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Three (FIVE?!) Way Action: THE (NON-SOBER) NEW YEARS’ SPECIAL (Episode 3)

Three (FIVE?!) Way Action: THE (NON-SOBER) NEW YEARS' SPECIAL (Episode 3)

Surprise, bitches— I’m back. (Not really. Just for right now.) After a night of revelry and watching the fireworks at Darling Harbour, Sorrow-Kun and I ran back to my friend’s house to record this very special hour-long (LIVE!!) New Year’s Extravaganza. We patched in Kylaran, delirious from Comiket 81, and also had two special guests— Furinkan and […]

5 Mind-blowing, Heart-wrenching Anime Episodes From 2011

5 Mind-blowing, Heart-wrenching Anime Episodes From 2011

This post is something of a spin-off/sequel from the last, this time looking at the events, particularly the episodes, displayed in anime this year that were memorable. While others on the aniblogosphere formatted their annual reflection in the 12 Days mold, I’ve instead distilled my list of awe-inspiring moments to five episodes in one post, […]

Anime Person of the Year 2011?

Anime Person of the Year 2011?

It’s the time of year when people like to reflect on the events and people who shaped the last last twelve months and that’s not different among anime fans, particularly bloggers. So while the 12 Days of Christmas are underway again this year in various locations, and in various incarnations, most of which are particularly […]

Interpreting the Concept of Fate through Mawaru Penguindrum’s Visual Landscape

Interpreting the Concept of Fate through Mawaru Penguindrum's Visual Landscape

Attention has previously been directed at Mawaru Penguindrum’s plethora of symbolisms and visual allusions to famous works of art. Articles by other writers, containing rich analysis of the deeply philosophical elements of the story, the directing, and the real life cultural references have been some of my favorite posts in recent weeks on anime. Without […]

The Silver Lining of Noitamina’s Uninspiring Season

The Silver Lining of Noitamina's Uninspiring Season

When the Noitamina time-slot started back in 2005, its intention was to be a place where unconventional, “unusual” anime could air. Starting with Honey and Clover (these days considered a masterpiece by a not-insignificant number of fans), Noitamina’s ambition to showcase anime that reached beyond the typical demographics targeted by most anime has been a […]