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Three Way Action – Episode 4

Three Way Action – Episode 4

While Akira might have moved on to other things, that’s not gonna stop us from doing another ep of Three Way Action. For our first post-Akira show, I’m joined by Shadowmage and AC and we’ve gotten together for some good old-fashion adult fun. In this episode, we’ve taken a look at the current season and […]

Three (FIVE?!) Way Action: THE (NON-SOBER) NEW YEARS’ SPECIAL (Episode 3)

Three (FIVE?!) Way Action: THE (NON-SOBER) NEW YEARS' SPECIAL (Episode 3)

Surprise, bitches— I’m back. (Not really. Just for right now.) After a night of revelry and watching the fireworks at Darling Harbour, Sorrow-Kun and I ran back to my friend’s house to record this very special hour-long (LIVE!!) New Year’s Extravaganza. We patched in Kylaran, delirious from Comiket 81, and also had two special guests— Furinkan and […]

Three Way Action – Episode 2

Three Way Action - Episode 2

Here’s Episode 2 of your favorite degenerates ranting and raving about everything under the sun. Well, not really— you see, Sorrow-Kun isn’t here. He’s… gone to a better (?) place. Instead, we have rookie podcaster eternal with us this time. We discuss serious stuff like why Mayo Chiki! should be a model for romantic comedies (in a way), why the […]

Three Way Action – Episode 01

Three Way Action - Episode 01

Here it is. The first episode of our brand new seasonal editorial podcast, which we’ve (tastefully) named Three Way Action. For fans of The Nihon Revue, don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere. But, from now on, we’ll be bringing you two podcasts each season… Three Way Action in the middle and our review podcast, The […]