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The Silver Lining of Noitamina’s Uninspiring Season

The Silver Lining of Noitamina's Uninspiring Season

When the Noitamina time-slot started back in 2005, its intention was to be a place where unconventional, “unusual” anime could air. Starting with Honey and Clover (these days considered a masterpiece by a not-insignificant number of fans), Noitamina’s ambition to showcase anime that reached beyond the typical demographics targeted by most anime has been a […]

Three Way Action – Episode 2

Three Way Action - Episode 2

Here’s Episode 2 of your favorite degenerates ranting and raving about everything under the sun. Well, not really— you see, Sorrow-Kun isn’t here. He’s… gone to a better (?) place. Instead, we have rookie podcaster eternal with us this time. We discuss serious stuff like why Mayo Chiki! should be a model for romantic comedies (in a way), why the […]

The East is Burning Red: A Shanghai Otaku Story

The East is Burning Red: A Shanghai Otaku Story

While most of NHRV attended Anime Expo, I was halfway across the world. I stepped out of my air-conditioned taxi into the sweltering heat of Shanghai’s exburbs. Facing me was a dusty old factory, recently converted into a small convention hall. A dozen or so itasha were parked outside the hall’s entrance. A few dozen fujoshi were lined […]

The Nihon Revue, Episode Five

The Nihon Revue, Episode Five

Wow. What started as an experiment (on a bit of whim, honestly) has now lasted a year and turned into one of our seasonal staples. Welcome to the fifth episode of The Nihon Revue, and the show’s twelve month milestone. Kylaran has climbed on board for this episode, both to talk about the shows that […]

Denpa Onna is Shinbo’s Take on a Key Romance

Denpa Onna is Shinbo's Take on a Key Romance

Whether you choose to describe Shinbo Akiyuki‘s career as “distinguished” or merely “prolific” depends on your opinion of his success rate. With that said, I don’t think there are many anime fans who haven’t seen at least one Shinbo anime they liked, just on the count of the fact that he’s made so many, and […]