.

jstorming ( Anime Monographia )

Good gods, Pleiades is good. I look forward to seeing how they finish it.

A. Libellule ( Altair & Vega )

Yamada-kun I can’t make my mind up whether its story is disjointed or just hugely trusting of its audience to fill in the gaps. Watching that and then Punchline with its triple body swapping bonanza just leaves me reeling as to who’s who.

John Noel ( chaostangent )

it’s not for everyone, but Tesagure can really bring some great comedy at times, like this week’s haiku from pre-made lines, or the school song from a few weeks ago.

Highway ( Metanorn )

Wall of Text incoming:

Speaking of Euphonium, I can’t possibly ignore all the crying about episode 10 back-pedalling from the “progressive homosexual relationship” hinted at in episode 8 just because of Reina confessing that she “loves’ Taki-sensei. Well excuse me, but how does that backtrack on anything. For all we know Reina thinks she “loves” Taki-sensei right now, but she’s just in high school now, maybe she doesn’t even understand what she feels. In fact, I thought episode 10 was way more heavy on Reina-Kumiko becoming possibly a thing. The hug, the looks of embarrassment at times, all of that worked much more at building something between them than any of the stuff in episode 8 which I honestly thought came from absolutely nowhere. I find it quite hilarious that after episode 10 I’m actually more open to Reina-Kumiko than I was after episode 8; while everyone else seems to be complaining that all is lost and KyoAni lost some sort of chance. Now it actually feels like their relationship is being built up and justified rather than just being thrust into the story. I can easily see Reina falling for Kumiko now, and you know what, after episode 10, it actually feels real. I doubt we’ll ever get more than hints from the show, but the set up now is much better than it was two episodes ago.

ParticularlyPeeved ( Pedantic Perspective )

In Euphonium, there’s the story of the text and the story of the subtext, both real and significant in this adaptation yet they seem to be at odds with one another as far as which way the possible romances will go. Said in another way, the anime staff appears to be in open revolt of the direction in the LN on this particular subplot. I’m definitely invested in seeing who ends up “winning” this argument.





Week 11 Top 5 Rankings

Rank Title Episode #1 Votes % of Ballots Change
1 Sound! Euphonium 11 12 55% 0
2 Blood Blockade Battlefront 11 5 42.5% up+12
3 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 48 FINAL 6 25% 0
4 My Love Story!! 11 2 35% up-2
5 Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 24 3 20% up+5

On the cusp: Punch Line (1-20%), The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki (0-17.5%), My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! (1-17.5%), Assassination Classroom (0-15%)

Number of voters: 40

Number of full ballots (ranked 5): 24

Sound! Yuriphonium concludes the trumpet re-auditions chapter and fans the raging yuri fires of Kumiko x Reina to even greater heights. Blood Blockade Battlefront returns by focusing on a single character life reminiscence and slightly lessens the load on Rie Kugimiya.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ends the epic 48 episode journey across and Asia and through Egypt as super saiyans destroy planet Namek stands punch a road roller. Finally, the menace of Dio will never threaten the Earth ever again!

My Love Story puts its own take on the tried romcom tropes of going to the beach, and finally Fate/Stay Night finds an action-to-monologing ratio that voters favor enough to find a spot in the top 5. (It’s much more of the former and far less of the latter.)

This week’s comments:

Euphonium’s direction clearly shows that you don’t need flowery words or extended inner monologues to convince people that one performance sounds better than the other. You just need a few camera tricks here and there, as well as some wordless reactions, and possibly a yuri ship, to seal the deal.

appropriant ( Perpetual Morning )

Those band members who refused to vote are so chickenshit.

Evirus ( Karmaburn )

Kekkai Sensen’s eleventh episode is perhaps its strongest showing yet.

A. Libellule ( Altair & Vega )

BBB meanwhile turned down the ordinarily manic storytelling for some proper character development though it slipped back into old habits towards the end of the episode.

John Noel ( chaostangent )

Leave it to My Love Story for breathing new life into the tired, cliched ‘beach episode’. Also, can anyone name another anime where a normal girl goes swimsuit shopping and gravitates to the skimpy ones? I can’t think of one.

steelbound ( The Null Set )

I’m forced to admit that when it wants to, UBW can really nail the feel of epic things happening. F/SN UBW made things genuinely exciting and grand this week, and it was great to see Gilgamesh’s arrogance get smashed flat.

Chris Siebenmann ( Chris’s Personal Wiki )

Precure impressed me this week with an episode which wasn’t unusually well-animated, but was quite delicately storyboarded. In particular I loved one scene involving the wordless exploration of a parallel world, and the episode’s parting shot, a dark transformation sequence which made unusual and beautiful use of grey.

