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3755, Chapter I: Expansion

On July 28th, 2009, Gonzo Digimation Holdings was officially removed from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Citing more than two years of consecutive loss, the corporation was forced to stop trading in compliance with TSE regulation. How did Gonzo, a company once renowned for its innovative style and unique productions, fall to such financial ruin? Fans […]

AnimeSuki 2008 Choice Awards: Picking Winners

AnimeSuki 2008 Choice Awards: Picking Winners

I’ll admit it, I do have more than just a passing interest in these types of awards. Obviously one affords as much credibility to a set of awards like these as one agrees with the results, and it always surprises me just how much people RAGE when they don’t, c.f. SaiMoe and its multiple incarnations. […]

Songs to make you feel like you’re always super special

Songs to make you feel like you're always super special

zzeroparticle recently panned the ED theme of Chaos;Head, “Super Special” by Seira Kagami, in a review he posted on the Anime Instrumentality Blog. Now I can understand why he gave it a bad rating, he outlined a reasonable enough justification based on the bizarre, nonsensical lyrics and some rather noticeable technical shortcomings, but, while I […]