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Friday Anime Podcast 75: Anno and the Otaku

Friday Anime Podcast 75: Anno and the Otaku

On this week’s news-focused Friday Anime Podcast, we talk more about the latest announcements regarding this year’s Anime Expo and Otakon (the two biggest anime conventions in North America). In addition, we talk about Toonami’s new shows, Microsoft’s new moe mascot, another interview from Anno Hideaki, an some interesting sales charts regarding anime studios. Like […]

“Kami Kai Theater”? Nobody Asked MY Opinion…

Wow, I haven’t done one of these in a while!  I apologize to both of my readers and the other BtNRV staff members who have been carrying this place while I’ve been slacking.  I do not have an excuse, so I wont make one.  I just have not been inspired to write anything.  It’s not […]