Anime Power Rankings: A Few Last Words on Winter 2016 (Winter Week 12)

Anime Power Rankings is a weekly column where dozens (positively dozens!) of anime critics and opinion givers vote on the best new episodes of anime from the past week. The goal is to track the collective opinions of online conversation leaders across the season and help readers find worthwhile shows to watch.

Rank Title Episode #1 Votes % of Ballots Change
1 Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 13 BREAK 11 53.6% 0
2 Mr. Osomatsu 25 FINAL 5 42.9% up+1
3 Snow White with the Red Hair 24 FINAL 2 46.4% up+1
4 Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash 12 FINAL 3 42.9% up+1
5 Mahotsukai Precure! 8 2 17.9% up+5

On the cusp: Dagashi Kashi (0-28.6%), Myriad Colors Phantom World (2-14.3%)

Number of voters: 28

Number of full ballots (ranked 5): 12

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Winter season ends. Rakugo send it out not with a finish but a promise, Osomatsu gains the distinction of being only the third title this season to rank 1st or 2nd (mainly because Erased ended a week ago), and the Precure Witches picked the right week to sneak into the APR books.

This week featured some excellent finales to some top-tier shows, but Mr. Osomatsu arrived on a rough Monday to deliver one of its wildest, funniest episodes at a time when I really needed to laugh until my sides hurt, so screw it, I’m giving it the #1 spot. It was quintessential Osomatsu, too: Madcap, clever, crude, and dedicated to getting me to root for a group of shitheads. If this surprise hit wants to come back for a Season 2, I sure wouldn’t complain.

Dee ( The Josei Next Door )

“I Love Fish But Fish Hate Me” is a song by Electric Eel Shock, and it’s a sentiment which has run true throughout Osomatsu-san. The brothers all loveTotoko the fish idol, but the fish idol has no personal interest in any of them. The Invitational though, in whatever form such an event appears in many an anime, has a way of inspiring changes in hearts and minds. And so, an offer arrives. On the grandest stage in the entire universe: when all the chips are down, can the brothers really swing the bat? Well, in this time of FLCL sequels, maybe the brothers can play another day.

Vintagecoats ( Vintagecoats )

After the penultimate episode’s Excel Saga-style flirtation with seriousness, I hoped the rug would be pulled out from under the dummies wanting some sort of emotional resolution from a gag anime and instead, go berserk, one last time. And go berserk they did. Such beautiful, manic silliness. Roll on the inevitable money grabbing return and all the copies it will spawn in its wake.

awesome_engine ( Dynamite in the Brain )

I don’t think Osomatsu will spawn many imitators, mainly because the kind of comedy Osomatsu deploys takes too much effort and inventiveness to replicate. Certainly I don’t think any other anime will be able to recapture the unintentional fujoushi lightning in a bottle anytime soon.

I think Rakugo would have been stronger ending at episode 12.The first half of episode thirteen was on point, closing the series out. Overall however, it felt more like the beginning of season two rather than ending the first.

Josh Dunham ( Senpai Coast to Coast )

So uh, anyone else feel the finale to Snow White was surprisingly erotic? Was that just me?

vucubcaquix ( Altair & Vega )

Grimgar pulled off an excellent finish even with its tragic production collapse in one spot. It’s not flawless, but it’s pretty solid and nicely willing to be subtle.

Chris Siebenmann ( Chris’s Personal Wiki )

Yes, [Dagashi Kashi] is a season long series of commercials for Japanese candy, but I look at it more as one person’s delusional obsession turned insanity being played out for the audience to both laugh at and feel sympathy for. Hotaru is batshit insane, and I love her for it.

Typical Idiot Fan ( The Nihon Review )

This is important. Friends don’t let friends watch Dimension W. Friends don’t even let their enemies watch Dimension W. This show isn’t even bad in a way that is interesting to analyze, just in a “We do not understand storytelling, or characters, or series composition.” There’s nothing good about the show’s plot structure, characters, or character interaction. The show isn’t even noteworthy in how it’s bad, just in how quickly it ruined the whole promise of the premise. Do not watch Dimension W. This is the worst show I’ve completed in many years.

Guy ( Geekorner-Geekulture )

Dimension W made me laugh, so at least it accomplished something.

swabl ( Swabulous Max )

Yay for a participation sticker.

I watched GATE all the way to the end and there’s nothing else to put in my 5th spot so I guess I’ll give this shitty show an APR vote from me for the first time ever.

iblessall ( Mage in a Barrel )

Lots of “don’t watch this” warnings coming out of this season.

