7-Eleven: Slurp! Slurp! Slurpee!

7-Eleven:  Slurp!  Slurp!  Slurpee!

Ah, convenience stores!  Invented right around the time that Victorianism ended and people realized that they really needed a condom at two in the morning, these handy-dandy “corner shops” have become a staple at giving us nearly instant gratification.  Inside your average mini-mart you can find everything from junk food to more junk food, porno […]

2013 Returned Anime Christmas “Gifts”.

2013 Returned Anime Christmas “Gifts”.

It happens every year.  December 25th rolls around, and there are presents under the tree.  The family gathers around to give and receive presents from the heart, to demonstrate the spirit of Christmas and to show how much they care about someone.  Most gifts are well received.  Oh, I got that new putter I wanted!  […]

“Kami Kai Theater” Part 2: Overlooked or Snubbed “Divine Episodes”.

Earlier this week, I took a look at Anime Content Expo’s “Kami Kai Theater” feature, wherein fans and industry people voted on which special episodes of anime shows deserved the title of “kami kai”, or divinely good.  In that article I promised that I would provide a top ten list of episodes of anime from […]

“Kami Kai Theater”? Nobody Asked MY Opinion…

Wow, I haven’t done one of these in a while!  I apologize to both of my readers and the other BtNRV staff members who have been carrying this place while I’ve been slacking.  I do not have an excuse, so I wont make one.  I just have not been inspired to write anything.  It’s not […]

What I Learned By Watching Anime This Week! #3

What I Learned By Watching Anime This Week! #3

Hard to come back from a two-week hiatus and act like nothing happened.  I don’t know if anybody has taken a liking to reading these supposedly regular postings of mine, but in case there is:  sorry for being gone for two weeks!  School finals can be a cow on us all, and I had some […]