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Man and Money in Akihabara

Man and Money in Akihabara

The Yano Research Institute (矢野経済研究所) released a mammoth, 491-page report on the state of the “otaku economy” two weeks ago. The report is interesting in that it looks not only at sales figures for a variety of anime-related media, but also asks questions about perceptions and attitudes towards otaku. Unfortunately, the whole report is ¥105,000, […]

3755, Chapter I: Expansion

On July 28th, 2009, Gonzo Digimation Holdings was officially removed from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Citing more than two years of consecutive loss, the corporation was forced to stop trading in compliance with TSE regulation. How did Gonzo, a company once renowned for its innovative style and unique productions, fall to such financial ruin? Fans […]