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“Kami Kai Theater” Part 2: Overlooked or Snubbed “Divine Episodes”.

Earlier this week, I took a look at Anime Content Expo’s “Kami Kai Theater” feature, wherein fans and industry people voted on which special episodes of anime shows deserved the title of “kami kai”, or divinely good.  In that article I promised that I would provide a top ten list of episodes of anime from […]

Five Tsundere Anime Girls I’d Gladly be Berated by

Five Tsundere Anime Girls I'd Gladly be Berated by

October marks the beginning of “Tsundere Appreciation Month” at The Nihon Review, an occasion that’s enticed me out of my self-imposed hiatus, at least temporarily, to open our month long celebration of everyone’s (or, at least, our) favourite moe archetype. “Tsundere Appreciation Month” started last year after a random thought about what makes tsunderekko so […]

Actually, “It Gets Better, I Swear” is a Legitimate Defense


I know the favourite retort of Scamp, from The Cart Driver, right now is “it gets better, I swear” as a way to dismiss any claims that his criticism of a given series that has either previously aired or is an adaptation are shortsighted. The problem with this as a counter-criticism is that “it gets […]

J.C. Staff Knows Friendship

J.C. Staff Knows Friendship

Romance is rife in anime, and why not… it’s a fascinating and ever relevant topic that anime has a decent track record with overall. Friendship, outside of romance (since romance innately implies friendship) isn’t a so frequently explored topic. But, it’s not hard to find examples of wonderful and genuine friendships between two or more […]