Thaliarchus ( Animanachronism )

I don’t give two fucks what the original manga is like, Satelight has taken this utterly shitty concept and the bullshit garbage source material it came from and turned [Yuki Nagato] into a wonderful tour de force of character exploration while simultaneously throwing in enough nods and Easter eggs to keep a starving for more seasons Haruhi Suzumiya audience happy.

Typical Idiot Fan ( The Nihon Review )

It’s weird to compare Punchline to Madoka, but within the framework of time travel as a plot device, I prefer Punchline’s execution far more. It introduces neat layers of complexity, weaving it into a neat ensemble cast dynamic. The most pleasant surprise of the season.

Kriz ( Cure Blogger )

Punchline’s penultimate action climax is probably the best thing action-related thing I’ve seen from anime in a long time. Superheroes, mecha, military, ghosts, good animation, great choreography, and decent reasons to care…it had it all.

Mr. Flawfinder ( Standing On My Neck )

Neko Daruma Mecha vs. Possessed Moe Girl Music Hornet = Automatic #1 spot on my APR. Let that be a lesson to you, anime.

Dee ( The Josei Next Door )

I haven’t been keeping up, so spending a chunk of this week going through OreGairu Zoku has been an incredible treat. Such a strong show!

navycherub ( Wideface )

Strong end for Seraph of the End delivering a memorable final episode leaving open vital questions to stimulate our minds as we go through the next season without. The friendship values, stunning Sawano soundtrack, gorgeous backgrounds, and human characters, gels into a cohesive and and exciting whole.

Trist ( Population GO )

At least one 90s anime reboot was well received.

At least one 90s anime reboot was well received.



You thought a double APR rankings was all you were going to get, BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

I asked voters to look deep into their magic 8 balls (or into their dreaming-in-vain, pie in the sky hopes) and pick one current show they desperately want more of. There were a wide variety of responses with an equal diversity of reasons.

Sound! deserves a sequel because if k-on can have over 30+ episodes and a movie so can this show!

lostty ( Anime Princess )

If we’re getting one sequel, I’m hoping it’s… well, Shirobako, but from this season, Euphonium’s the automatic choice.

Bobduh ( Wrong Every Time )

For me this is clearly Knights of Sidonia. The show has an excellent feel for the material and how to present it very effectively and the manga has reached well after we’re likely to end this season. While Blood Blockade Battlefont also has more manga from what I understand, I don’t feel it’s as strong as Sidonia overall and also it’s likely to wrap up its core plotline this season.

Chris Siebenmann ( Chris’s Personal Wiki )

I’d really like to see another season of Fate/Stay Night. Now that they’ve covered the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works routes, they need to complete the set with Heaven’s Feel. It’s impossible for me to choose favorites among the routes, but the story of the Holy Grail isn’t complete without Heaven’s Feel, and Sakura and Rider deserve better treatment than they got in UBW.

SunTzuAnime ( Sun Tzu Anime Blog )

I think it would have to be another season of Vampire Holmes because the only way to go is up.

Emperor J ( Lower Mid-Table )

But wouldn’t an improved sequel ruin the legacy of Vampire Holmes?

I want to see Blood Blockade Battlefront get a second season because I enjoy these characters so much, and because the cast is so big I feel like I could learn more about them.

Eric McLeod ( Rose’s Turn )

Obvious answer is Blood Blockade Battlefront – I’d totally be on board for more of these characters and this world setting. Such a fun show, I’m really going to miss it.

Caraniel ( Caraniel’s Ramblings )

Blood Blockade Battlefront is probably the best suited for a second season. An auteur director who’s not afraid to take liberties with the source, while still telling a good story? Sign me up.

Chronolynx ( THAT Anime Blog )

SNAFU, I’m just too invested in the characters at this point, and very much need to know how things turn out for them (once the light novelist finishes writing the series, anyway).

Dee ( The Josei Next Door )

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? I’m not done with these characters yet and things are just on the verge of really getting going.

halfadeckshort ( Haiku Anime Review )

I want more JoJo. I’m already feeling sad that it’s ending and it’s the only show I get excited to watch without forcing myself to do it every week.

Vanikawa ( Vanikawa Toppa )

JOJO OBVIOUSLY. The world needs Josuke

processr ( Shinjuku Morning )

Personally I’d love to see more card game anime seasons, like another Yugioh after ARC-V since ARC-V has the best cast of all YGO’s and the Pendulum summon has truly reinvented YGO.

Trist ( Population GO )

Arslan Senki, just because I think it’s going to need a lot of episodes to effectively tell its story (assuming the novels are all written and done. I don’t want another repeat of Tytania where we had one cool season and then there wasn’t anything more to base further seasons on.)

