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What’s Missing from Hanasaku Iroha?

What's Missing from Hanasaku Iroha?

A measure of maturity and a useful supporting cast.

J.C. Staff Knows Friendship

J.C. Staff Knows Friendship

Romance is rife in anime, and why not… it’s a fascinating and ever relevant topic that anime has a decent track record with overall. Friendship, outside of romance (since romance innately implies friendship) isn’t a so frequently explored topic. But, it’s not hard to find examples of wonderful and genuine friendships between two or more […]

The Markings of a Good Season

The Markings of a Good Season

While everyone’s writing about the season that’s just started, I figured it’s a good time to go against the grain and look back at the season that just ended. Reviewing seasons is a completely different kettle of fish to reviewing a single series… there are multiple things to consider such as the number of “good” […]

Sorrow-kun’s List of 50 Great Anime of the Decade 2000-2009

Sorrow-kun's List of 50 Great Anime of the Decade 2000-2009

Our staff’s review of the decade continues, and today I’ll be taking on the massive task of trying to list the best fifty anime that came out this decade, as I saw them. As is fairly obvious by now, I can only list the anime that I saw, and I’ve taken the policy of not […]

Zzeroparticle’s List of 20 Noteworthy Anime Titles

Zzeroparticle's List of 20 Noteworthy Anime Titles

That period between Christmas and New Year’s always leaves me in a sort of limbo, where the future is just about there, but not quite, and the past still needs to be nudged on a bit further until it can finally be called the past. Because of that, there’s never really a whole lot to […]