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Three Way Action – Episode 4

Three Way Action – Episode 4

While Akira might have moved on to other things, that’s not gonna stop us from doing another ep of Three Way Action. For our first post-Akira show, I’m joined by Shadowmage and AC and we’ve gotten together for some good old-fashion adult fun. In this episode, we’ve taken a look at the current season and […]

Understanding Guilty Crown’s Failure

Understanding Guilty Crown's Failure

It’s very rare for the collective response to an anime as widely viewed as Guilty Crown to be so unified and even rarer when that response skews so strongly to the negative, but that’s where we are after 15 episodes. Right from its debut the show was compared incessantly with Code Geass, propelled by a […]

The Silver Lining of Noitamina’s Uninspiring Season

The Silver Lining of Noitamina's Uninspiring Season

When the Noitamina time-slot started back in 2005, its intention was to be a place where unconventional, “unusual” anime could air. Starting with Honey and Clover (these days considered a masterpiece by a not-insignificant number of fans), Noitamina’s ambition to showcase anime that reached beyond the typical demographics targeted by most anime has been a […]

Violence > Action

Violence > Action

One of my favourite Japanese movies is a film by former comedian, now actor/director, Kitano Takeshi, entitled Hana-bi. Hana-bi is a gritty, minimalist cop drama about a broken down detective who takes revenge on the yakuza while his wife dies from leukemia. Hana-bi is, in my opinion, the best of Kitano’s minimalist crime dramas that […]

Ambition and Profit in Anime – What do We do About “Failed” Experiments?

Ambition and Profit in Anime - What do We do About

When omo, writing for his site Omonomono, gave his final impression of Angel Beats, he talked about seeing it fall under its own weight, and likened it to what a “failed” attempt to make ef – a tale of memories might look like. It got me thinking about the concept of ambition in anime, and […]