ExecutiveOtaku ( THAT Anime Blog )

Life is just better when there’s a new episode of Teekyuu every week. The good news is we’re already getting at least one more season. Here’s hoping that Teekyuu 6 isn’t far behind. If I had my way Teekyuu would just continue forever.

Kelloggs ( Pedantic Perspective )

Kickstarter idea: fund more Teekyu anime! $5 per season!

Can God's All-Seeing Eye foresee a sequel?

Can God’s All-Seeing Eye foresee a sequel?

Next week is the finale of the season of Anime Power Rankings, so tune in for the customary season in review voting statistics and commentary.

See you next chart time!

7 Responses to “Anime Power Rankings: Ready to Turn the Page (Spring Weeks 10 & 11)”

  1. That wall of text

    God fucking dammit, people. If anybody ever wants to know why the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender progressive, shove-it-down-our-throats movement annoys the shit out of EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE, that wall of text is a fucking huge example as to why.

    Let me ask people a question: why can two characters have an unusual or deep relationship without it being romantic in nature, gay or straight? Why can’t Reina and Kumiko just have a very weird kind of bond, exactly as they have laid out in their words? Why does everybody have to make it part of their own personal issues? The fact of the matter is, you disappointed yourselves by hedging your expectations. Just let the story unfold and enjoy it for what it is, not what you want it to be.

    I realize that isn’t quite what ParPev is saying, but there is still an obnoxious level of crybaby bullshit going on around this. It’s just a show; it is not a platform for your pet issues.

    With that out of the way, not enough people are watching Tesagure 3, because I am pretty frigging sure the last two episodes have been more amazing than anything else aired this season.

  2. lol you get the best commenters, don’t you?

  3. Indeed, I am “the best commenter”. Highest evolution of the species: throwus myweightaroundus.

    You may also note that I’m quoted up there in the article as one of the community reps. Look under “Mr. Flawfinder”. That’s me. Totally matches the T, I, and F in the name here.

  4. Bullshit Mr. TGIF. The real Mr. Flawfinder would just ignore the “Euphonium relationship” reaction because anytime he gets deeply involved with something that serious, he makes himself look like an idiot.

    Also, I realize BBB’s absence was a factor, but Punch Line’s tenth episode getting in the top 5 whilst its awesome eleventh episode barely missed out is kind of off to me. And speaking of the show, that’s something I never thought I’d see you say, Kriz.

  5. The real Mr. Flawfinder would just ignore the “Euphonium relationship” reaction because anytime he gets deeply involved with something that serious, he makes himself look like an idiot.

    There’s nothing idiotic about busting up people’s echo chambers, because they’re sure not realizing what fucking fools they are on their own.

    What I did give up on was questioning the Euphonium lovefest. The four or so episodes have been good, although I am still not sure if they’re top of the line worthy. Maybe with the animation budget, but on the strength of its own story and writing, meh. Love Story is actually the one that keeps bugging me showing up in the top five every week. Goddamn.

  6. Oh gee I wonder what next weeks esteemed Power Rankings will look like. I wonder if its possible it’ll feature Euphonium overwhelmingly at the top with My Love Story, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Oregairu and Fate making up the rest. Still think this whole celebrating shows that are already massively popular thing is a huge waste of time, but I’m not the one writing them and thank god for that.

    The way I see it same sex relationship chatter is possibly the emerging fad within the Western anime community. A while back people had a noticeable obsession with traps and gender bending but now I’d say its Yuri. Really any sort of shipping just gets people hilariously worked up nowadays but especially if its yuri. The real problem is going to be that if its even so much as implied or people think it is in a show I can see that being the topic de jour for weeks. Kind of already makes me want to give up on taking anime commentary seriously again for a while given how vocal these people are and how good they are at diverting the subject to talking about their fixations on shipping. Needless to say I’m hoping this fad goes away soon, but considering I think its one born out of oftentimes delusion and people seeing what they want to see I doubt it will. I mean crap I’ve seen dedicated shippers who are still going on about preferred pairings from shows that ended years ago and where people have long since ceased dissecting the actually relevant plotlines so it might just come down to a matter of dedication. Sometimes personally I think some very vocal people like talking about their ship than they actually do watching and discussing anime which kind of makes it no small wonder shows have such half baked relationships these days that just seem there to give those not interested in the plot something to talk about. Again what annoys me is when people make these thing the sole subject rather than the actual tangible plotline and character developments

    God I loathe shipping, lets just leave it at that.

  7. I agree with your points there, but at the same time I feel that its futile to complain about popularity votes.

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