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Fall 2011: First Thoughts

Fall 2011: First Thoughts

I was foolish to expect this to be a quiet season. While the far and away best anime airing right now technically came from Summer (Mawaru Penguindrum), Fall has just gone “bang” with a number of new series worth getting excited about. There’s a slate of sequels (and prequels in the case of Fate/Zero) from […]

What if Saten had been Railgun’s Protagonist?

What if Saten had been Railgun's Protagonist?

Yesterday, Saten Ruiko (of A Certain Scientific Railgun) won Group H of Saimoe, edging out Fate Testarossa by 39 votes. This is quite a feat, and she will now join moeblob powerhouses Nagi (Hayate), Shana (Shana), Nodoka (Saki), Koromo (Saki), Yamada (Working!), Mafuyu (Maid-Sama!!) and Azusa (K-On!!) in the final eight. She is also the […]