It’s a shame to see Aikatsu! end, but the show did get a good sendoff, and I’ve still got a substantial backlog of unwatched episodes ahead of me.

Evirus ( Karmaburn )

hope is just over the horizon

hope is just over the horizon




An Anime Power Rankings week 12 post isn’t truly complete until I show all the fun point summaries and rankings across the season, so here they are:

The only half that matters

The only half that matters

Rakugo and Erased dominated the Winter, reminiscent of how Shirobako and Death Parade owned the Winter season a year ago. But the rift between the top two was even more stark when you compare total 1st place votes accumulated: Rakugo – 121, Erased – 89, Konosuba – 22, Osomatsu – 21, Grimgar – 19, Haikyuu/Phantom World/Maho Precure – 14 each. Those two cast a long shadow over everything else so far this year as far as Anime Power Rankings is concerned.

Credit to Lupin, though technically left off the ballots for having aired in Italy last year, it still got enough write-in votes to get into the upper group.

shows no one will remember 30 minutes from now

shows no one will remember 30 minutes from now

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person to vote for Sushi Police. What can I say, I only followed 4 shows during the season.

A returning feature from last Summer is a table for your convenience showing how the top titles fluctuated in the rankings after every week. Wow. Awesome.

2016 Winter Rank Progression

One of the things this table illustrates is the sad story Sekko Boys and Galko-chan, which consistently ranked top 10 and tallied a few 6th place weeks but never had the fortune to get the last point or two they needed to breakthrough.

That’s all for Anime Power Rankings Winter 2016. APR continues next week straight into Spring with a heaping helping of new cartoons to take way too seriously.

See you next chart time!

8 Responses to “Anime Power Rankings: A Few Last Words on Winter 2016 (Winter Week 12)”

  1. I wish KS were still around to see this. No, the top two didn’t change much, but the top ten items shuffled around a lot, with word of mouth of several titles earning a lot more attention that they deserved. The shorties, in particular, got a lot of boosts, and I don’t doubt that it was in no small thanks to this project.

    He never understood this project, and maybe he never will, but the end season stats don’t lie.

  2. An idea, due to how different shows have a different episode count, how about the final points graph showing an average based on how many weeks a show was eligible for running (which would also deal with how some shows have only 1 episode in the first 1.5 weeks’ worth of polling, and some have 2 there, leading to some shows being up for voting 13 weeks, and others only 9)?

    Thanks for all the hard work! Was nice to have APR around again.

  3. I still have to say Rakugo is darn underrated but not as much as the first time it aired. Damn, that’s what you get when two legitimately good shows air this season.

    Then yeah, the pattern of shows in the top 5 is totally unpredictable this season. What a diverse taste anime bloggers.

  4. @TIF
    I don’t think the issue is about rankings that don’t change or that APR is a “popularity” contest. Some people just don’t agree with the results and will try to pick at perceived flaw to justify their feelings.

    That’s extra work for not much benefit I think.

    Rakugo is certainly highly underrated if you go by something like ANN’s readers’ poll. That’s a benefit to having an “expert” group’s consensus rather than aggregating anybody and everybody’s input.

  5. Finally got around to looking at this – thank you for those lovely charts, I always enjoy examining those. Out of curiosity, are Sekko Boys and Galko-chan the highwater mark thus far for shorts? I suspect that we may be a while off yet from shorts being able to crack the top five as they seem in the general population of English-speaking fans to not be well-regarded. I think folks still haven’t by and large adjusted to the reality of the short-format versus the standard 20-24 minute length of TV anime.

  6. Out of curiosity, are Sekko Boys and Galko-chan the highwater mark thus far for shorts?

    Akitaro Daichi changed the game in 2004 with Gag Manga Biyori and only Shin Itagaki caught him up.

    Sekko Boys is great, and Galko-chan is a technically adept adaptation of what is a weak manga, but Daichi’s shorts and the machine that is Teekyu have production methods that lead to greater joke density.

  7. Teekyu simply reached voter exhaustion after the first couple of seasons so people rarely vote for it even if it persists in the consciousness of some fandom corners.

    Personally, I think Turning Girls is still THE REALEST short format anime but was too far ahead of its time to be appreciated (also too few episodes and unluckily aired during an APR hiatus to make any impact).

  8. I actually only meant high-water mark purely in terms of APR. I liked them both a lot (Galko-chan in particular caught me by surprise), but there are shorts which I think are much better (first season of Yamishibai, Inferno Cop, Chi’s Sweet Home, among others).

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