Anime Power Rankings: An All-Star Reunion (Spring Week 1)

This premiere week was stacked and picking just five shows was brutal. I can’t wait to see what the voting spread looks like for this one!

Dee ( the josei next door )

Ballot time! And boy, was it hard. I’m really curious to see what the ballots look like this season, with how so many people look up on Joker Game, and others are down on it. So many people say Hero Academia is slow, while others say it is fun. Mayoiga silly and ridiculous and fun, or stupid and bad. So many interesting shows and so many opinions. Genuinely curious.

Guy ( Geekorner-Geekulture )

Well wait no more! Anime Power Rankings glides into Spring season in time to sate those who just have to know: will the zombie-fueled or the Mari Okada-fueled trainwreck be more entertaining?

Anime Power Rankings is a weekly column where dozens (positively dozens!) of anime critics and opinion givers vote on the best new episodes of anime from the past week. The goal is to track the collective opinions of online conversation leaders across the season and help readers find worthwhile shows to watch.

Rank Title Episode #1 Votes % of Ballots Change
1 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable 1 & 2 10 37.8%
2 My Hero Academia 1 & 2 2 37.8%
3 Concrete Revolutio 14 5 26.7%
4 Space Patrol Luluco 1 & 2 1 33.3%
5 Tanaka-kun is Always Listless 1 4 26.7%

On the cusp: Kiznaiver (2-35.6%), Flying Witch (1-26.7%), Girl Meets Bear (3-24.4%), Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (1-33.3%), Macross Delta (4-17.8%), Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (1-22.2%)

Number of voters: 45

Number of full ballots (ranked 5): 39

Last time on APR

About the Anime Power Rankings

In this star-studded lineup of Spring bringers of hope, without nary a continuation from Winter is sight, the leader was the one with the All-Star conspicuously missing. At least some people were happy with JoJo returning, enough to catapult it atop the week 1 heap. These are Anime Power Rankings heights JoJo hasn’t reached since near the end of Battle Tendency in Winter of 2013.

Superpowered heroes may become a recurring highlight of the season, with My Hero Academia and Concrete Revolutio getting in at 2nd and 3rd as well. Space Patrol Luluco and Tanaka-kun finish out the top 5 of this week, but five shows are within 7 points of 5th place. The overall point spread isn’t as lopsided as the past season, so I expect a lot of shake-ups in the coming weeks.

Voters’ comments:


DJ Jazzy Jappropriant( Perpetual Morning )

Rejoice! Diamond is Unbreakable is one of my favorite parts of the Jojo manga, and David Production does it justice with direction and art design on par if not superior to their beloved first attempt. Assuming it keeps up this level of quality, this is going to be quite a ride. Inspired pick for the ending song, as well.

wendeego ( Isn’t It Electrifying? )

Concrete Revolutio’s extremely painful episode focused on poor Detective Raito wins it the top spot as it comes roaring back at full power.

Chris Siebenmann ( Chris’s Personal Wiki )

This is a really strong season generally, but Macross Delta and Concrete Revolutio are both a massive cut above everything else I’ve seen – any truly great season needs at least one crowing jewel to be more than just “very good,” and with Delta and Conrevo we’ve got two of them.

iblessall ( Mage in a Barrel )

I like comedy about people falling over and [Luluco] is basically that but with shouting and Inferno Cop.

R042 ( Ideas Without End )

Space Patrol Luluco is the most romantic anime ever. I always knew any anime with Inferno Cop as a minor character would be the one to touch my romantic side.

Scamp ( The Cart Driver )

While most of the sequels are going strong, I’m not really big into any of the new shows this season has been giving us so far. There’s certainly potential for most of them to become good sometime down the road but as of yet, very little has happened. I’m more of a fan of Space Patrol Luluco’s “give it to me now”.

Mr. Flawfinder ( Standing On My Neck )

Okay, so definitely wasn’t expecting Tanaka-kun to be at the top of my list. At best I thought I’d be mildly entertained, yet somehow I ended up actually crying from laughter.

Artemis ( Otaku Lounge )

There’s just something about bear-human bestiality that I just find strangely arousing.

Typical Idiot Fan ( The Nihon Review )

But what about

This show is a lot dirtier than I was expecting.

Evirus ( Karmaburn )

What could you possibly be talking about?

Mayoiga doesn’t belong anywhere near a top 5, but I just know I’ll end up looking forward to it every week just for the pleasure of seeing all these unlikable assholes inevitably die off one by one. Right now I’m just trying to figure out who I most want to die first, like I’m searching for the inverse of a “best girl.” I’m leaning towards the lovey-dovey couple or the chuuni, but I’m fine with anyone as long as it’s not Lion. If Lion goes, I riot.

Buggy ( The Bugblog )

I just want to point out Onsa Amano [of Bakuon!!] has very nice fluffy frizzy biker hair. And hey, if TMS are going to try to adapt an existing manga series to chase some also-ran Girls und Panzer type money, grabbing the same character designer and chief animation director (Isao Sugimoto), probably does not hurt in what is a very packed season.

Vintagecoats ( Vintagecoats )

OMG EVERYONE DID YOU SEE THAT AMAZING FIRST EPISODE OF SMC III?!?!?!?! I am legit underwhelmed by this season (I’m in the downward portion of my anime fan cycle at moment), but I am utterly jazzed about this new SMC stuff. Did you even SEE the ED in it’s beautiful lesboglory?!?! I hope it keeps up this trend of being great; it it does, I don’t even need any other anime this season to be happy.

A Day Without Me ( GAR GAR Stegosaurus )

A competent Sailor Moon production in the year 2016 may be the greatest miracle of all.

Sansha Sanyou’s offering was by far my favourite of the season’s first episodes. I doubt it will remain quite as /animated/ throughout its run, but the characters seem fun and the series amusing. A Mikakunin Mk II, if you will.

A. Libellule ( Altair & Vega )

There’s obviously no way that Mirai leaving Riko was even going to be a thing beyond this episode. Yet despite that, Mahoutsukai Precure! managed to get make really emotional this week – there were so many great character touches and the direction was perfect, and it was impossible to not be brought into their feelings. Just goes to show how well made this show has been so far!

swabl ( Swabulous Max )

This season doesn’t have anything I love, but as a whole it’s a pretty dense and diverse one with a lot of Really Good things. I found myself enjoying everything from Kiznaiver to JoJo to even Netoge, and while none of the top shows are guaranteed to stay good, it is exciting to think about the possibilities.

navycherub ( Wideface )

but really I don’t know where the hat ends and the hair begins

but really I don’t know where the hat ends and the hair begins

See you next chart time!

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  1. JoJo #1

    Oh. It’s going to be one of those seasons.

  2. If you are voting Sakamoto & Tanaka, do yourself a favour and watch Shonen Ashibe Go Go Goma-chan. It is better produced than both those shows, funnier, the ED quotes LL Cool J and it is about a baby seal.

  3. Looks like Spring is gonna be a hell of shows with diversity. The gar is still too high though.

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