Anime Power Rankings: Diamonds are not Liable to Break Easily (Spring Week 2)

Anime Power Rankings is a weekly column where dozens (positively dozens!) of anime critics and opinion givers vote on the best new episodes of anime from the past week. The goal is to track the collective opinions of online conversation leaders across the season and help readers find worthwhile shows to watch.

Rank Title Episode #1 Votes % of Ballots Change
1 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable 3 8 59.1% 0
2 My Hero Academia 2 4 38.6% 0
3 Kiznaiver 2 3 34.1% up+3
4 Concrete Revolutio 15 4 31.8% up-1
5 Space Patrol Luluco 3 3 34.1% 0

On the cusp: Flying Witch (3-34.1%), Tanaka-kun is Always Listless (2-29.5%), Three Leaves, Three Colors (3-15.9%), Macross Delta (2-15.9%)

Number of voters: 44

Number of full ballots (ranked 5): 35

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I thought JoJo’s week 1 lead might shrink once some other titles establish themselves, but despite dropping the number of first place votes JoJo amassed a dominating advantage in total ballot presence and widened the gap from second place, My Hero Academia. Is it too soon to proclaim the glory days of JoJo are back, and it maybe even better than ever.

Kiznaiver joins this week’s top 5 with Concrete Revolutio and Luluco, and I note most of the APR leading series and contenders score well in aesthetic composition and attention to visual details. There ain’t no slouches this season.

Voter Comments:

Starting to weed some shows out now. I’m looking for more than just an interesting premise now. Please deliver, shows!

Josh Dunham ( Senpai Coast to Coast )

I’m an anime-only JoJo watcher. Part 3 did a lot to test my patience and burn away any goodwill the pretty great Part 2 had earned. Angelo’s content in episodes 1-2 of Diamond is Unbreakable? Not a whole lot better. But, this episode was fun, this episode had given us a direct face to face conflict with someone who has personality, and could be as much of a protagonist as the titular Joestar. I liked it.

Guy ( Geekorner-Geekulture )

There’s still a long way to go for Kiznaiver to not trip on itself, but its performance so far allows me to dream some more.

appropriant ( Perpetual Morning )

My heart belongs to My Hero Academia this season but Concrete Revolutio’s layered storytelling always keeps on stealing the first place when I rank the shows this week.

samui ( The anime glutton )

Concrete Revolutio’s latest episode is one of the best anime episodes I’ve seen this year, even by the show’s high standards. It tackles the idol business, LGBT issues in Japan, conflicting ideas of justice, Japan’s past war crimes, what defines a human and a superhuman, and many more relevant issues people more qualified in the matter than I am can tell you in a visually interesting episode that delivers on the action and the characterization at the same time. Why exactly did this show get passed over when it first came out again?

Mr. Flawfinder ( Standing On My Neck )

It may have gotten overlooked because of the non-chronological episode order, among other compelling reasons.

Sansha Sanyo was way better than I was expecting. Why is the animation so good? It don’t seem right.

Evirus ( Karmaburn )

Sansha Sanyou does it with bright, bubbly characters brought to life with energetic and fluid animation accompanied by fast paced jokes. Flying Witch, by contrast, is all about the mellow, small town atmosphere as you relax with the characters and enjoy their simple, day-to-day activities. It’s been awhile since we had a solid iyashikei-style show like this and I’m glad we finally have a good one again.

Kelloggs ( Pedantic Perspective )

And what does the Internet’s Sakuguy have to say?

I like Macross Delta quite a bit, but the male lead is a waste of space. Can someone let them know that “just add jerk” isn’t a particularly great way to add spice to a bland character? But there’s seven times as many girls as the guy, and most of them aren’t and don’t seem likely to become interested in him, so I have high hopes that his shortcomings as a character will be largely diluted by a larger cast.

A Day Without Me ( GAR GAR Stegosaurus )

Kuromukuro landed a very solid and well action episode this time around, even if some of the people handling incident response during it should be fired immediately for not stopping that Shinkansen well outside of the danger area.

