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“Kami Kai Theater”? Nobody Asked MY Opinion…

Wow, I haven’t done one of these in a while!  I apologize to both of my readers and the other BtNRV staff members who have been carrying this place while I’ve been slacking.  I do not have an excuse, so I wont make one.  I just have not been inspired to write anything.  It’s not […]

Five Tsundere Anime Girls I’d Gladly be Berated by

Five Tsundere Anime Girls I'd Gladly be Berated by

October marks the beginning of “Tsundere Appreciation Month” at The Nihon Review, an occasion that’s enticed me out of my self-imposed hiatus, at least temporarily, to open our month long celebration of everyone’s (or, at least, our) favourite moe archetype. “Tsundere Appreciation Month” started last year after a random thought about what makes tsunderekko so […]

Denpa Onna is Shinbo’s Take on a Key Romance

Denpa Onna is Shinbo's Take on a Key Romance

Whether you choose to describe Shinbo Akiyuki‘s career as “distinguished” or merely “prolific” depends on your opinion of his success rate. With that said, I don’t think there are many anime fans who haven’t seen at least one Shinbo anime they liked, just on the count of the fact that he’s made so many, and […]

Tsundere Sexuality: A Second Cut

Tsundere Sexuality: A Second Cut

October must be Tsundere Appreciation Month here at BtNHRV. Sorrow-Kun‘s random twitter thought seemed to have generated much discussion and debate amongst the readers of this blog. I happen to think that there’s no direct correlation between tsundere and sexuality or promiscuity. Each character is different; it is our reaction to them remains constant across […]

Tsundere Sexuality: Part 1

Tsundere Sexuality: Part 1

A random thought which I posted on Twitter last night resulted in an interesting discussion on tsundere sexuality. The first thing I wanted to determine was whether I, along with other tsundere fans, were the only ones who noticed tsundere characters in a more sexual light than other moe archetypes, and, if that wasn’t the […]