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A Year To Forget For…

A Year To Forget For...

It’s been a good year for a few in anime, but a shocking year for so many others. As I hinted in my last article, negative perceptions of anime in 2010 are, I predict, going to be much more common than positive ones. Honestly, I’m struggling to think of a recent year that was as […]

The Nihon Revue, Episode Two

The Nihon Revue, Episode Two

So, it’s that time of season, and we’re back with our second seasonal podcast, with episode 2 of The Nihon Revue. This time round, Shadowmage has joined me, and we’ve sat down and had a chat about a few titles we watched from the last season (and both basically decided it was a pretty crappy […]

What if Saten had been Railgun’s Protagonist?

What if Saten had been Railgun's Protagonist?

Yesterday, Saten Ruiko (of A Certain Scientific Railgun) won Group H of Saimoe, edging out Fate Testarossa by 39 votes. This is quite a feat, and she will now join moeblob powerhouses Nagi (Hayate), Shana (Shana), Nodoka (Saki), Koromo (Saki), Yamada (Working!), Mafuyu (Maid-Sama!!) and Azusa (K-On!!) in the final eight. She is also the […]

Spring 2010: First Thoughts

Spring 2010: First Thoughts

I followed seven shows last season, and I think that’s a reasonable number of series to take on, so I’ve set that as the upper cap for this season as well. While it gives me time to catch up on some good shows from older seasons (I still have unwatched The Twelve Kingdoms DVDs), it […]