Chris Siebenmann ( Chris’s Personal Wiki )

Super Lovers remains an emotional rollercoaster ride and provides a touching experience that has thus far been unseen in BL anime. Ren is just so cute for his very needy and seemingly emotionally troubled Haru.

Trist ( Population GO )

Two votes for Super Lovers, two first places.

Given that every single character in The Lost Village (and there are a lot of them) is either dumb as rocks, mentally unstable, or a lovely mixture of both, I think I’m done with the show. Watching them being killed off one by one could be pretty cathartic, but that would mean having to subject myself to more of the terrible writing.

Artemis ( Otaku Lounge )

I’m not entirely convinced of Haifuri, but it too has some spark to it. I can only hope they keep it away from the gunpowder.

A. Libellule ( Altair & Vega )

Re:Zero might look like a generic fantasy light novel with ugly CGI and bland, boring characters on paper. And yeah, okay, all that stuff is true, but the Groundhog Day mystery plot is actually executed really well, so I’ve somehow accidentally become legitimately invested in this show. Whoops.

Buggy ( The Bugblog )

JoJo Tell, William’s less famous distant relative, was not quite as talented.

JoJo Tell, William’s less famous distant relative, was not quite as talented.

See you next chart time!

5 Responses to “Anime Power Rankings: Diamonds are not Liable to Break Easily (Spring Week 2)”

  1. This.

  2. I feel like the world has turned upside down. Four shows I watch are in the top 5! Three of which I voted for! One of which is a short! And I no longer have to throw Dragon Ball Super or One Piece a bone to make up the 5 votes. Anime is finally pandering to me for the first time since 1998.

    Now if only we can get Kiznaiver off of there and Tonkatsu DJ in its place…

  3. Yikes! Guess I’d better get used to my preferred shows not making much of an appearance here this season (not that I ever had any illusions about SMC III making the cut)! Wonder if Macross Delta would perform any better were it available for streaming.

  4. Ahhh.. I want my passion for Rakugo baaaaaack. Maybe it’s the hangover but the shows I am seeing right now (ConRevo aside) are just… well, watchable.

  5. There’s some minor fun in this season here and there (Mainly Jojo but that’s nothing unexpected) but honestly I still can’t escape the feeling that anime has just kind of gotten excessively bland, uninspired and commercialized to a harsh overriding extreme lately and can no longer really provide what I look for in my entertainment in this post Netflix and internet streaming era of ever expanding choice because the people calling the shots over in Japan just aren’t interested in appealing to old school fans like me anymore who like things like a good interesting storyor at least one told with some gusto and passion, distant or foreign worlds, ideas and concepts that could only ever be realized using animation (thankfully Western producers like Disney/Pixar still get the significance of this) and characters they can be invested in rather than annoyed by. It just seems like rather what happens is that producers now exclusively try to target whatever is garnering the most fanatical devotion from otaku fan groups in some other media sector and have no eyes for anything other than trying to transition them into spending money on an anime adaptation that is typically equal parts uninspired and poorly crafted. I feel that way for almost everything I see a trailer of and that current fans really seem want to talk about or hold up as an example of what modern quality Japanese animation is and just I don’t know, not much of it does anything for me and they never feel like more than the sum of their parts like they used to.

    Maybe I’m finally just getting too old for this shit. I mean I still appreciate the Asian animation aesthetic and the classics that got me into things whenever I rewatch them and occasionally find something new that I can watch with no reservations (mostly OVA projects or the odd movie though that delightful Shirobako show was a treat a couple years back) and it seems like virtually everything that comes out now and is supposed to be a top marketed title is some form of angst filled teen high school romance melodrama and/or a gabble of misguided ideas that were popular in some other show once upon a time crammed together with a big production committee provided budget and oversight for the express purposes of promoting some popular music group or game that I honestly just usually don’t really care about. There just hasn’t been a season I’ve really enjoyed in a few years now and every announcement for something new that comes out lately just has me asking “….why?” rather than saying “oh that looks like something I’d want to watch an entire TV season of”. For just about everything announced from now until next year it just doesn’t look like there’s any end in sight for this but hey at least Game of Thrones starts up again this weekend.

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